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Waiting for record sales ! Very exciting !

Thanks a lot.

Thanks mate.

Thanks for the appreciation.

This is an absolutely unheard of value at $12. Thank you so much.

Thanks for the purchase and you should start believing it now :) and you’re welcome!

I’m excited about it! I’m going to go ahead and follow you. Are there plans for more of these?

That’s great! and new designs are in the pipeline and we’re also working on the wordpress version of this design. So stay connected!

Hi Looks great.

Have one question. How is it possible that you put stock photos in your psd files? is there a website where you can buy souch images where you have the rights to resell them in your psd files.

I am working on a own psd file and want to include stock photos just like you but i need a source where you can buy such images where you have the rights to include them and resell it with your psd files.


Thanks for the purchase.

For your question none of the images are included in the purchase and are not resold, images used in the design are merely for the presentation purposes and if you want to use any of the images in any of your projects you would have to contact the sole owner of the images.

You can check photodune.net for stock photos or read envato’s knowledge base for further information.

And all the best with your design!

But when i check your slider psd (04_All Sliders) i see a lot of stock images like a girl you have included in the psd?

Those images are only for presentation purposes as I’ve already told you and we’re selling design not any of the images.

Please read below article for further clarification and I can’t help you more on this.


It’s// AMAZING !!!

Thanks man!

Really Great work brother :)

Thanks a lot.

Wow! great work….. Congratulation with sales friend :) your design very inspiring me :D

Thanks and I’m glad it inspired you :)

Hello, Can you tell where i can get the photo from the hand with the white mockup iphone?

Thanks for the purchase and you can check the below link to get the mockup iphone as there are plenty of options available.


You are very talented designer. I wish that template will be bestseller.

Thanks a lot man, means a lot!

Really great respect for you guys! I love it! :)

Thanks man, means a lot! :)

Great Design.. clean and professinal… love it.

Thanks means a lot to me.

awesome !

Thanks once again :)

Great work. I only have one comment: I don’t know if it’s only on my computer, but all the PSD layers are invisible, so I can’t watch the files in fast preview. I must open them and make the layers visible, in order to see them. Not so fun when it’s a lot of files. I thought maybe I can see the preview here, in themeforest, but you didn’t name the preview files as well. Am I missing something?

Thanks for the purchase and appreciating the work.

Regarding your question, it benefits you in one way but seems like its not working out for you in the other way. We hid layers of all the PSD files to reduce the overall size of the pack to make it easy for you to download the files after you purchase the design. And we did that purposefully.

Now it’s surprising that you want to see the previews of the files and you’re not missing anything here. The best solution for that could be read the files/folders names and they’ll help you find the file you’re looking for in the pack.

Otherwise there’s no other way to see previews, one other solution that you’ll not like is you open each file one by one and mark all layers visible and save them. Afterwards you’ll be able to see the previews the way you want :)

If there’s anything else I could help with I would be glad to do that.


Where can I find screenshot 45 in the files?

Thanks for purchasing the design, I believe you’re referring to screenshot in which there’s mobile menu shown.

That can be found into folders Mint Psds> 01_Main Pages> 07_Shop Pages> 07_Mobile Pages> 05_Mobile Drop Down.psd

I hope you’ll be able to find that easily now.


Thank you for your answer, but it’s not there. I followed your instruction: 01_Main Pages> 07_Shop Pages> but I don’t have the other files you mentioned.

This are the files that i have in 07_Shop Pages: 01_Login.psd / 02_Home.psd / 03_Home.psd / 04_Full Width.psd / 05_Single Product.psd / 06_Side Bar.psd / 07_Shopping Cart.psd / 08_Checkout.psd

Also, in the 01_Main Pages> 04_Mobile Page> I have only one file: Mobile Page.psd I thought maybe it’s there, but I didn’t find there the menu for mobile.

I think that more pages are missing in my download.

No problems!

We recently updated the design and if you purchased the design a while ago you need to download the files again in order to see the file you’re looking for, I guess there’s no problems other than that but if if this problem still exists please do let me know, Thanks.

Haha, I will take care of it.

Thanks for keeping an eye out :)

Your Design Very great….....


Repeat – it seems I have issue with my email. Do you interested in partnership for WP themes development? I am willing to negotiate the 50/50 terms. You can give me permission via themeforest website. So the themeforest team could see and support the reliability of the contract. Thanks.

Hello Azexo,

Unfortunately we’re not looking for any partnerships at the moment. I hope we’ll get the chance to work in future.

Thanks for the offer and concern plus we never received an email from your side.