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Great theme!

Were planning to buy this template, but before we do…is it possible to change the color of top navigation bar? i tried to use this Predefined Color Schemes on your demo but it seems like its not changing


Hi, yes, you can change the color on the top navigation bar, including menu text in the theme options of the theme. Also if you will need to change the color for some elements that are not presented on the theme options you announce us and we will prepare new colors change in the theme options for the next update. Thanks

Posting again in case you missed it

thanks. 9. I want to make sure that I described my question correctly – I WANT THE SAME SLIDER THAT IS ON HOME BLOG PAGE ON EACH SINGLE POST PAGE 10. Will you help me with 10

11. Can the color of header be changed to a different blue, perhaps semi transparent? 12. Can the color of fonts in header be changed? 13On the top menu line above the header, can there be a form to subscribe to newsletter, click on subscribe—similar to FLAWLESS them on themeforest?

Hey, sorry, yeah I’ll probably have an answer on monday and we’ll get back to you. Thanks.

Hi, I will not rate waiting for future updates… I’ve used Layer Slider on tens on theme and I can tell there is something not working with your theme. I tried Revolution Slider wich I also used many times and I’m having hard time with image sizes. I see that in today update you’ve added many new sliders… but things need to work ! By the way it has components to become a great theme if you keep working hard on it.

Could you please tell us what isn’t working exactly ? Or what’s wrong? We’d like to improve as much as possible. Thank you.

1) I just read that the Uber Menu its not included. And I think that the demo is misleading because in makes you buy a theme you are not going to achive. I don’t know what to do about it.

2) I have whipped out my install and start from fresh three times and still get a very different result for a home page comparing it with what you show in the demo (besides the cat that I cant create since the Uber menu plugin is missing).

I thing something is corrupt somewhere

3) Home page still leads to a blog page

Thank you for your guidence

1. We support UberMenu, but due to license restrictions we can not include it with our theme. However on the demo web-site the main menu is created without UberMenu. You can achieve a web-site exactly like in our demo without buying UberMenu. 2. Please follow each step from the documentation, setup a menu, setup the permalink and so on. Maybe that shall help you. Visit http://help.1theme.com/mint/. 3. Well that’s the default behavior of WordPress you’d need to setup a homepage from your settings. If you need something else please get back to us. Thank you.

Hi, great theme!! The theme seems to be compatible with bbPress 2.5.x do you have a demopage for that or is this somehow visible? Can’t seem to find it anywhere in the current demo! Thanks!

Thank you. Yes it is compatible. We haven’t configured a bbPress instance on our demo web-site but here are some screenshots of the forums. http://imgur.com/71pWU7G,keG7S3F,AzsTLGe#0

Thanks for the quick response, i’ll have a closer look into it and consider buying this theme.

Love the theme!

Wondering if there is a way to eliminate space between 2 layer sliders, i.e. for my home page, I have 2 separate layer sliders one above the other, and we can seem to get rid of the small spacing that the theme adds between the two.

We plan on adding 5 sections like this on the home page and don’t want any white space!


Ya that was the workaround we were going to go with, but ideally close the gap if possible. I’ll post there. Thanks!


Now a few things.

Updated everything, theme will not let me change colors of anything and all has reverted to pre-packaged fonts/colors after updates. I have 3.8 and most recent version of theme, everything else seems to work but it is saying that css/generatedcss is not writeable under theme options > customization

Also, have registered for forum, won’t let me post

Did you register with the License Key of the theme? Try this link: http://1theme.com/themeforest/

If no success let me know about this here and I will contact an expert to solve this inconvenient situation.


Great theme. is there a shortcode to have a section shown with a full width colored background? just to break up the page a bit.

Or a full width image?

Yes. There is a shortcode for displaying a fullwidth background. For the image to display in fullwidth there is no such kind of shortcode, but instead exist a template page of fullwidth that does not have the left and the right padding and margin that will help you to create a fullwidth image also, not just a fullwidth background.

I have a problem when installing this theme. When i upload it by FTP in binary mode an go in the admin to themes and click in activate theme i get a blank page. I tried also to upload in admin but get same blank page. I use Wordpress 3.8

Sen you a message!

Do you get my message?

Yes we got your message. In short time we will try to solve your issue. Thanks

Hi, I have an issue with images display. Once I add them (in portfolio items for example), they do not show. I have checked GD library and edited CHMOD, but still images do not appear and I get empty image space.

Can you please assist? Thanks is advance

Please contact our support forum for any technical issues and you will get the necessary help. Our support forum link: http://1theme.com/forums/forum/mint/


Did you get my message?

Yes we got your message. In short time we will try to solve your issue. Thanks

We just bought this theme (Mint), and we’re having difficulties installing it. (Our web host is GoDaddy) and is apparently running WP 3.8. When we try to upload the theme, it gets to 99% then generates an error 500. We’ve also tried uploading the theme via FTP into the wp-content/themes folder of the site (yes just the Mint.zip inside the theme folder) , and after the very long upload, we got an FTP (FileZilla) error about not being able to copy files that are already there or something, Refreshed the WP installed themes page, and Mint came up. Activated it, and it broke the site. Had to delete the folder again from hosting’s file manager to get it back to the way it was…. Any ideas on what’s wrong?

Hello, there seems to be an issue while uploading the theme. I’m not certainly sure what could cause this but I can investigate this for you, could you send us your WP/FTP details and I’ll look into it. Thanks.

I’ve downloaded the new version and tried it, the same issue remains (at least for the straight upload). I’ve sent you a message as requested.

Please check your e-mail. And confirm.

Mint 1.2 – Change Log

1.2 – 15 JAN 2014

- New Feature: Demo Import Plugin
- New Feature: Press Releases Timeline
- New Feature: Testimonials Timeline
- Fixed Logo made it look the same in Chrome and Firefox
- Fixed Maximum Image Height to be dynamic
- Placed the content on the center of the page on tablets and mobiles
- Updated Visual Composer
- Fixed Accordion Style C and D
- Updated Documentation
- Fixed Titles on Woocommerce Pages 
- Fixed 404 Error Navigation to display correctly if it isn't set
- Fixed "To Top" button on mobile devices
- New Feature: Enable/Disable Menu bullets
- New Feature: Disable Sliders while viewing on mobile devices
- Fixed double pagination loophole on Blog page
- Added the option to remove the Content from both top and bottom
- Added single-timeline.php for timeline items
- Added dynamic variables for options, %Y% - year, %M% - month, %D% - day.
- Added the option to sort portfolio items by category
- Changed the logic of the warning while checking for generated.css file
- Added a blank function in case Visual Composer is not activated, removes an error
- Added constant to hide author bio
- Fixed constant to hide author meta not only in loop but in content too
- Fixed an issue where categories didn't exist before mapping shortcodes to Visual Composer

1.1 – 6 JAN 2014

- New Feature: Sticky Notes
- New Feature: Nivo Slider
- Fixed Visual Composer Icons on some elements
- Fixed typo for Testimonial, Added alias shortcode
- Added a common function for the footer
- New Feature: Disable Right Click Option
- New Feature: folding options for switches in Admin Panel
- Updated Visual Composer
- New Feature: Flex Slider
- Fixed a bug in Flex Slider to show next/prev buttons
- Changed Visual Composer Icons
- Added wrapper to make sliding items in the future
- New Feature: Quote Slider
- New Feature: Ability to Upload Custom Social Icons
- Fix the layout for an undefined main menu

For us is very important your suggestions, ideas. Please fell free to tell us that you need in this theme. We will make analyses of all suggestions, ideas and will include most of them in futures updates.

hola, oye yo ya tengo un saldo actual en skill de $60 quiero comprarla plantilla de mint, pero no se como xfavor guiame

I’m sorry I can’t understand your language, please write us in english, thank you!

Hi Dennis, just a little question, how to take advantage of your new updates to the theme. Since I installed about 10 days ago? Do I even need to worry, or that just happen automatically. Maybe if I stir things up I get some of my content erase…

The update is manual at the moment. You’ll have to download and apply the update by yourself. Just upload and replace the existing files. Under normal circumstances the content should stay there untouched, but I recommend doing an update just in case. Note that current updates have a lot of new things in them and you’ll find them quite nice. We plan to introduce an automatic update feature in later releases, until then sorry for the troubles. - Dennis

Hi guys… having a bit of mare…

www.mintcartel.co.uk – the navigation is going mental. Have used the demoimporter plugin – if im logged into to wordpress, everything looks fine and as it should i guess?

Please help

Hello brislive, Thank you for buying our theme. I see, please check if you have created menu. Follow please this steps http://help.1theme.com/mint/#sec-5

If you can’t make it work, sent to us login and password via contact form and we will help you. http://1theme.com/contact

Thank you.

Do i need to purchase Umber Menu & Entypo Icons?

Hello Theme1forest, Thank you for buying our theme. Yes, you need to purchase UberMenu if you want to use it. But You can use our menu, and create menu like in our demo. To make Mint Menu follow the documentation http://help.1theme.com/mint/#sec-5a

No, you don’t need to purchase Entypo Icons, you can use it. More about license read here: http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/3.0/

I am looking at purchasing this theme. Is there a way to reduce the height of the picture on the home page?


Hello MMGilly123, thank you for being interested in Mint. Yes, you can upload smaller images and it will reduce the height of slider from home page.

I’m having issues with uploading our logo. Really not sure what I’m doing wrong. seems pretty straight forward when using the theme options. I’m uploading a logo that’s set to the default height & width then uploading another logo twice the size for the “logo retina sized” section. I’m getting an error that says “alt=”“data-retina”. Any suggestions? http://tag-designers.com/clients/baltimoretri/


Hi, can you send your login/pass from dashboard? http://1theme.com/contact/

Pre-Sale Question – We love the theme but noticed two issues on the demo site when viewing on a smartphone (iphone). (1) The mobile menu covers the link on the far right of the main nav menu (contact). Is this a bug or is it possible to hide the non-mobile menu for mobile view? (2) When scrolling, the screen moves from left to right sometimes. We have a tight schedule and are looking to purchase a theme today. Thanks

Hello, thank you for showing this issue. We will solve it ASAP.

I noticed that you already fixed the demo site – great! I’m guessing you’ll publish an updated theme relase soon. Also – here is a screen shot for the home page screen move: http://simpletasks.org/wp-content/uploads/2014/01/mint-home-page.png/. And, I noticed a padding/font size issue with the add to cart button (the text bleeds off of the button on the right side), http://simpletasks.org/wp-content/uploads/2014/01/mint-add-to-cart-button.png.

Thank you for a close look. We will make all to work fine. If you will see more details lile this please fell free send it. Ps. We didn’t update live demo yet.