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Great theme!

In the members section, the member images are missing and only appear on hover. In the demo it shows grey scale images instead of appearing blank. In the same browser your demo works, but not on my site. Thanks!

Thank you, our develoers will look on it and will give you a reply.

I took off the top and bottom padding on the page and it worked. Thanks.

Fine. :) If you will need more help, fell free to ask.

idem pour moi le site est vide . les slides qui font tout l effet ne fonctionne pas. url www.antholine.com

we answered.

same for me the site is empty. slides that make the whole effect will not work. url www.antholine.com

Hello didierantholine, Thank you for buying Mint. To make sliders work you need to follow the documentation http://help.1theme.com/mint/#sec-14, if you can’t make it to work nice, we recommend you to import demo data, and your site will look exactly like in our demo. If you need more help, let us know. Thank you


great theme!

I`ve bought this theme but I have a problem. I`ve started to import the mint.wordpress.2014-01-15.xml but after 8 hours of runnunig it doeasn`t show anything just the message “import Wordpress”. Why it takes so long?

The upload folder is writable, the permission is 777. I`ve tried on two different hosting but the problem is the same.

Any help or suggestion to make it faster the process is welcome.

Thank you in advance!

Yes, I tried and I also followed everything as it`s written in the documentation, but after installing the demo auto install we got a white page.

A little update: we managed to instal via FTP the demo auto install, but we got an error message: “Memory Limit must be higher than: 256. Currently is : 64MCan not continue, unless all requirements are met.” This limit it`s not shown anywhere, so we didn`t know that we would need 256 M to import the mint.wordpress.2014-01-15.xml. Could you give any solution to resolve this problem?

Hi, clantanel Your server have Memory Limit set to 64 M but to import demo theme you need to set this to 256 M, please contact your hosting provider to change this. Get back please to notify us if installation was successful. Thank you.

Hi We recently purchased the Mint theme, but after installing it the page is white. We are running WP 3.8.1. Any assistance would be appreciated.

Great, if you need more help you are welcome. thanks

Hi, Where can I located the option to disable the bullets in the drop down menus. Thanks!

Hello long49, You need to go in Theme Settings > Header Settings > “Enable Menu Bullets” ;)

Hi i recently bought this theme and i do have a question, why the slider that i create with the revolution plugin doesnt show in the site when seeing it in a mobil? and not matter what i do cant seem to change the color scheme of the site, can you help me please

Hi oktopus-hn, thank you for choosing Mint. Can you send your wp-admin data on http://1theme.com/contact/ and we look where is problem. Thank you.

Please Help me how should i install google analytic on my site and in your template. I want to track individual pages like managing tags I have already copied the codes in to the theme options but of no use. Please help me. I want to monitor individual page traffic.

Hi Theme1forest. Thank you for choose Mint, to add a google analystics track on mint you need to open Theme Options > Main Settings > Insert your tracking code. Don’t forget the <script> tag. This will be included in your footer.

Thank you

Thank You and how to add individual page track ?

its add automatically on each page of your website if you put code on Theme Option

Hi! i’ve a problem with official facebook plugin.. when make a connection with id app and secret code the plugin not worked :( when post the page http://www.verdisardegna.it/ on facebook, it’snt show the preview of image and text.. the output content html is correctly : <meta property=”og:site_name” content=”Verdi Sardegna” /> <meta property=”og:type” content=”website” /> <meta property=”og:locale” content=”it_IT” /> <meta property=”og:title” content=”Verdi Sardegna” /> <meta property=”og:description” content=”è qui che vogliamo vivere!” />

Hi areapc, Thank you for buying Mint. Please send your WP-ADMIN data and ftp on our email support@1theme.com and we look where is problem.

I have a question, before buying this theme,

Suppose i have 2 portfolio pages of 2 major categories, and each portfolio page has two different kind of filter sets..

Here is the clear example, Suppose i have categories called Photography and Web Design

In photography- i want to have filter options as (A,B,C,D) In webdesign- i want to have another filter options set as (E,F,G,H)

Is that possible, Thanks Everything is perfect for me just wanting to know if this is possible


Hello luckyadirake, Thank you for your interest in buying our theme, we appreciated it.

Mint have possibility to pot shortcode that shows portfolio items, and also to select from that category you like to show in this page. You an see here our shortcode http://i.imgur.com/UYugmeA.png

But now if you select check-box “Display Categories?” you will see all categories. We will made in next updates function to display just subcategories from selected category.

Now you can make 2 different category “Photography” and “Web Design” on different pages but you cant sort them with A,B,C,D,E,F … We will made it in next updates.

Thank you again, and we will be happy to have you as a client.

I really like the theme, however the fonts are very small. Is this something that is able to be changed with the theme backend? Or will I have to tweak the css? And will it throw off all of the spacing and everything else?

Hello choorel, Thank you for being interested in our theme. Yes you can change size of fonts in backend. I make a screenshot for you http://i.imgur.com/mHfx4mt.png And about spacing, all components is made with shortcodes and you can remove spaces from each component. And also we have page setting and you can remove content from the top or bottom http://i.imgur.com/FvcbrN0.png

Hope I asked to your questions, if you will have more fell free to ask

I’ve buyed Mint template in themeforest, but don’t works the effect parallax in all my website. Where can i activate this effect? Thanks

Hi, now parallax effect is only as shortcode, now team working on make posible to set this on all website. Thanks

Hi there, I just purchased this theme however when I try and unzip the psd files it says “could not extract the file “Mint – Mega PSD Pack/01_Main Pages / 10_Portfolio Pages / 01_Portfolio / 01_2 Columns.psd” Wrong checksum. Upon clicking continue it keeps listing more and more statements like the above.

If I click Apply to all and “Continue” it unzips the folder but when I try and open any of the psd files it says “Could not complete your request because the file is empty”

help!? Thanks!

Hi, can you redownload package, beacuse package now don’t have probleme. Thank you

Hey i tried adding the logo in the menu bar but its making it really small Solve this plz

Hi, thank you for buying mint, can you send your logo and wp-data to support@1theme.com and i look where is trouble. Thanks

Hey I need help what is meta, I was looking at seo so they were like make good meta. Please help me how to do seo ? How do i pass meta and make key works ? Seo is difficult to handle I want my website to come on the top of google search engine search, It involves pasting meta thingi I need help :(:P

and how do i tag?

Theme1forest, you can make custom tags if you will install plugins that we recommended to you. If you want to achieve good results in SEO, you need to read more about is, simple tag did’t help in this days. Google have different approach now. :)

I suggest you to read: http://moz.com/learn/seo and yoast blog

Also hope you liked our theme and support, and will be great if you will rate our services on Download page http://themeforest.net/downloads

Glad to help you.

Thanks :)

Hello, i imported the demo xml and installed the plugins. I have the latest wp 3.8.1 and the new woocommerce version.

The cart totals box is missing the style, it doesnt align, it does not have the borders style etc and is now floating halfways. The style is pretty messed up on the cart and checkout pages. Could you make an update for this? Thank you.

Ps: i think it is because of the new woocommerce version.., i just installed a old version and the style works. Can you make an update so the theme works on the new woocommerce version thank you : )

Hello, thank you for feedback, now our team work to fix this and include this in next update who will be soon. Thank You.

Thank you : )

There are some responsive problems.

Can you change the way the categories and products are shown on the mobile devices in the next update? On the mobile phone the images categories and products are to small because they are shown in 1 row next to each other. It should be single shown fullwidth and underneath each other. Maybe this is already a known issue idk. Hope you can fix this in the next update.

There is 1 bug, on the mobile phone when you open the menu, the menu is then shown underneath the slider. Its like the menu has a lower z-index then the slider.

Thank you for the support.

Hi grafiboom, thank you for reviews we appreciate your feedback and now we will work to fix this. Fell free to let us now if you find more issues. We are grateful to clients like you. :) Thank you

Hey I want to create Really colourful call to action button tell me css or any way to have really attractive attention catching call to action button. Thanks

Hey, Hi :) Thanks for your question. Our support team will gladly assist you in cuople of hours. Thank you for your patience.

hi, you can wait for next update who will in next day, and we put a animations for buttons. Thank You

Hi, Call To Action button is Promo Box Shortcode. If you need to add this on your page please follow this steps.1. Go to Your Page 2.Add Element with Visual composer and select `Promo Box`. 3. Costumize your box and press `Save`. Thank you

Hello i have a problem. why it can not find the pictures on the blog? I’ve tried everything


Hi,Sorry for waiting, You have some Cache plugins? Because links of images who not display is redirecting to cache. If you not solve your problem ith cache please sent to support@1theme.com your wp-data/FTP. thanks