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Hi, I have a question regarding the comments in the pages. Even if I activate them in the Wordpress global settings they don’t show up in my Pages. How can I fix this or what should I do to have comments available on static pages? Many thanks in advance for your feedback about this problem. Kind regards

Hi, can you send your wp-data to support@1theme.com and our team look where is problem. Thanks


The theme is nice but is has some critical errors, the website doesnt work at all now tough. I rly hope you can fix this asap.

I just updated the theme.

Wordpress pages my account, reset password and all others are gone now. Even the codes of those woocommerce pages doesnt work.

error: product-attributes.php version 2.0.8 is out of date. The core version is 2.1.3,

error: review.php version 1.6.4 is out of date. The core version is 2.1.0,

I got a error message from woocommerce that there are old version files that interfear with the new ones.

Why is there a huge gap between products when the repsonsive kicks in. See mobile and tablet. Also see browser scale. The responsive part at the shop is rly not how it should be. This rly must be fixed.

The detail pages from the shop my account etc has the style messed up.

When you disable the sidebar on the shop in themeoptions the sidebar goes away but the space gap is still there, it should go to full width then, now there is a huge gap wich makes the style cropped up.

I do like the theme but there are a few to many bugs right now tough.

When will the new version be released with the fixes?


hi, thank you for reviews we will fix all bugs very soon. If you will found more bugs please let us know.

Thank you for the reply, i have trust in you guys that it will be fixed. Without the bugs it is rly a great theme.

Thank you grafiboom, and sorry about it. You can give to us your email and we will notify you wen update will be ready.

Looking to customize the link color. By default it is the same as the text color and I want to change it. I tried enabling the Custom CSS but that didn’t work. Please advise.

Thank you PS Really like the look and feel of the site now!

Hello, we appreciate your decision of purchasing Mint. Our developers will respond to this question soon. We will include also this option to future update ;) Thank you again.

Hi, in costum css add this a{ color:#000 !important; } :). Thank you

Im having trouble with the theme.


my side bar is being covered by my slider at the top.

how can i fix this?


Hello, thank you for purchasing our theme and sorry for this situation. Our developers willl help you ASAP. Thank you for your passion.

Hello, thank you for purchasing our theme and sorry for this situation. Our developers willl help you ASAP. Thank you for your passion.

Hi, Please sent Your Wp-admin data to our email. support@1theme.com Thank you :)


I`ve downloaded the theme, imported the XML file, everything is working but some of the pictures from the cash folder are missing. It`s possible to send me again only the cash folder content?

Thank you in advance!

Greetings, Arpad

Hi, Thank you for choose mint. Can you contact us on email support@1theme.com and I send to you cache folder. Thank you

Animation on mouse over on icon box is not working. Also how can I change color for icon. There is no option to do that.

hi, colors changes by theme style. Can you send link and I look why effect don’t work? thank you I have imported the demo data but on this page none animation on mouse over on icon is working.

Hi semcore, Please download new version of mint animation is enablet only on latest version. Thank you


I bought this theme for a client who needs multiple language support on his site.

I see all of the effects on the site are built on Visual Composer. However, that plugin is not compatible with qTranslate or WPML (tested, verified and found other people asking things like that in the comments here).

While that might be a massive problem, I’m wondering if you have a non-visual-composer shortcode editor that still enables the effects (I’ve seen other theme’s do that)

So the actual question: is there another way of accessing the shortcodes without using the visual composer?

Thanks for your help.

hello thank you for choose mint, Yes we have alternative shortcodes you can find it on visual edit http://www.webpagescreenshot.info/i3/5328b18c829123-84827755


Oh, thanks for pointing that out. I was thinking there should be something like what you pointed out. However, in my admin, it doesn’t show an icon (image not found) and the title of the button is {woocommerce.inert} (I haven’t installed the woocommerce plugin since the client doesn’t need this feature). When clicking that button, the shortcode-menu like shown in the screenshot appears. Must be a minor bug of some sort.

Thanks again for your help.

Hi, Im having trouble trying to override a css style set by the generated.css how can i override the line height for body? Ive tried custom style sheet ive tried inline style with !important noting overrides it



Hello munsonandmunson, you can override css style by enabling Use custom CSS File from Custom CSS theme options and write your own style there.

Hi, is this theme updated for WordPress 3.9?

Hello hugois, our template work on wordpress 3.9, no need for update.

So the version of visual composer included with this theme has some issues with WP 3.9 — most distressing that the WISYWIG editor doesn’t work at all. I tried purchasing the updated version of visual composer, but then the Mint shortcodes don’t work. When can we expect an update? This is causing me lots of headaches…

thanks, Sarah

Nope, that doesn’t work either. I’m still unable to upload the file through the WP admin and when I upload it via FTP it crashes the site and gives this message “Fatal error: Call to undefined function vc_set_template_dir() in /home/content/45/11824445/html/rocky/wp-content/themes/Mint/functions.php on line 7”

I’ll resend my admin credentials to you via email if you’d like to check it out for yourself.

If you’re not going to be able to fix this issue in the next 24 hours, please just let me know so I can move on to a different theme and get this project completed.

Still not fixed… what is going on??

We have updated theme, try please now. If you have old visual composer, just deactivate and activate it again. Sorry for this situation and problem that we have created for you and your client.

I’m also experiencing the same problem as the comment above mine…

So, I uploaded through FTP, and once I activate the theme (or child theme), I get this error message and the whole site shuts down and I have to go in and delete the theme files from the server to regain access: “Fatal error: Call to undefined function vc_set_template_dir() in /home/content/45/11824445/html/rocky/wp-content/themes/Mint/functions.php on line 3”...

I would like a refund on my purchase…I’m new to themeforest and accidentally purchased the wrong theme(Mint)..but since I have contacted support several times over the last week about this issue, with no response, I decided to try this theme..

When I tried to use it..I experienced the same problem as Sarahphilly and now I’m over trying..I don’t have time for you to fix this issue and I would like to be refunded..thank you

Hello, sorry for this situation, we investigate it and soon will be update that will fix it.

sorry for this mistake that we have made in last update, please check new one and tell us if it solve this problem, and if not, please get back with reply

Hi i´m having this problem every time i try to install the template. Was trying to fix it but no solution yet. Please any help

Problem: Fatal error: Call to undefined function vc_set_template_dir() on FUNCTIONS.PHP FILE

hi, Today will appear a update with this fix, sorry for this critical bug :( Thank you

Can you please tell me when the Theme would be OK. I cannot wait longer, otherwise I will need a complete refund of my purchase Thanks!!!

Hello, sorry for this situation, we investigate it and soon will be update that will fix it.


I bought this theme for a client. He’s now asking for additional translations. Besides the 3 languages provided with the theme, are there any others available somewhere else?

Thanks for your help :)

Hello noCreativity, Default are 3 languages but you can add as many languages as you want.You can use WPML plugin and here is a tutorial how you can translate the site: https://wpml.org/documentation/getting-started-guide/string-translation/ . If you need more help let us know

When i install the latest release my wordpress crashes and white screens. Im uploading via FTP with a host i use to host many word press sites…

Any ideas? So i upload it, i go to themes, go to activate it and it crashes out completely on the front end / the dash board is also un accessible just providing a white screen.

The only way to get my dashboard back is to delete the Mint theme through FTP

I am trying to install it through the dashboard as a zip now – any suggestions would be appreciated though

Hi, in next hour will appear one new version with this fix. Sorry for our bug.

You have download it? All is ok?

I submitted a support ticket. To you guys, provided ftp access now my entire site is gone.

This is not acceptable service.

I need this fixed asap.

look on email.

still NOT WORKING. if i disable your theme, my site works. ive even uploaded another version of WP and still nothing. I NEED THIS FIXED NOW!.

I need to know if the template is already fixed. Otherwise, please tell me where or with who i have to talk to have my money back.

Thanks a lot!

Hi, theme is fixed, to make it work please delete your visual composer from FTP. Thank You

I just downloaded the “newest version” that suppose to be fixed and still gives me a fatal error on functions.php file. This is unacceptable!!!


Hello rodaraya, you must delete visual composer and then install it from required plugins.

Still not working, can you not upload a fixed solution?

Have tried installing CP from required plugins already – Great theme, dont stop now ;-)

Hi, theme is fixed, to make it work please delete your visual composer from FTP. Thank You

I have purchased your theme and tried signing up for the support forum and received a blank page.

Please help so I can have this resource while I build out the website.

Thank You, Justine

Hello Justine, our support forum temporarily is not working. But you can write us on our support email: support@1theme.com and we will be happy to help you.