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Looks Great !

Thanks, behzadg! Glad you liked it!

Nice work , Welcome To Forest :)

Thanks, metrothemes, it’s always nice to be here! :)

Looks awesome! Good luck :)

Thanks, louiejie, we appreciate that!

Probably one of the most impressive wp demo Ive ever seen on themeforest.

Are the alternative homepage examples included in the available templates ?

Hey thempro! So cool you liked it so much! :) The homepage is managed through very simple sections in the theme options, and the backgrounds, fonts and colors are totally customizable so, yes, you can make the homepage look like that with a few clicks.

does this website template come with the demo photos in the coffee site? very nice!

Hi hollysnails! No, the photos are not included in the theme, but yes, they are very nice :)


Everytime I try to save a setting under the “homepage” options, it resets all the other tabs in my theme options…any ideas?

Great, we are looking into it. Thanks for your patience!

That’s great! I’m happy to hear it’s working fine now. :) Let us know if you have any other question.


Thank you for your help!!

Hi There

I really like this theme and am interested in purchasing it, I have some questions, does it have an ad management tool, or can I easily include ads on this theme ?

Is it SEO Optimized ? and Is there a support page

Thanks so much

Hi! If you just don’t want to use the slider, you can turn it of, and instead you can use the Custom HTML area, or the Widgets section on Homepage to show the subscription box. EDIT: If you want the subscription box over the slider, the theme has to be customized somehow to do that (mainly because of its responsiveness). Am I understanding right?

Hi thanks, yes I wanted it to appear over the slider, I will just use the widgets section of the homepage for now, thanks for getting back to me !

You are very welcome! :) I hope you enjoy the theme! You are invited to join us on our friendly support forum for any other help you might need:


Is video able to be displayed in the home page slider

Hi, shelia!

Minuscula comes with 2 sliders, in the regular one you can display videos from Vimeo and Youtube. Check out this demo to see it in action:


Hi there,

Two questions:

First, when I tried to install the Minuscula Patch plugin (this theme requires it, right?) I’ve got this message: “The plugin does not have a valid header. Plugin install failed.”

Second, the Portfolio page doesn’t work. I made 5 different Portfolio categories and have bunch of test pages. But none of them appeared in the Portfolio page and as well as on the homepage. I only see the category links, but not the actual portfolio images, it’s just a blank page.

In the portfolio item page, the images I uploaded appear under the client name (the right side of the page in a small size), so that I have a big white space on the left.

All these might be resolved if I can get the Minuscula Patch, if not, then what else should I try?

Hi helloji!

Thanks for purchasing the theme!

1. About the Plugin, Minuscula does need it but as long as you are using Minuscula theme it is only used for the shortcodes (actually, is a tool we added so in the future if the user want to use another theme all the shortcodes and portfolio posts stay there). You did the installation through the yellow banner on the top of the admin area, right? If so, did you tried doing that again?

2. To setup the portfolio page and the portfolio items you should follow the instructions on the documentation file (in the Documentation folder from the package you downloaded), page 19. Looks like you are not setting a “Featured image” for each portfolio item, and also inserting the gallery images into the post, which you should not do. Follow the steps on the guide and you should be going with no problems.

If after these steps you still have any question, feel free to open a support ticket in and we’ll be glad to help you out.


I am having the same issues as “helloji” stated above. Also, the main navigation menu styling is just plain html, no boxes or effects on hover. Does the stylized navigation menu as shown in the demo require the Minuscula Patch plugin?

Hi evansobz!

Glad you are using the theme!

For the same issues as “helloji” had please refer to our answer above this comment. The help guide should set you going in a couple of minutes.

Regarding the Menu styling, please make sure you are creating a menu under “Appearance” >> “Menu” (read about it on page 6 of the Documentation file). After that you can go to “Theme Options” >> “Design” and style your menu.

If after these steps you still have any question, feel free to open a support ticket in we’ll be glad to help you out.


Just in case, the support link is:

(it got messed up with the “and” there… :) )

None of my photos are resizing in 5 column portfolio. Is there a thumbnail setting in the backend? By the way I love this theme.

I see you got that working perfectly. Great! By the way, we are uploading an update that fixes the scrolling movement to the beginning of the item thumbnails instead of going up to the whole content. It should be approved today, look up for that.

Awesome. Thanks for the help. One more thing, I noticed that comment area is showing up randomly on pages is there a global comments on/off for the theme?


In regular pages the Comments Section will only show up if you have Comments enabled for that particular page. This is a WordPress Setting, you can turn comments off in “Settings” >> “Discussion”, but pages settings will override this, so make sure you disable comments for each page on the Pages panel (select all, Bulk actions: edit, “Do not allow comments”).


Hi nice theme, I’m having an issue with the ‘Top Custom HTML Section’/ I have added 3 column shortcodes with links to saved media, yet everytime I update/save it strips out all the code other than the shortcodes. I am trying to replicate your miniscula-5 layout with 3 images below the Slogan text.

Also I can’t seem to remove colour styling on behind slogan area.

I check plugin and it tells me the Patch is installed but when I view the ‘Install Required Plugin’ it tells me it’s not installed

Hi, bulliegraphics! I’m answering you on your other comment. :)

sorry found where i needed to add images via Widgets, please ignore first part of above

Hi, bulliegraphics!

Thanks for purchasing the theme!

It’s great you had that working. The img tag was being stripped from the html section till now, we’ll include that in the next release (we’re trying to keep those areas safe, so some of the elements can be stripped). Just so you know, in minuscula-5 demo we accomplished that by using the services area entering titles, sub titles and the images, and not inserting text.

The “Install required plugins” section has a bug where it will always say the plugin is not installed though it is. We already got that one and is being fixed. Thanks! :)

If I understand you correctly, you want the whole main area in the homepage to be without a background color, right? If so, this is what you have to enter in the Custom CSS section (Theme options > Design Tab):

.home #main {
    background: none;

For any other question feel free to join as at our support forum:


Hi. I really like this theme but I have a problem in “Social profiles” settings. When I insert the facebook link in facebook field appears also the skype icon. Thanks!

Hi ilsegnopercomunicare!

Thanks for purchasing the theme!

We are looking into it right now. Please give us some time and if we find that it’s a bug we’ll fix that for the next update (should come out in the next couple of days).


Hi ilsegnopercomunicare!

Indeed, we found that. It’s already fixed and it’ll be out in a couple of days with the next update.

Thanks for bringing that out!

Hi just downloaded this and i go to install the theme and i get this error at the completion

The uploaded file exceeds the upload_max_filesize directive in php.ini.

help please!!!

Just found it thanks for the awesome response time cheers mate

You are welcome, man! Enjoy the theme and have a great day!

Thanks i just realised that i sent you a PM but i cant remember if i included my email address, will send another one now.

hi i seem to be also experiencing the same problem as Aaron did where as soon as i save a setting it defaults the home page settings. Lost an hour changing all settings to then have them all reset was a bummer.

Also the extra patch keeps saying it hasnt installed?

help please

Wait, I might be on to something. If you are still experiencing that, can you send us WordPress login and ftp credentials via Private Message (at our Profile page)?

Thanks i just realised that i sent you a PM but i cant remember if i included my email address, will send another one now

Great, we got that and we are into it right now. Thanks!

Shortcode Question. For Call to Actions, how do I make the button a link? I tried adding url= to the code (which is what is used for the button shortcode), but didn’t seem to do the trick? Your shortcode example webpage has a link-enabled button.

[call_to_action url=”” text=”(Your text)” button=”(Your button call to action)”]

Hi Aaron!

Yeap. The way you tried is the right way, it’s a little bug we already fixed and it’s going out in the next release in a couple of days. If you can, leave it like that and when you’ll get the update for the theme and the plugin it’ll be fine.

For any other issue, feel free to join us on our support forum:


Hi, i’m working on the theme and i have two quetions.

1) Creating a Portfolio, i’ve done also a gallery to the single project. The problem is that under the text that explain the project, appears also miniature of the photo that are part of the gallery, and there is not only the text as shown in the example put on themeforest. net

2)I’ ve created til now three items of the portfolio (each one with the same problem at the first point) every one with a gallery associated. Only the first one didn’t works, while the others work. I’ve done the same passages as for the others but for this i’m having problems.

I hope is clearand to have a good answer. Thanks

Hi noliver701!

I’m not sure I understand what you are saying. Please, post this issue in our support forum here so we can help you better:

And please, paste there a link to your site so we can fully understand what the problem is.

Thank you!

Thank you. I solved it. I tinkered for a while and I figured out how to do even though I would advise you to correct the instructions included with the download of the issue because they are unclear. You have to lose the near time. however great topic. thanks

We are happy to hear you got that solved. We’ll think about the instructions on that point, thanks for bring that up. For the future, if you have any other question, please post a topic on our forum and we’ll be happy to help. Thanks!


Have some of the same problems as others:

1) Homepage data isn’t being saved. Have tried saving each tab individually.

2) I can’t find a place to set a slider on any page other than the homepage. Is that a theme limitation?

3) I can only adjust the menu tab colors for the home page. All other pages have no background color for the tab

4) I have looked at the slider documentation, but can only get static images in the header on the homepage. Can’t get them to ‘slide’? I was expecting there to be a way to group slides together so they can slide?

Thanks for the theme.


Thanks mate, We’ll wait for the update.

3) I’ll check again, but yes, on the design tab in theme options.

4) Oh, just realised, I can’t change the number of slides because its in the homepage which isn’t updating :)


Oh, that may explain it. :) If you can, send us login information for some user through our contact form in our website ( and I’ll try to fix it there so you don’t have to wait for the update. Let me know.


Sent you login. Cheers!

Just purchased your theme and when I try to open the Minuscula PSD I get an error that says…

“Unable to expand “Minuscula PSD” into “PSD Files” (Error 20 – Not a directory.)

Is there anyway you can email me the psd file? I’m in crunch time to present the psd. It would be soooo appreciated!

Just sent to you! :)

Your responsiveness is greatly appreciated as you saved my ass! Great support! I’m impressed!