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This theme is great. I’m really enjoying it. I had one quick question which was whether, in the portfolio, it was possible to have some of the images you click go to a separate page instead of opening at the top of the portfolio. The way the portfolio works is beautiful and I want to use it as much as possible, but a couple of the items in the portfolio section have a large amount of content (lots of text, videos, etc) in addition to the photos and I’m wondering if a full page layout is better when there are high volumes of content as opposed to the narrower space normally allotted for portfolio content. What do you recommend when some of the portfolio options have a large amount of varied content?

Thanks for your help, the theme is great!


Hi Brad!

Yeap, just go into each page and uncheck the “Allow comments” checkbox. That’s a WordPress native function.

Glad you are liking the theme! :) Please join us at our support forum so we can help you out better in the future, and follow us on Twitter (@quadroIdeas) to get notified about updates.


Great, thanks! I’ll join up with the support forum. I appreciate your help.

Good! Glad we could help. Cheers!

Hello, you can insert a table by using a shortcode? thanks

Hi! Only the shortcodes detailed in the documentation are available. Instead you can: 1. Create manually the markup for the table. Here is the spec and some examples for that: 2. Use a nice plugin for that! :) Here is a very good one:

Please, post any further question in our support forum so we can help you out better.



You are welcome! :)

Hello, how to build like yours demos view. I’m just a new in wordpress, and I was install your themes and plugins. Can you help me?

Thanks. Sorry for bad English

Hi johanferdianto!

No problem about the english… we are all from all over the globe here. :)

Please post this issue as a new topic in the forum, so it’ll be searchable for other users and we’ll be able to help you better too.


Okay.. Thankyou

You are welcome! :)

I’m a professional wordpress site designer, and I’ve used scores of themes over the last two years. This one is good.

Creative design, certainly. But the administrative back end is very thorough and easy to use. There are a LOT of options for the user to customize without needing to get into the css files. Great job!

Hi consafo,

Thanks for purchasing Minuscula! And thanks so much for the kind words, we truly appreciate that! :) Be sure to follow us on Twitter to get notified about updates and upcoming themes.



Great theme… just struggling with a couple of things.

The Minuscula Patch plugin is giving me this message when i try to install: “The plugin does not have a valid header. Plugin install failed.” I tried to install it from the yellow banner twice but still gives me the error.

Another thing is that the Portfolio on the homepage is not working. I get the title on one side and the categories on the other but the portfolio thumbnail does not show. I followed the documentation perfectly.. I freshly uploaded the featured image and i uploaded rest of the images as instructed without ‘inserting into post’. Then I selected the categories from the theme options – homepage.. it should be working, right?

Can you please help me out. I also tried re-downloading the entire file from themeforest just in case you made some new updates but cannot manage to update it…

Can you please help?? Thanks

Hi davidesign,

Thanks for purchasing Minuscula!

The plugin thing is weird. Can you try uploading it from the library/plugins folder you’ll find in the download package?

If your items are not showing up in the homepage there is a big chance you have less than 3 items at medium size or less than 5 items at small size. Those are the minimal quantities in order to keep the rows for the portfolio consistent. Try adding a couple more and you’ll probably see them showing up.

If you still need help with these, please join us at our support forum so we can help you better :)


Hi again! Ok so I managed to display the portfolio on the homepage… another minor problem that i am facing is that i am trying to use the toggle shortcode on a portfolio post. The only problem is that when i display the portfolio post from the homepage the toggle shortcode does not work. When clicking the ‘plus’ (+) sign it doesn’t close. It remains open. Does this have to do with the Minuscula plugin as it still cannot work for me… i tried uploading it through ftp, i tried reinstalling it twice but nothing seems to make it work.

Can i contact you by email as to give you the back-end credentials and maybe have a look at it yourself? If that’s ok for you please send me an email address which i can contact you on.

Hi davidesign!

Yes, please, enter our support site. You’ll find there a contact form which you can send your login credentials through. And please, bring this as a new topic to the support forum so we can help you with more detail.


I am getting an error “undefined is null or not an object” on IE8 for Line 40 Char: 125

Portfolio page does not work.

Other than that I think it’s working great. Please help!

Hi leilanifera,

Thanks for purchasing Minuscula!

The portfolio should work perfectly fine in IE8. That looks like an error in the call to the fonts. Please open a topic in our forum at and post there a URL to that page so we can check that out.


Thank you for the quick response. I’ve posted on the forum.

Great! We’ll take a look at it. Cheers!

Hi There,

How do I remove the tagline from showing across the header of the pages of the website without removing it from the theme settings and effecting SEO.

I tried adding the below code to Style.css but it didn’t make a difference.

Thanks so much

site-title, #site-description {

visibility: hidden;


I have re-sent that email just now. You should also have received another mail from the WordPress forum with your username. Try to check your inbox for that, because your user had been created prior to us creating it. We deleted the one that was there before and created it again, though. We’ll see you around in the forum.

Hi I’m sorry but still no mail from you….not sure what is up…here is another email address, can you please try mailing me here, thanks so much

Hi! Just re-sent the email again. Go check for it. :)

Hello and congrats for this great theme ! I just purchased it and was wondering only one thing ;

Is it possible to have an image banner on top in the inside pages ? It feels very empty without it… Thanks !

Hi onclebk,

Thanks for purchasing Minuscula!

Off course you can do that! Just upload a new image after clicking on the “Set Featured Image” button, and then check the “Show Featured Image” checkbox for that page. Easy peasy.

If you have any other support question, please join us in our support forum at: so we can help you out better. :)


Thank you ! But is it possible to have an image behind the logo & menu on the inside pages, instead of below the tilte page ?

Well, possible it is. I’m not sure how that would fit in the header design, as it is crowded between the logo and the menu already, but there are some CSS rules you could add in your custom CSS box (in Theme Options >> Design) to add a background image to the header element. If you want, post a topic about it in the forum and we’ll continue this chat in there to help you out.

Hey QuadroIdeas,

i´ve one question. And im sorry if there is anydoc info about that, that i should know it but some client of mine wants to buy this theme and we ´ve one question about the typeface. What fonts are you using in this theme and if they´ve special latin characers like Ç Ã Ô etc.?


Yeah! It´s super easy. There is a full admin panel for Typography options, you can choose fonts, sizes and colors. No need to know anything about coding.


Ok, ty. I gonna recommend this one for this project. And already saw that there is a forum about this theme in case someone gets lots about so many options :D Cya soon and keep developing good things for the web! cheers.

Thanks! Glad to hear that! We’ll do :)

Hi There,

Just purchased this theme and am looking forward to putting it to use!

However, when i attempt to upload it onto wordpress im getting the error: Unpacking the package…

Installing the theme…

The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet.

Theme install failed.

Any suggestions for what i should do?

Thanks alot!

We answered you in the other comment! :)

My apologies, Please ignore the above, just searched other comments and found my answer.

Hi BTMTrades!

Don’t worry, it’s OK. We’re happy to hear you solved that!

Feel free to join us at out forum if you have any support question in the future:


I have an issue with a theme I installed and configured for a client. It seems as though the portfolio is not displaying all of the items. Its sort of random and glitchy. It may be the way I have it configured. She has 22 portfolio items and there are only 6 on the home page, and 10 on the portfolio page.

Hi gorillaagent,

Thanks for purchasing Minuscula!

First, make sure you are selecting all the categories you want to show, both for the Homepage portfolio and for the portfolio page. Also, the homepage shows portfolio items in multiples of 3 or 5 depending on the size you chose for them, so that may be interfering too. Lastly, in the portfolio page you have a “quantity” option, where you can set how many items you want to show. If you want all your items to be show, besides of checking all the categories in there, enter “-1”.

If all this doesn’t bring all the items to be shown, please post a new topic in our support forum at so we can help you out better.


Thanks I will give it a go.

Hello =) is I bought this version and it is FANTASTIC.

Is there also an html version of this template?

Thanks in advance

Hi Ethernaly,

Thanks for purchasing Minuscula!

So cool you liked it so much! :) We don’t have an html version though, but be sure to follow us on Themeforest and Twitter to get notified about new themes as we will release new ones soon.


Oh thanks anyway, and also for your fast reply. I’ll hope to hear soon any news about themes like Minuscula.

You are welcome!

Hi! Love the theme. I would like to make the smaller homepage slider have a greater height (500px instead of 400). Can you quickly direct me to what to edit in the css? Thanks!

Hi doublehead,

Thanks for purchasing Minuscula!

There are many things you would have to edit in order to get that slider be of 500px height. Mostly because you even have to load a completely different image file for that image to fill that height.

Please open a support topic in our forum at and we’ll help you do that from there. :)


Hi, wonderful theme. I’m thinking of buying it. Seeing the three demos I have a question:

Is it possible to build a version in which the logo is over the menu, the menu is over the slider and the body of the demo is the one?

Thank you.

Thank you quadroIdeas, I understand. Sorry for my English writing… One last question: ”... we built the demos by combining different elements and Selecting different options for the design” Does this mean that the index structure is built with shortcodes on wisiwyg?

By “design options” I meant: background, fonts and colors. And “different elements” means the optional modules or content areas that you can use (or not) and order as you want on the Homepage. These elements are manageable through the admin panel in Theme Options, it’s a very easy panel. They are:
  • Slider: Full width / Regular
  • Slogan
  • Top Custom HTML Area
  • Services
  • Recent News Area – Shows the latest posts
  • Portfolio Section (2 different layout options: small and medium)
  • Homepage Widgets (5 different layout options)
  • Bottom Custom HTML area

In addition, you can use the shortcodes and place them on the custom html areas. So, as I said before, it’s very very flexible and customisable.

If you want to see them in action, they are all shown on the different demos.


Hey, this theme is working out quite well. Super easy to use. Thank you. In your documentation you say that to add a portfolio item we should go to Portfolio—>then add new. My problem is that I don’t have a portfoilo heading/button in the dashboard or under settings, or theme options. I cannot find this anywhere. Is there a reason this wouldn’t have installed correctly with the theme? I have looked for it on both Mac and Windows OS’s. I’m running WordPress 3.5 and your latest theme download. Thanks.

Hi bdockery05,

Thanks for purchasing the theme, and thanks for the kind words too!

That’s very weird. There is absolutely no chance of that menu not being installed with the theme. Are you sure you don’t have any strange plugin blocking some menu elements from you? If that’s the case, try deactivating that plugin or setting it to let you see all the menu elements. And please, post it here so we know everything’s fine.

Otherwise, please post a new topic in our forum at and we’ll help you out there.


Hi! I’ve been looking but i haven’t found my question previously. ¿Can I, in the Portfolio section, do that the image “column” is thinner and the text “column” thicker? Images are so big And I want them to sow a bit smaller and add more text!

Hi DaGoUh,

Thanks for purchasing Minuscula!

It can easily be done on the images and the galleries, but not for the videos, as they are permanently controlled by jQuery. If that’s still fine for you, post this as a new topic on our support forum ( and we’ll prepare you a cute piece of CSS to paste on the Custom CSS Box.


But maiby can I put the gallery smaller and the text column bigger so I can put the video on the “text column”?

Well, yes. That you can try. You’ll have to embed the videos manually as with any other regular post, but it should work. Open a topic on the forum and we’ll pass you the CSS rules.


Hi, I recently purchase this theme, but upon getting up a trial to show to the client i have encounter a big problem. The portfolio items are not showing on the homepage and in the portfolio page it does not resize or gives the description/ view more options. If anyone could help me with it or point out what could be a common error it would be great. I must say that I have made the portfolio item according to the instructions fresh upload taken in notice .


Hi Jesspr!

Thanks for purchasing Minuscula!

Please, go to our forums and try to find there the answer to your question, as a lot of these things are already solved there:

If you don’t find your question, please, open a new topic about it and share a link to your site so we can help you out better.


Hello, I’m thinking about buying this theme, but i have some more questions first:

- Is there a limit on photos per portfolio item? (it will be 20 – 40 pictures per item maybe) - Can i bulk upload the photos of a portfolio item? Say as a zip file for example? - Can you send me a screenshot of the portfolio backend page?

Thanks, really nice theme you offer!

Hi volderette!

Glad to hear you’re thinking about purchasing Minuscula!

The answers to your questions:

- There is no limit to the photos in the portfolio item. You can create a gallery and add as much photos as you want.

- The upload system is the native WordPress one, it’s not possible to upload a zip file and then unzip it via the WordPress Media Library. What you can do is to use the “drag and drop” upload and select all the photos you want in one single operation.

- The Portfolio backend page it’s almost the same as a regular post page in WordPress. You’ll have the same panel with a little more metaboxes like: Client, Project URL, Video Embed, Order of the elements (video / gallery or image) and a “Show Gallery” checkbox.

If you have any more questions, we’ll be happy to help! :)



j_a Purchased


I’ve a problem in portfolio section. I can’t display the picture as it’s displayed in demo ( ), when you click on a project, this one show a little navigation section that can slide the pictures. My picture upload at Right section of the page, under each other, and ‘re croped.. even if i made a gallery. thanks for help. Great theme by the way.

Hi j_a!

Thanks for purchasing Minuscula!

It sounds like you are inserting the images in the portfolio content box instead of using the featured image or the gallery. Please, read about it in this topic of our forum: (There we talk about something else, but also about this issue).

If this is not what your are talking about or you still cannot make it work, please post a new topic in the forum and share a link to your site so we can help you out better.



j_a Purchased

Yeah sorry for the description (and my english ;), was a bit confused. thanks for the link. I finally found whats was wrong. I found the answer in a post from the forum. cant remeber wich one. It was about the attachment file. I upload the plugin “file un-attach” for attach files to portfolio intem. Now its work great, the pictures slide and fit to the website. thanks again!


You are welcome! :)