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I just purchased the minuscula theme and when I tried to upload it under “install theme” I received an error message saying that the theme upload failed because “style.css” is missing. Please help. Thanks.

never mind, I figured it out… Thanks!

Alright, then. For any future support question, please feel free to join our forum at

Have fun working with Minuscula! :)

Great Theme, great documentation

Thanks a lot for the kind words. We’re glad you are enjoying it! :)


I really like the theme as I am doing my personal site right now. However I have two questions.

1. Is it possible somehow to use whole width for post on blog template. I did check all the theme options and found out that what I would like is not supported. Anyway what would be the best way to solve my problem. Any particular php to tweak?

2. I would like to use video on full width slider on home page. As I understand that is not possible now. Can I substitute this slider with any other, revolution slider for example? If yes where and how should I start with that tweak.

I am a designer and I must say that this template really brings funky twist to life! Good job!

thank you in advance Luka

Hi there,

Thanks for purchasing Minuscula and thanks for the kind words too!

Those are options that are not incorporated into the theme. As for the slider, you could do that by yourself if you have some coding skills. It would be a matter of replacing the slider section in the files with whatever slider or plugin you want to use and, off course, dealing with CSS stuff to make it look nice and neat.

The changes to make that full with post or blog work are a little simpler to do. Please open a support ticket at our forum ( so we can help you out in detail.


Just a question before buying … can you change the background color of the content area to black, meaning I want to have a black colored layout with a wooden overall background. Can the contecnt area color be changed to black and the text to white for instance. Also, are the colors of the navigation menu changable ?? Thanks, and love your theme(s)

Hi remstoffer!

While Minuscula comes with lots of customizable choices, there are no customization options in the theme for those three items you mention. But, Minuscula comes bundled with a nice Custom CSS Box and we can provide you with a very little piece of CSS code you can paste in there to make those three things happen faster than you can blink. Well, may be not that faster, but really fast.

Once you buy the theme, come join us at our support forum and we’ll get you going. :)


Hola, ¿Dónde puedo indicar la dirección de e-mail donde deben llegar los mensajes del formulario de contacto? gracias.

Hi! You can set the destination email address in the Contact form tab of the Theme options (Appearance >> Theme Options). Otherwise, the theme will use your default installation email address.


(La dirección de email puede ser configurada en la solapa “Contact” de las opciones del theme, navegando a Apariencia >> Theme Options. Si no se completa el theme utilizará directamente la dirección de email con la que fue instalado WordPress. Saludos!)

Hi!! Congratulations for your work, it’s a very usefull template.

I have one question, it could be possible to add audio in a portfolio? I mean, to use the audio post format as I can do it in the blog page. I could install a player in the portfolio item but before I wanted to ask you for this question.

Thank you very much

Hi there!

Thanks for purchasing Minuscula!

The portfolio items are a custom post on the theme so that there is no option to set the format for it. I think that adding a player in the portfolio as you say would be the best choice. If you use a plugin, though, you’ll have to make some tests as the posts get loaded after the jQuery document ready event fires. Let us know what you went with. :)

For any other question please join us at our forum in so we can help you in more detail.


Hello, can you please tell me what font you have used in the demo #1? I love this font but cannot work out what it is?

Thank you, Meg

Hi Meg, we answered you in the other comment. Cheers!

Hello, can you please tell me what font you have used in the demo #1? I love this font but cannot work out what it is? Thank you, Meg

Hi Meg!

Thanks for purchasing Minuscula!

The fonts we used in demo 1 are: Abel for Headings, Menu and Slogan and Lato for the body.

Please, joins us in our forum for any other question:


Hi, I installed and configured the theme without problems. Is a luxury template.

However, I notice that the portfolio homepage takes too long to load the contents when you click on a work. Is possible to reduce the load time?

Hi medefine!

Thanks for purchasing Minuscula!

Actually, the loading time of the portfolio items once you click them depends 1. on the weight of the images you are trying to bring in and 2. on the speed of your hosting provider and your internet connection provider. So, the two only things you can do to be sure your are optimizing the loading time for your portfolio items is to be sure you upload web optimized images (there are lots of programs that will help you with that) and trying to be at a good hosting.

For any other question, please join us at our forum in so we can help you out in detail. :)


Hi quadriIdeas, The image weighs 25KB, is optimized and I have multiple sites in this hosting and the performance is good. However the work load takes over a second…

I describe the problem in the support.

Hi, there!

We answered you in the forum, already.


Hi! Nice Theme but I have only one quick question: Is there any “sample data” which can I use? Specifically the coffee+break one?


Hi tonitis!

Thanks for purchasing Minuscula!

The theme doesn’t come with a sample data file, but you can read about how to buid the same Coffee Break demo on this post from our blog:

Enjoy! And feel free to post there your comments :). Also, if you have any support question join our forum at:



I have a problem. I can’t show the portfolio items on homepage.

I create an item with one categorie but at homepage only see the title of portfolio block, not the items.

This is the porftolio item: And this is the homepage:

Where is the problem?


Hi dissentia!

Thanks for purchasing Minuscula :)

I think maybe you are not setting the right options for the Home Portfolio. Go to Theme Options >> Homepage, and choice there which category and how many items to show.

If all the options are alright and you still cannot make it to appear, please join our support forum and open there a new topic about it, so we can help you out better.

The forum:


My portfolio category filters list in alphabetic order. How can I set it to a custom order?

Hi mousepotato!

Thanks for purchasing Minuscula!

Please, join our support forum and open a new topic with your question so we can help you out better.

The forum:


Hi, new here.. can I convert it to “rtl” after purchasing? (is it ok according to license?) thnx!

thnx. i’ve purchaced it. dev version here: having some problems adjusting it but i’ll try figure it out by myself at the beginning.

Hi, I’ll appreciate some help :) 1. I want to add my own font. can I do that? 2. need some help with css fix. Can i senf u by mail? thnx!

Hi shuraki, Thanks for purchasing Minuscula! We handle our support tickets through our dedicated support forum at:

Please join us there! :)


Hi quadroIdeas I have two problems with the blog: 1. Dont works the excerpt? 2. The text shown on index not cut well the words View:

Hi medefine,

We handle all our support tickets in our dedicated support forum. Please post these issues as a new topic in: We’ll be more than happy to help you out. :) Cheers!

Solved! Excellent support.

Hi again, dont works Quadro Twitter Widget. Any idea? (V 1.0.3 )

Hi there, Yes. Twitter API has changed and we are studying the possibility of adapting the widget to work nicely with it. Sorry for the inconvenience. We’ll keep you all updated as soon as possible.

ok. Will use another plugin while …

Hi there,

When will you update the twitter feed to work with the new API?

Hi there! We are looking into it and evaluating if it should be part of the current theme widgets in the future. Sorry about the delay on this issue. We should have news about it in the next couple of days.

A theme really easy to use, but with excellent potential of customization. One word to define the customer service: perfect :)

Hey there! Thanks so much for the kind words! We’re glad you’re enjoying it! :)

Excellent theme !! Any news about twitter feed?

Actually, yes! The last update (V1.1.4) comes with a new and nice Twitter widget. :) Enjoy!

Thanks for the kind words too!

hola quisiera comprar tu plantilla, tengo el suficiente credit cash en mi cuenta. Como la compro con mis creditos? disculpa, pero llevo varios dias sin respuesta de envato. Gracias

Hola DepiForMen!

Qué bueno que hayas elegido comprar Minuscula! Para adquirirlo deberías ir a la página del Theme: y luego, apretar en el botón “Purchase”. Se te abrirán 2 opciones para efectuar la compra. Para comprar con crédito de Envato, tenés que apretar en “Buy with Prepaid Credit”. Y listo :).

Te recuerdo, por las dudas, que el soporte a clientes del Theme lo hacemos a través de nuestro foro: y es en Inglés.


Hi DepiForMen!

We are glad to hear you like Minuscula! To buy it with your Envato Credit, just go to the Theme page at and click “Purchase”. After that you’ll see 2 options to buy it, choose the “Buy with Prepaid Credit” and that’s it.


Hola, me gustaría incluir en la página de contacto un campo obligatorio para el teléfono. Como puedo hacerlo? gracias.

Hi imaginaartegrafico!

For this type of customisation we’ll recommend you to use the “Contact Form 7” plugin. You’ll get everything you need from this plugin.

For future questions, please open a topic in our dedicated support forum at: , as we manage all inquiries there.

Have a nice day!


Te recomendamos que para ese tipo de personalización utilices el plugin que se llama “Contact form 7”, te va a permitir crear y manejar todo los campos que necesitas.

Por favor, para futuras consultas, abre un nuevo topic en nuestro foro en: , ya que manejamos todo el soporte desde ahí.