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Wonderfully simple theme, every section is clean as crystal, well done.

Thanks very much Webinane :)

Clean & Nice Work! GLWS :)

Thanks very much w3themes :)

Fresh and very nice theme. Good luck with your sales :)

Thanks very much Vickystudio :)

Looks Very Nice :) But Animation is more :D GLWS

Thanks very much VicksThemes :)

Clean and nice landing page :)

thanks very much Metrothemes :)

Hmm. Very nice work. :)

thanks very much Wrwipeout :)

Thanks a lot louiejie :)

Wow very clean work man, good luck with your sales..

Thanks a lot codeex :)

Clear Work & Very Nice..! Good Luck with your sales :)

Thanks a lot digitalheaps :)

Congratulations, good luck with sales!

Thanks a lot jakartanese :)

Hi there,

Congrats on this amazing theme. I want to get it and maybe request some personalisation if possible. Do you do that and if so what would be the cost for the below:

1/ Organise the home page to look like such:

i.e. with long thumbnails organised by categories

2/ Is there a blog with the same design incorporated or should I installed a wordpress theme of my own?

3/ In terms of Video capabilities. I run a server called Wowza. Do you think it can be used or does it have to be Vimeo or Youtube?

4/ Can the contact form be personalised i.e. more fields added?

Apologies for all these questions.

Cheers Alexis

Hi Alexlh, thanks for your interest :)

Let’s see..
1/ unfortunately I’m not available for freelance work, but you can find the proper help on

2/ the template doesn’t offer a blog but you can install it on your server and point to it from the landing page

3/ you can embed you own self hosted videos just using the embed tag instead of iframe tag:

<embed width="853" height="495" src="yourVideoUrl" allowfullscreen autoplay="false"></embed>

4/ yes, you can add how many input fields you want, just remember to add them to js/custom.js for validation purpose and add the variables to send-mail.php

Thanks again :)


Parallax does not appear to be displaying correctly. Are not these supposed to be full width?


Hi Ssglic :)

You can have full width parallax too :)

Very nice! What font are you using for logo?

Hi there,

I’m really looking for HTML temple mobile game site that showcasing the company multiple mobile game apps. with direct link to app stores etc. @themeforest there’s none available for sale? You should make one?

Hi Pinki, thanks for your interest :) but I’m not available for freelance work at the moment…

Hi, Great template! Just one problem – I have trouble using the contact form. I’ve updated the mail address in the send-mail.php file, and when testing it on the server(trying to send a message)... nothing happens, it’s just saying “sending”. Any ideas what is wrong? 10X!

Hi ddaver79, thanks for your purchase :)

I’m sorry, but the template works 100%, I have double checked live on my server and the form works fine…

Sorry, my bad! I just found it was a problem with my server settings, thanks for your fast reply, and for a great theme!

Thank you mate :)

Hi there!

Great theme, I bought it and I am going to use it.


Is there any possibility to remove the gray area that is shown when you scroll from the top? (below the top picture with the bears)

Thank you,


This seems the overlay mask layer, have you add the image background for this area?

Yup I did! Check it out here:

You can see the same gray area on the demo, but I was wondering If I can remove it somehow.

The matter is that I do not see any gray area, I see only the background image for the entire area…
Anyway.. try to remove this piece of code, just after the header tag:

<!-- background overlay -->
<span class="mask-overlay">

does this work with word press

Actually im having issues with only the header image

Oh one last thing. my page does not animate like the demo?

You can find everything you need in the documentation folder :)

Hey, very nice work.

I’ll probably use your Template as a portfolio.

Also I’d like to know how did you include the slider in an ipad?

As I am just a beginer in HTML/CSS coding

Thank you very much.

Hi Guillaumeandorin, thanks for your purchase :)

The slider is absolute positioned inside the device image, if you want change something have a look in style.css at line 323 for the device image background and at line 326 for the carousel position.
Thanks again

Hi there, great theme! Well done but: does the used font type supports glyphs for the turkish language ( e.g. “s” with a hook @ the bottom, “G” with a inverted roof, big “I” with an dot, small “i” without dot. Unfortunately this page does not supports these glyphs ;-( Thanx for an answer.