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I purchased your mission theme. Thank you for it, it is very nice.

I have a little issue with sermons and events in regards to URLs

When I create a new event or sermon, then the URLs created are and

I would like to get

How can I do that?

Thank you for your assistance,

Best regards,

Hi AJ,

Thanks for your fast reply. Can you let me know how to change the URLs through WP posts hardcoding files?


Ok. I found another solution. Thanks

Ok. I found another solution. Thanks

Good Day. When will you update this theme to WordPress 4.3?

Hi johnpurcam

THanks for the message.

We are awaiting the release of WordPress 4.3.

All themes will be compatible once the release is activated by the WordPress team.


Hi AJ,

I am not at my first website creation with WP and I am having very serious issues with your theme.

First of all, in the left side bar WP admin panel, wether I click on “customize”, “Header”, or “Background”, I get the same panel, which is normally in every WP theme the “customize” panel. There, I try to upload one picture because I need a simple header, but nothing works. Either nothing happen, either I get a distrorded image, despite it has the size you recommend. When I try to upload a picture there, no matter what size it is, it always asks me to crop and then part of the picture is cut, I cant seem to crop it the way I want.

When uploading a picture at the size you recommend for the banner above the begining of the page content, it gets cut, not at the right size and only the upper part of the picture is shown. I don’t understand how to fixe that.

Tried to remove “proudly design by Croma” but I have several footer.php folder and none of the code looks exactly like you shown.

I don’t understand why I am having all these issues.

Can you please help me fixing these issues.

I don’t need anything complicated. Just simple header with one picure, pages, and podcasts…

Thanks in advance for your support,


Basicallay how to remove the message “Theme installed. All Ready to go” by a centered picture?

Ok, don’t mind the questions above I managed to solve everything. But my question about how to add a favicon remains. How can I add it? Also, is it possible to display no slideshow but only the background image on the home page? Thanks

Glad all is sorted.

There is a WordPress plugin that will assist in setting favicons for all devices:

it is possible to disable the slideshow in the homepage:

in the index.php look for and delete the following lines from line 20 to 30:

<div class="slidein">
    <div class="slideout">
    <div class="row">
        <div class="twelve columns" style="position: relative;">
            <?php echo cro_fetch_slider(); ?>

Are you going to be updating this theme? Thanks,

Hi Drew.

THanks for the message.

THe theme currently complies wit the latest version of Wordpress.


Pre Sale Question: Hi! I have a client that needs something similar to plattform. Specially in the backend, have a section called “Colaborators” that list all the people bought something to support the project. The question is: Does Unity have this page in frontend or backend to controll each individuall project supportants? Thanks!

Hi lucascas85

THanks for the message.

This could be quite difficult to set up a system like this with the theme.



Is it possible to remove the section that says “Mission Church logo”, Tagline, East Campus, West Campus, Directions and First Time Visitors? I’d like to have the top nav bar and then have the slider directly below. Thank you for any feedback! Also, are the colors 100% customizable? Thank you again!

If you make contact to my personal assistance line we provide assistance on this. You can contact me through my profile page here (bottom right) or my support page here

I’ve emailed you several times and have yet to hear back from you. Can you please respond? I will have an angry client if this site doesn’t launch on time. I still can’t get WooCommerce set up.

Hi cruejones.

Thanks for the message. Currently all our feedback is up to date.

can you send me an email at aj at


Is there a place where you have instructions to overcome the “missing stylesheet” error on installation. I have looked for special instructions, but don’t see them in the zip download

Good day

After clicking on the download link in your Themeforest dashboard, you will be presented with 3 download options. Click the second option which says “installable WordPress file only” if you install that theme you will not get the message. You are only seeing the message because you did not just install the theme but the whole package including amongst other the WordPress files.



We are helping a buyer install the demo w/ woo-commerce. However, the thumbs (bookstore display on frontpage) are all out of porportion, and we can find no instructions for fixing that. Any pointers would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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Thanks, AJ. Deej replied and we await your assessment. Thanks!

I promise to answer each of your questions my friend :), you do not have to keep on replying here.

Understood. Apologies then, we certainly appreciate your help and quick replies! :)

Hi. Is the theme compatible with WPML? A friend of mine had some trouble translating this theme, to have a Spanish-English site. I’d like to know if it’s compatible, and if it will receive any other update, since last one was more than a year ago. Thank you very much.

Hi THere

The theme is easily translatable, but is not compatible with WPML



How do I display the slider on our home page? URL:

When I also go to the video tutorials, I only see 5 links in the right sidebar. Can you please provide the link of the tutorials so I could customize our theme?


Please disregard my question. I was able to configure the settings.

Great news.

does your theme work like kickstartner, 1.many people register on your site 2.every one can post their own campaigns, send regular updates raised is tied up to each campaign and not to admins account

can we post a video instead of the feature image in the campaign? can we post (embed) a youtube video inside the campaign post ? can the update of the campaign be rich media i.e instead of text replies can they be images or videos?

Hi sgpsal.

THanks for reaching out.

THe theme allows churches to launch a campaign and do not try and emulate kickstarter.

A video can certainly be posted.


okay so only 1 person (church) can post it

that is correct, the purpose of the theme is to enable a church to do their own crowdfunding.


Can’t seem to find the pages related to crowdfunding. I tried adding a project and adding the project into the menu. I just got a blank page. Please help!

BTW, I already installed the free ignitiondeck plugin. Is this enough or do I have to buy the “basic” ignitiondeck license?

Thanks for the message.

I replied to your email.


I like this theme. I noticed that it has not been updates for over a year. Will there be an update soon? And if I decide to buy this now, will it be compatible with the currently version of Wordpress, 4.4.2?

Hi there

The theme is currently fully compatible with the latest version of WordPress.

All of the libraries are still current and updated with the Wordpress core functionality.

As soon as a development creates a need for us to update the theme, we will do so immediately.


Hello Dany. Our Page/Post editor does not show the Cro.Ma plugin for shortcodes and therefore we only see the coding and cannot make any changes…we need to set up the projects properly. Also on the Frontend they won’t be shown correctly as it only shows the shortcodes. Please advice. We are desperate :(

Hi montefuego

Thanks for reaching out.

i cannot see anything in the screenshot.

If you make contact on our support page, then i’ll be able to assist.


Hi, i have a few queries over the theme. Could this be used for our charity, but to fundraise for more than one thing, at the same time? For example, if we need to raise money for a dog and raise £500, and then have a second campaign running (of our own) that would allow us to fund raise £300 at the same time, and more? These would all be created by us (admin) -

Also i see another question about the free ignition deck plugin? Do we need to purchase anything else other than this theme? Thanks

Good morning.

multiple categories will be possible but will require you to buy the professional ignitiondeck plugin



Very nice theme. I have just a couple pre-purchase questions:

1. Is it possible to make the navigation menu “sticky” so it stays at the top as you scroll down? Would it be just the navigation, or the large secondary heading as well?

2. Can the large secondary heading be edited (for example, we would not need the campus locations buttons, and may want to change the “First Time Visitors” button to something else.

Hi tomnjoy

A sticky navigation will need to be coded and is not in the theme as standard

The secondary heading can be edited in the theme options page.




3rd-Eye Purchased

Maps won’t display without google API and I don’t see the area to add maps API in your theme settings. Third party plugins designed to inject it aren’t working with your theme either.