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Awesome theme so far! Is there any possibility of adding a child theme option built in to the next update? Thanks :)


Hi nodinx.

We’re a day or two from releasing an update. A child theme is included in the update.

Regards AJ

Great stuff. Glad you like.

Some asked about the child theme option about 2 days ago. You mentioned an update in 2 days. Is it ready?

Thanks. That would be great if you can email the files to me. Email is admin

Please send the child theme files to this email –

mail sent


I have been working on the theme and set up my homepage and all. However for no reason the homepage does not display anymore?

All the widgets, image posters and sliders are setup, but not showing on homepage?


Hi moquadan

Might have to do with settings the index page.

You can check the link below for pointers, and if that does not work you can make contact and i’ll assist further:

you can make contact through my profile page here or the site here



Great theme but I am having trouble with the audio files—both linked and uploaded to WP /uploads/. They are both blank when viewed in several different browsers. Any help would be appreciated!

hi nickeymedia

Thanks for making contact.

I can take a look for you if you make contact.

you can make contact through my profile page here or the site here



Thanks, I will message you with the info. Is there a way to rename the Sermons tab in the admin?


I received your email that you got the audio sorted, and will reply to your other questions.

Regards AJ

It would have been nice to have had a Custom CSS built into the theme options panel. Where do I go to edit the CSS?

Hi aplaat.

You make a valid point. I’ll check on moving the css files in the next update.

currently the css file is called site.css in the public/styles folder.



Hi, great theme! Just a question, I’m trying to upload a banner image (with correct dimensions) but it does not want to save it? Keeps reverting back to original image..

Hi star2dev.

Nice flag!!

Have you set the image uploaded as featured image? Just check right at the bottom of the upload dialog is a link to set the image as featured image.



Thanks! Got it working!

great stuff

Im having an issue with the contact form in the footer… for some reason the form field has a link and when clicking inside it directs to a missing page… any help?

wow that’s crazy

I just trested again in 2 or three copies of the theme, and are unable ot replicate, so i’m thinking that this might be a mixin with a plugin somewhere.

If you make contact i can investigate further.

you can make contact through my profile page here or the site here



ok, yes im not sure if its a plugin issue. Ill test that out. I sent a support request through your support site earlier you should have it now. Thanks

I just went through the plugins and that doesn’t seem to be the problem.

How to display the section “Latest from our Bookstore” at bottom like your demo.
Hi,I added product images by setting up featured image.But the image size shown in demo doesnt applies here. Also the product page shown in demo doesnt applies here too

And when I click the image it doesnt opens in a lightbox like demo.

UPDATE:The image lightbox is working now.But let me know about other 2 things.

what i can see is that you selected in the woo commerce shop to override the theme css settings with the woocommerce default css settings.

How do I update to the latest version without affecting all that I’ve done so far?

How do I go about using some of the images in your demo?

Hi dvphoto.

Thanks for making contact.

If you talk about all that you changed are we talking about info that was added or changes made to the “programming files” of the theme.

Are there any images in particular? if i know the particular image I can direct you to the source.



Mostly just concerned about about all the changes and setup done within WP. I did do minor changes to the programming files, but nothing I can’t redo if need to again, but sure would help if you can show me how to save changes within the programming files as well.

As for the images, I’ll let you know once I figure out the ones I need, if any. Thank you much.

The best way to make changed is by utilizing a child theme, will save oodles of time.

There’s also a video on child themes in the help video’s.

You can also google child themes to get a better grip on what it’s all about.

More on Updating here

hey guys great theme just one concern, my church isn’t that big so we don’t have the need for such a large header with different campus’s, is there a way to make this portion smaller and take out campus’s

Thank you

One more question, is there a way to change the wood style image in back of the rotating header on front page?

you can upload your own background through the background manager (appearances->background)



Friend, I am Brazilian and I am translating on google. I will detail my doubts.

1 ° – The plugin ignitiondeck – Should I Buy – The IgnitionDeck Platform + IgnitionDeck Maker Kit. If I do not use IgnitionDeck Maker Kit?

2nd – Selling books is required premium plugin?

I want to buy the theme and leave it in the style of the demo.

Thank you!

Hi Liperd.

Thanks for making contact.

The ignitiondeck plugin is a plugin that you need to buy if you want to use it with the theme.

The theme will funcion perfectly without the ignitiondeck plugin.

The selling books is the woocommerce plugin. This plugin is for free.

The theme will still work if you decide not t obuy and install these plugins.



I need to make two edits to the theme that I can’t seem to figure out.

Home Page: I’d like to remove the round link icon on the top right corner found on the carousel image posters.

Header: I’d like to customize the header on each page so that the image is removed all together allowing for the frame height to be less and all you would see is the header title & background color.

Thanks for your help!

Hi mascosi

Thanks for making contact

Thew two strings of code to add to the last line of the style.css is as follow:

.caricon{display: none !important;}
.cro_headerspace .imgdiv{display: none  !important;}



Hi AJ,

I am working with my wife Brandi on our recently purchased theme (in my case I am working on the e-commerce portion) and am having some issues. Now I know this is a plug in that you’ve built into your theme, but I am hoping you can advise on this.

I added our product, and for the most part getting to the shop or viewing the product works fine. However, going to the cart takes a long time (20 seconds or so), and once at the cart and you go the view order to input your billing address and pay it takes forever to load, or freezes up and doesn’t load.

This, of course, won’t work to be operational…no one will wait for this slow a load to pay. So, not sure what to ask, but we are on wp-engine, which we picked as a premium web hosting site with fast load times. Considering trying WP Super Cache plugin to try to speed up the site, but not sure this would improve the cart function?

Any help or thoughts would be appreciated!

Thanks, Charles and Brandi

I’m thinking that you might have insufficient memory for all that’s going on on your site.

You have my contacts, just make contact and we can test.




We are working with our hosting provider at the moment, if they can’t get it resolved, will contact you again. Thanks for getting back to us quickly!


great stuff.



Dear AJ, i just purchased your Mission theme with full trust and excitement. But unfortunately, I’ve had difficulty making installing it. After the initial upload, activation and review of your videos on the Croma Dash and demo content upload. My homepage is distorted and my Croma Dash board back office is Distorted. I did exactly as you showed in the videos. I’m worked with many other wordpress themes with no difficulty but with your theme has me puzzled, almost everything seem to not work. You have alot of positive reviews which is why purchased. Can you please help I have a Church Convention in a couple days and need to have this site up asap. My site is . I humbly await your response, please help!

God bless, James

hi digital_jason.

Wow, thanks for your message.

I see a lot of files not present and my guess would be that your upload and install got interrupted somehow and all the files did not copy properly.

I would delete the theme and re-install again.

If you would need assistance feel free to make contact and i’ll assist personally to get things going like a Boeing.

you can make contact through my profile page here or the site here




I see this error in error log file

[23-Jul-2013 10:30:29] PHP Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /home/missionw/public_html/wp-content/themes/mission-funding-and-commerce-for-churches/inc/framework/ajax.php on line 40

What could be the reason for this error?

This usually refers to the twitter section of the blog, do you have twitter set up?

Is this something that shows only once in the error logs or more?



This is repeating error and the log file is full of these kind of errors. The twitter is set up to this url This is the facebook link For ficker a dummy url is set up

If you make contact I can take a look and assist.

you can make contact through my profile page here or the site here




This may be a simple issue but I am new to this. I am having difficulty adding the slideshow to my homepage. The slideshow does show up on what is I believe the navigation menu. How can I, or is it possible to combine the 2?

you’re referring to the 3 “poster” type images that you want to link below the slideshow?

Yes. I need the slideshow and those 3 “poster” type images to be the homepage aka navigation page.

more info on setting the front page carousel here and here

Regards AJ

Hi! This theme on my shortlist for a church project - mainly because of WooCommerce and Ignition Deck…very SMART! Pls answer a few of questions for me: (1) Confirm ease of changing the backdrop - don’t like the floral print, wood or stitching at Header bottom, (2) Is it also possible to make the homepage slider full screen? and (3) Any users successfully implemented “countdown-to-next-service” plugin or shortcode?

Hi Ibarnesmoten.

Thanks for making contact. Your requests will be possible, but the best will be to get someone to assist you if you want to impliment all that changes. I do not know the plugin you are refering to.



thnx for responding

no problem

I bought this theme but am regretting it now. Way to high of a price tag for the simple backend it offers. This is a $40 theme at best. Pretty disappointed in comparison to other themes that offer way more customization for a cheaper price.

And I am not making a mistake… Check out the Savior theme, it’s $5 cheaper and extremely easy to customize.

Why won’t the locations show up just like in the example site shown? Where does the “First time visitor” button come from?

Nevermind I figured it out… Sorry for venting… just having issues finding my way around. Thanks.

Hi i am having major problems with the calendar when i add an event that i want to occur every friday i set it to do that and some months its on friday and some its on wednesday and another month a different day. Anyone shed some light on this?

hi sbproduction.

Thanks for making contact. I’ve not seen this one before.

If you make contact I can take a look for you and assist to get it sorted in no time.

you can make contact through my profile page here or the site here



have you managed to sort?