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I think I am missing something simple, but…. does the demo homepage automatically load when installing the theme and then I can make changes from there?

Thanks for the response. I sent over the information a few hours ago.

Thanks for the response. I sent over the information a few hours ago.

Just answered.

Hi, I have a problem with events custom type. I Have created to types of events with taxonomy. In the events page template I would like to show the taxonomy of each post but I don’t see how. I’ve you got an advice on this? Thanks a lot for you help Alex


Sorry for the wait, weekend got in the way.

The template-events.php is the file which outputs the events listing page. On line 134 you will see the_excerpt()

Before or after that line add the_terms WordPress function

the_terms( get_the_ID(), 'events_item_types', '', ', ', '' );

Thank you so much. It’s near to be perfect. The category appear. However when I click on them it links to an error page (I would like to see the list of events with the selected category). I made a parent page with event template and to other children pages with the names of the sub cat of taxonomy and with event template to. The parent page appears good but not the children one. Made I a mistake?

You’re welcome.

Can you send over WP admin and FTP info via the contact form on our profile page, access will help me understand what’s happening and how to fix it.

Include this in the message, for reference:


Hi Dany,

Thank you for creating this theme – it’s amazing.

Referring to this site: www.globalmissions.tv My menu bar and slider doesn’t seem responsive on mobile. Can you help? What should I do?



The issue is due to the lack of space in the header to fit all the elements.

Try adding this CSS code ( you can add it using a plugin like Simple Custom CSS, no need to alter any files )

@media only screen and (max-width: 767px) {

    .secondaryNav li {
        padding-left: 0;
        padding-right: 0;

    .secondaryNav a {
        padding-left: 7px;
        padding-right: 7px;

    .mobileNav {
        width: 100px !important;


Hi there, our homepage disappeared. Everything else with the site is fine, except for the landing page with slider, causes etc vanished. Can you help tell me where to find it? The site is www.oakgrovecenter.org


Just answered on the email.


I’ve just bought the mission template, but I can’t install it. It appears this error all the time:

Warning: POST Content-Length of 13587973 bytes exceeds the limit of 10485760 bytes in Unknown on line 0

I have change the post_max_value and the upload_max_filesize to 1000M in the php.ini, but it doesn’t work.

Can you help me with this?

Thanks in advance.

Can you please send over your WP admin info via the contact form on our profile page and I’ll take a look a it.

Include this in the message for reference:


I’ve recently taken over an existing page using Mission WP and no one can find the documentation. I believe it was first licensed in 2013.

Any chance I can get a copy? The site is licensed to the Emergency Volunteer Corps of Nehalem Bay, (evcnb.org)

Thanks, Bruce

Hi Bruce,

Sorry for the wait, weekend got in the way.

The documentation can be found at ddthemesdemo.com/docs/mission/


I need to change the topbar color,but I can`t find it in the styling options. In the other hand, I have chosen a background color different to white, but it doesn´t change. Can you please help me with this. Thanks


Can you please send over WP admin info via the contact form on our profile page and I’ll get in there and figure out why the change is not applying.

Include this in the message, for reference:


Hi Danny,

I’m grandfathering the administration of a website purchased by Liam Kerr from Kerr Interactive for the Young Pipeliners Association of Canada (www.ypacanada.com).

Could I receive access to your support forum? There was a question regarding option-tree settings not being saved and it’d be great to take a look in there.

Thanks, Jason

Hi Jason,

This is currently the main support forum, though the Themeforest comments functionality.

I see you are using version 2.2 of the theme theme, update it to the latest version ( 2.4.1 ).

But you will need to log in on Themeforest with the account used to purchase the theme. If you do not have access to it, contact the previous owner for the access information or ask them to download and send you the latest version.

Hi Dany,

Thank you for your previous response. It really helped.

I am now trying to upload the advanced video embedder plugin – pro to make the videos responsive on a mobile. Once I have followed the steps to upload it shows an “Are you sure?” screen without the option to click yes or no. What can I do to see these options, or how else can I upload this plugin from my files?

Kind regards


Sounds like an issue related to the plugin, not the theme. Since it’s a commercial plugin I’d suggest contacting the author of the plugin about the issue.

Slider and Causes widgets are not populating….what am I missing?

Figured it out! Thanks!

Hi Dany, i have a problem with the slide settings on the backend of Wordpress. The site is: www.memorieurbane.it. I have 3 slides and i want add other slides but in the “Theme Option” under the backend the button “add new slide” don’t works. At this moment i can’t add other slide. Can you help me?

This is a purchase Code 2e714168-f3bc-48e1-aac7-72c18f5f900b


It seems you are using version 2.0 of the theme, latest version is 2.4.1, please update ( you can download the latest version from the Download page on Themeforest ) and the issue should go away, if it does not let us know and we’ll figure out what’s happening.

question how do the theme does not look the same on the demo installation


Check out the documentation, it goes over setting up the demo content, there’s videos of the process as well.


safic Purchased

hello, slider does not work properly , next/Prev icon dont have any function do you any idea ? regards


Sorry for the wait, weekend got in the way.

Can you send over the URL to the website, will help me understand what might be the reason for the issue.

I followed your videos on how to create the same design as your DEMO. All I got was a BLANK page. It did not matter whether it was the Main Slider, (FULL, HALF, or QUARTER), or any of the other widgets the results were the same. What can be done to resolve this issue?


I’m not quite sure what happens there, it’s not a known issue.

Can you please send over your WP admin and FTP info and I’ll get in there and check out what’s going on.

IMPORTANT: This is a public comments board, do not share that information here, submit a private ticket on danyduchaine.ticksy.com/

Hi! I have a problem with calendar – I could not choose any other month exept December 2016 in admin panel. What is going wrong?


Can you please submit a private support ticket about that on danyduchaine.ticky.com and include your WP admin information so we can log in and check out the issue.

Also, the account 2artarea does not have a purchase of the Mission theme, you’ll need to use the information from the account you purchased the theme with when verifying on the support forum.