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I have a few questions. I installed the theme and almost completed my client’s website with the theme, and so far so good.

First, my client just requested that I add a “monthly” calendar view with the events of the theme. What would be my best option to achieve this result with what’s included in the theme?

Also, what contact page plugin would you recommend, something simple like name, email and message that would be easy to customize to look like the theme?

Finally, how can I translate the theme? My client wants his website in french, and while generic Wordpress strings are in french, theme-specific strings are in english.

Thank you!

You’re welcome.

You can translate them using poEdit.

In the theme files you’ll see a file called default.po, open it in poEdit, make the translations and save the new files with the name of the language code ( if you aren’t sure what the language code is let me know which language it is and I’ll let you know what’s the code ).

After you save it you’ll see 2 new files, those files go in the same theme folder were the default.po was.

The text will then be changed to the translations you made.

Thanks, it worked well!

You’re welcome.

Hi – I have just taken over a website with the free version of Mission. I would like to make the pages full screen. Is it possible with either the free or pro versions? Many thanks


There is no free version of this theme so it’s very likely that you are using a free version of a different theme called “Mission”.

Hi Danny – I may have incorrectly assumed it is a free version as it not the Pro version but the Theme is definitely yours -

Mission WPVersion: 2.4 By Dany Duchaine Responsive Theme For Charity/Foundation Hope that helps



Ah, ok, it’s this theme then. Unfortunately it does not have an option for full screen wide page. You would need to hire a developer to make a customization.

Hi there,

I am currently using your theme on our website: www.thecpc.ca and am unable to remove the header section off of the Home page. I would only like the slider to replace the header. How can I do this?

Thanks, Muneeta


In WP admin > Settings > Reading, is the option “Front page displays” set to “Your latest posts”?

Thank you.

You’re welcome.

This theme doesn’t seem to work now with php7. I get an error about deprecated constructor in includes/widget-events.php


We’ll test that out, fix it and release an update this week.

I have the site working now – it might be that I was on v21, not v24.

Happy to hear it worked out.

I’m having a problem with the pagination that when I click to go to the second page on my Events page, it gives me a page not found error.


Can you head over to WP admin > Settings > Permalink and just click the save button ( don’t change any settings ).

If that does not fix it please send over WP admin info via the contact form on our profile page and I’ll take a look at it.

Yes I had already tried the permalinks, it did not fix the problem.

Meanwhile I solved the problem. I have created a new event page. And that works well.

Thank you for the quick response and have a nice day.

Cheers, Richard

Hi Richard,

Happy to hear it’s sorted out.

Thanks, you have a nice day as well.


My website is www.richurch.org

I changed out the image on the 3rd slide in the slider but now that image shrinks and title text is shifted up. Can you please advise how to fix.



You’ll need to use the same dimensions as for the other images. Or at least the same width x height ratio.

The dimensions of the other images are 2048×576, the new one is 2665×600.

Hi do you support RTL?


No, sorry, the theme does not have RTL support.

Hi Dany,

Wondering if you have plans to release an update of the Mission WP theme. If not, it is compatible with current WP versions? Any issues with updating that and plugins?



Hi Rob,

There are no known issues with latest WP versions. If you do run into anything let us know and we’ll fix and update of course.


I’m using the Mission theme on Wordpress for my blog but for some reason, hyperlinks to all the posts that fall under the url “https://missmoneybox.com.au/page/2/” do not work from the homepage

The first (top post) works, but the following posts (2-10) do not.

I’m not sure what I’ve done, can you suggest a way to fix this?

Hi again. I’ve discovered this only happens when the blog layout is set to “double”. This doesn’t happen when set to simple, rows or rows with excerpts.


Please contact us via the contact form on our profile page and include WP admin and FTP information and we’ll look into that.

But first log in on Themeforest with the account you used to purchase the theme so we can confirm eligibility for support. The account buntyponting does not have a purchase of the theme.

The links to the 4 video tutorials seem to be broken because screenr.com has an invalid HTTPS certificate. Is there an alternate place to see the tutorials? Vimeo? YouTube?

It’s not an invalid certificate, they do not have a HTTPS certificate, there’s no submission forms on there so there’s no need for a certificate. Did you perhaps set the browser to only allow access to websites with HTTPS certificate?

You can contact us via the contact form on our profile page and we’ll send over the video files.


annunez Purchased

Hello Dani,

I can not do the following: “First, in the WP folder there is a file called “layout.txt” .. open it, copy all of the text and paste it in “Option Tree/Settings/Import/Layout” .. that will import all of my options.” because This folder don´t exist, the only folder taht I find are “assest”,”includes” and “languages”.

Regarding the second point “Go to “Tools/Import” and choose Wordpress (install it if you haven’t already). Then import the file.” I don´t know in what folder I have to copy the file.

I am sorry if this is so easy, but I cannot see the video demo. Tank you


That’s the theme folders/files, the WP folder and the mentioned files are in the whole package.

Go to the downloads page on Themeforest.

Click the “Download” button and choose “All files & documentation”.

Unpack the ZIP file on your computer and in there you’ll see the WP folder and those files.


I just renewed support for the Mission Theme I purchased last year.  I am having a hard time finding the css settings for controlling the sliderlogo position.  My logo is too large and is overlapping the Title on the slider.  I would like to move the logo up and left if possible.

Thank you Dan McIntyre

Hi Dan,

The theme does not have an option for logo positioning. But send over the URL to the website so I can check out the issue and will let you know what CSS needs to be used to fix it. You’ll put that CSS in WP admin > Appearance > Customize > Additional CSS.


nforde Purchased


I have some issues that I want you to see regarding the Mission theme. Here is the temp Url of our website http://www.fidgetyfrogs.com.au/newsite/

The issue we also have is in regard to how it looks on an iPad / iPhone either landscape or portrait.

In portrait on an iPhone, it looks out of sync with the front photo and heading overlapping. When I try the “go” drop-down menu none of the options work? Same happens in landscape on the iPhone too.

On the tablet, all looks good in landscape but in portrait the go drop down menu works but nothing under Learning Centre. Can we indent the sub-headings on the “Go” drop down menu? On the tablet in portrait, the map overlaps some of the words on the lower home screen.

Can you kindly check please, because we want to launch the site asap. I will really appreciate an immediate answer.



The issue is the size ( height to be more specific ) of the logo.

My suggestion is this ( put it in WP admin > Appearance > Customize > Additional CSS ) or in the child theme’s CSS.

@media only screen and ( max-width: 767px ) {

    .sliderLogo {
        top: 20px !important;

    .sliderLogo img {
        max-width: 150px;


@media only screen and ( max-width: 479px ) {

    #slider.flexslider .slides img {
        min-height: 150px;

    .sliderLogo img {
        max-width: 150px;


nforde Purchased


You’re welcome.

Hello, this theme is perfect for a project I’m working on. Is your theme compatibility with Charitable and/ or Give plugins. Thanks!


We haven’t tested them but they should work just fine. The theme and the plugin would work separately ( not integrated with each other ), so you could add the shortcodes from the plugin on the causes pages of the theme.

Thanks for the reply back to my question. Is any other future updates to this theme?


There’s no plans at the moment for new features but if any bugs show up we’ll be releasing an update to fix.

Please, help me:

Installing theme from the file: themeforest-3765672-mission-responsive-wp-theme-for-charity.zip Unzipping …

Installing the theme …

The package could not be decompressed. The theme does not have the style.css stylesheet.

The installation of the theme has failed.

Thank you very much


Make sure you are installing the theme ZIP and not the whole package ZIP.

When you download the package from Themeforest, unpack it on your computer and inside you’ll see a folder called WP, inside of it is the installable theme ZIP.

If that does not work out then please send over WP admin info ( website URL, user, pass ) via the contact form on our profile page and we’ll take a look at that.


ariley Purchased

Hey Danny,

It’s been a long time.

I was wondering how I could use a calendar view for the Events. Any ideas?I’m happy to pay. We would like to show the events on a calendar view, similar to this: http://www.workshopsf.org/?page_id=25&EC_month=4&EC_year=2018

Thanks, Agi (If you still have my email please email me.)


Sorry for the wait, weekend got in the way.

You can use a plugin for that, for example The Events Calendar.

But it wouldn’t be connected to the events system from the theme, it would work separately so you’ll need to create the events twice, once in the theme’s functionality and once with the plugin.

Hi. I bought a theme that depends on IgnitionDeck plugin and I hate it because I didn’t know it before I got it, that’s why no I ask before. Several questions: does this code depends of additional plugins? is this is the case: are they completely free or I need to pay for them? also, is it possible to let each project owner to setup their own paypal account in order to let them receive donations directly to their account? is it possible to show automatically all donations in one page to make transactions transparent to all public? please let me know. I’m very interested in a theme with this features. thanks.

Hey, there is no donation system with this theme, it’s just a button so that you can lead it to a donation system.