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Should sell very well, great work bud!

Thanks AJ, always appreciated ;)

Wow awesome work buddy! Good luck ;)

Thanks Louie!

Really nice work – love the colour scheme! Good luck with sales :)

- Ed

Hey, went a little crazy with this one, glad you like it :)

Pretty sure this ones gonna be a hit, good luck man!

Thanks Chris, I hope so!

Nice! How many hours does it take to make something like this?

Thanks :) Hmm I’d say .. 25 hours for the design .. 30 for the HTML .. 45-50 for the WP.

Crikey! It really shows in the quality of your work! I bought Fit and will probably pick this up for one of my other projects. :)

Great work dude!

Thank you so much!

I like the use of colors. Although you don’t need it, I still wish you good luck. :)

Ah, always need some luck ;) Thanks!

Awesome design! GLWS mate :D:D:D

As i already said, awesome theme. :)

Thanks so much Boba ;)

Great colors and wonderful design !! :)

Outstanding, really nice and good looking theme.

Thanks Mixey, always happy to see your comment.

love how this theme handle causes, events and donation.. :grin: hey, I think you should add crowdfunding feature to this theme.. (just an idea..)

Good idea :) Thanks!

our pleasure….... :):grin:

Wow! Love this theme! Saw this on your dribble (I think), and thought “man I hope he converts this to WP”! Quick question, can you change the buttons for “donate” to some other call to action? Was thinking this would be great for a business styled site I was working on. Good luck with sales!!

Or I guess could you just tell us the lines in the code where we could change it ourself.

thanks for the reply, one more quick question (love your Fit theme by the way – building a site right now: d02.proehlificparkadultfitness.com !) – Do you see anyway in this (Mission) theme to change “causes” to some other title type, and do you know of any portfolio plugins that might play nice with your theme?

Oh yes you can change the slug without any problem, there’s an option for that :)

Oh nice site :)

Awesome work mate!

Thanks Mike!

Looks great. Any possibility that you’ll add a portfolio feature?

Hey, “Causes” custom posts can easily be used as a portfolio. You can change the “slug” to anything you want, and you do not have to add any “make a donation” button.

I’ll help you if you have any problem doing it :)

Sounds good. Thanks for the quick reply.

No problem ;)

Very nice! Is there a way to change the colors for the text highlights and social boxes (the green, orange, yellow, blue)?

Hey, absolutely, for the social boxes I haven’t added the options in the theme options but the CSS file is easily accessible and labeled for every social icons, really easy to change.

If you have any problem I will help you changing them :)


Hello Dany! excellent theme!!

I am thinking of implementing WP multisite. Each cause will have its own site. and install the theme for each multisite..

will it work? what do you think of this idea?

Hey I think it’s a good idea, I could add an option for you to be able to specify your own URL for your cause so you can link them to the other site .. But I need to tell you tha you will probably have to buy an extended license for that.

Nice job. Congratulations!

Thanks man :)

It could adapt the theme to a news site?

Thanks. The slide can be configured to publish news directly?

Oh no, you have to create them. You choose the image and the title. Maybe you should go with a real news site after all.

I saw good quality as this. Thanks