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Hi, I have a couple of pre sales questions. 1. What is the largest size logo that can be placed on the slider? 2. Is it possible to change fonts? Thanks! Jeff

Hey, pretty much any size really. Of course you can go “extremly” large and there might be some adjustment to do if the logo is slightly larger and goes over the text on ipad resolution but I will help you turn down the size of the text for this scenario.

There is no “option” to change the font but it’s really easy to use any google font and swap them in the theme via CSS, I will show you how if you need any help.

Pre-Purchase Question: I work for an International NGO, is it possible to have buttons for different languages and easily translate the site on this theme? I’m sorry if it’s an elementary question, haven’t used WordPress much.

To translate the theme I would suggest WPML and there’s probably a button to change language with this plugin. The slider content won’t be translatable though.

Ok, also I can’t seem to access the support forum. But I just purchased the theme and after following your instructions to make it like the dummy site, for some reason the slider/images don’t show up on the home page. It just says “oops something wen’t wrong, back to homepage”

EDIT: Figured it out, was set to static. And got into support. My apologies!

Ah, no problem :) Why can’t you access the forum? Use your TF username but a different password.

I’ve just noticed using the contact page (through the contact form 7 plugin) the “send” button doesn’t show up on IE, or Chrome . I only realized this now because I’m always working in Safari and Firefox in which it appears fine. Can you help me fix this dilemma?

Hey, there’s a thread on the forum (http://www.danyduchaine.com/forum) about this, I’ve fixed it for chrome but for IE10 only the text appear at the moment, I will find a solution next week when I come back from vacation.

I can’t find any XML file in the zip folder. Can you help me?

When you download the theme, you have multiple choices :

Main File(s) : All of the files, documentation, xml, theme etc.

Installable WordPress file : Theme Only

License Certificate : License info, purchase code etc.

Choose “Main File(s)”.

Thanks bud rock on

No problem ;)

Pre-Purchase Question:

Is this theme mobile friendly?


Hi Dany, I have a couple of initial questions.

1. Would this theme be compatible with WP Commerce? 2. Do you undertake projects to create a bespoke version of this theme with full WP Commerce functionality



Hey, no I do not plan to do a version with full wp commerce but I am pretty sure Woocommerce would work with the theme, you would only need to style it a bit to fit your website.

Hello Dany,

I tried to create an account at http://www.danyduchaine.com/forum but didn’t work. It shows “No valid purchase codes where found.” I just bought your theme about a month ago and I use the item purchase code from “Licence Certificate” that I purchased. Any suggestion? Thanks in advance.

Hey, use your TF username but a different password, it will work :)

Oh, I thought I need to create the new one for your forum. So I login to an existing account with TF username&password. It works, thanks.

Hi Dany, I really like the theme, and the nonprofit I am building the site for is really excited about having a new site.

I have run into 2 problems that are confusing me- I am still learning.

1. Importing the dummy files seems to import multiple versions of the same files and I get 3-4 of each.

2. I recieve an error message when I try to import the layout. It tells me that the method is depreciated- and that there is possibly an xml file i need.

Can you help me please?

Hey, glad you guys like it :)

Please visit the support forum, I will help you there : http://www.danyduchaine.com/forum

What is the recommended size for the slider graphic? Also, I tried to reset my password on the forum but have not received an email and it’s been a while. My password didn’t save so I need to re-do it.

Hey, did you look in your spam?

No – and it’s in there. Thanks for reminding me.

Ah, no problem :)

I have a little problem with this theme. I can’t upload images in slider or header image of the post. I upload an image but it doesn’t write the image url on the input.


Please visit the support forum, I will help you there : http://www.danyduchaine.com/forum

I purchased the “Mission” theme a few days ago. I have tried several times to upload it to WordPress but it doesn’t load Can you help? Bill

Please visit the support forum, I will help you there : http://www.danyduchaine.com/forum

I’m working in the HTML version and I love it. Two questions about the slider:

1. In the HTML version, the index page slider does not automatically advance as it does in the Wordpress example. How can I get it to do that?

2. I’d like to include a small slider on one of my HTML pages as is shown on the “single events slider” or “single news slider” pages of the example site. Where do I get that or how do I do that?


Please visit the support forum, I will help you there : http://www.danyduchaine.com/forum

Hello I really love this theme, Im working on it but have a problem changing the excerpts of the news page cant seem to find them. How can I change them?

Please visit the support forum, I will help you there : http://www.danyduchaine.com/forum

thank you got it from there! Excellent theme!

Pre-purchase question…it’s on the rather basic side but thought I’d check: is this theme PayPal ready?

Nope it’s not sorry.

Hi Dan,

pre-purchase question… How easy is it to customize the colors? Background etc. also…. When you say it is not paypal ready does that mean I cant generate a paypal button and insert the code into the page?


Hey, some colors are changeable directly in the theme options but if you have any problem changing any color I will help you out.

No no, you can generate a paypal button it’s just that at the moment there is no integrated solution for paypal donation.

Okay, thanks so much.

Hi, my client bought your theme and is happy with it. I have one question that should be easy but I can’t figure it out. I need to adjust the “Read More” button on the home page slider. I want to lower it and center it, but when I look at the CSS, it’s not clear nor does it respond when I drop in this code:

.caption-btn { float: left; margin-bottom: 0; margin-left: 278px; margin-right: 0; margin-top: 192px; width: 100%;

Can you post a quick tip for this please? I would really appreciate it.

Please visit the support forum, I will help you there : http://www.danyduchaine.com/forum

Presale question:

I can’t seem to find the actual donation form page on the sample site. I’m getting the error “the server refused the connection”, when I click on “donate now”.

Does this template have this? If so, can you post a link to a sample page of this?

Hey, no you have to link it to a donation page that you create.

Hi Dany,

Just purchased and excited to get working on this theme. I’m having trouble setting up an account on the forum. I’m using the purchase code and my envato username, plus I’ve tried using a different password like you suggested to another user, but no luck. Please advise.


I’ve fixed it, you can go and register now :)

Hi, i want this theme, but i have a question. I can put a big logo on the theme? the actual are little.

Hey it depend on how big but it shouldn’t be a problem at all.


1. I cant create a support account. (same issue as with user “toddmcl” above)

2. There is an issue with dummy.xml, it injects a domain into the main navi that redirects to ads and spammy sites, here is an excerpt from the xml

wp:postmeta><wp:meta_key>_menu_item_url</wp:meta_key>-<wp:meta_value> <![CDATA[http://changeviacustommenu.com]]> </wp:meta_value></wp:postmeta>

Did you try to write your username with cap sensitive? Also are you sure you took the purchase code from the right place?

Thanks Dany.

Hey no problem :)