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Hi Dany,

Love this theme – it looks great. I’m thinking of purchasing it for a client project but I have a few questions first:

- Re the logo area – is it possible to include a logo larger than the ‘M’ in the black box that’s shown on the demo? We want to be able to put a logo that includes the full name of the organisation and a stapline underneath – this can be either on the scroller where you have it or above the nav bar. Are these options possible?

- Re the slider on the home page – is it possible to make this not full width – say three-quarters wide?

- Can we easily remove the slider thumbnail photos underneath the slider or at least remove the photos and replace these with dots to help with navigation/picking/scrolling through a slide?

- Is it possible to not include a background image in the top/header area?

Thanks for your help and for making such a great theme.

Hey, I think you would be better with this theme we just launched : http://themeforest.net/item/biosphere-environmental-charity-wp-theme/5409397

Take a look.

I just purchased this theme. Is it possible to update the tect in the “donate” button?

Hey, sure, which button exactly? Top banner or in causes?


I just purchased your template and I really like it.

Few days ago I created an account in your forum page but when I click on a category most of the time I receive this message “you don’t have permission to view this topic”. It happens even with a different envato password. Can you please explain me the reason I’m receiving this message?

Actually I need your support as in your video tutorials not everything is clear to me. For exemple, now I’d like to change the contact button URL in Apperance/top bar but I don’t know how to do it and there is any indication in your website. Can you please explain me how can I do it?

I’m also having problems with the sliders. The text in the caption automatically inserted before the Title2. Please help me.

Many thanks!

no, I cannot access it. Always the same message “You don’t have permission to view this category” :-/

Is your account created?

Yes! thank you. Now it’s working ;-)

Does this theme support multiple News pages. http://themes.danyduchaine.com/mission/news/ This demo currently has one. I want to make separate categories with the images showing news style.

The Biosphere theme is abit too wide. It lacks the Widgets from this theme. The menu on this theme is much better. Although Biosphere is a really good theme!

Hey, it get narrower on smaller screen and there’s widgets for everythingg, the homepage is just different, it’s modules instead of widget :)

Hi, I’m considering the Mission theme for a non-profit client in the healthcare industry. Two questions: 1 – We are always concerned with ease of access due to the fact that many hospitals impose restrictions on the internet. In your opinion, would it be difficult for users to access a Mission themed website? Would the size of the home page sliders, for example, slow it down? I appreciate your advice. 2 – Also, looks like you have wonderful documentation, which I really appreciate! However, I can’t get your audio to play on the videos. I’ve double-checked all my computer settings, speakers, etc.

Thanks so much for responding so quickly—greatly appreciated! One more question… Can you send 2-3 examples of websites currently built using the Mission theme as samples for my client? Thanks again.

Hey, I would have to take a look in the support forum and search for those. Will try to give you some this week.

Great—many thanks!

I really like this theme and your other Biosphere . But let me first address the issue I have with this theme .

We are a non profit dealing with human rights . My challange is that the black and yellow and the “underline” is very similar to http://www.amnesty.ca/ so we cant have that we don’t want to look like a copy cat .

My question is can we customize the colors , can we take of the “underline” aspect of it?

Thanks .

Sure, easily doable. Will help you out if you have any trouble.

So I bought and installed but I have a question …. I downloaded the Wordpress files only from theme forest . I then uploaded via FTP. But I have no short code and no way of creating the home page ( that i was able to figure out Im sure its simple) . I then went in the plugin folder and I saw you had the contact form 7 which I alredy have installed so i did not install it again . please hep


Happy to hear that.

It’s not a shortcode, just create a page with the “Homepage” template and set it to be the front page.

Check out the documentation (download whole package from TF), there are step by step instructions about that.

Whatever questions you have feel free to ask.

P.S. It’s best to use the support forum for support questions, the TF comments lack some features and can get quite confusing.


I think I’m ready to purchase this theme. I have some questions, tho.

1. You mentioned you can help program the slider so that it shows the text. Those sliders are crucial to this site.

2. Can the thumbnails below the slider change in size? They are too big for my purposes. Can they also just be replaced with dots instead of pictures?

3. Do you see this site being updated and ready for retina or hd screens?

4. I like your Biosphere theme for the Buddypress option. Will, or can, this theme have that capability?

Thank you so much.

1- Do you mean on mobile?

4 – Exactly, you can use it but won’t be styled like mission.

No there is no system for that you will have to make them disappear manually. Yes you can have different categories.

Honnestly I think you should use Bio, it’s much much better ..

1. Yes, on mobile.

For events… That’s too bad. This theme is perfect for what I need. Is thereafter way to have events expire so they get automatically removed from the list? Or, would you know of a different engine that will work?

I do like Bio. Here are my hesitations with that theme.

The site seems really heavy and loads rather slowly. Look at the Google Page Speed score: http://developers.google.com/speed/pagespeed/insights/?url=http%3A%2F%2Fddthemesdemo.com%2Fbiosphere%2F

Compared to Mission’s whose score is twice as fast.

The other recurring problem I seem to encounter is that it always crashes Safari on the iPhone. It’s probably related to the heaviness of the code?

Finally, this is just the designer in me being nitpicky ;) but, the way it looks on the iPad is awkward. It’s not as centered like on the iPhone. I’m talking about the header.

Otherwise, it’s really hard to choose between the two! I wish they could be combined!

Hey, no on mobile the text can’t be shown it’s too small … for the events, there is no system to have them disable, it have to be done by hand.

Bio is really well coded, if you install a cache plugin and compress your images, you will get a good score.

Hello, I have two questions.

1. On the bottom of the site, above the footer and below the blog posts, is it possible to add an “older posts” or “read more” link. When someone reads the bottom blog post there’s no where to point them to older posts.

2. When I add a new header or thumbnail via the Option Tree, nothing appears and the image doesn’t load. Is there a way to update the integrated option tree?

Thanks for your helo.

Well it’s hard for me to know if you really bought the theme then. You don’t have a buyer badge, and you can’t log on the forum.

The site was purchased by a colleague but I maintain the site. I can send you email receipts if you’d like. What would you recommend doing so that we can resolve these questions?

You have to sign up in the forum, that’s the only place I give support. If you have his username and his purchase key .. there is no reason why you shouldn’t be able to create an account.

Hello, I have a question

Does this theme have Language Switcher ?

Hey, you can probably add one with WPML but we have a theme called “Biosphere” with the language switcher integrated, take a look : http://themeforest.net/item/biosphere-environmental-charity-wp-theme/5409397

Hello I am trying to access your support page and I am having a really hard time doing so. This process needs to be more streamlined and you need to make it as easy as possible for users who purchase your theme to get into the support forum. I have created an account, validated my purchase code and I still get an error message saying I don’t have access to the page. When I was able to login it brings me to a regular Wordpress backend page with no sign of a forum in sight. Please list step by step instructions on how I can access your support forum or answer these questions please: 1. How do I change the logo/ favicon and have it appear on the home page sliders like in the demo 2. Can you please provide the code snippet for all of your column layouts

Website is under construction and I have a password on there so I cannot reveal the URL

Thank you in advance Chrissy :9

Hey, simply use a different password from the one you use for envato

Quick question: where can i change the body text color and size?

Please visit the support forum, I will help you there : http://www.danyduchaine.com/forum

Okay, I just I did. Awaiting your response


REALLY impressed by this theme and would like to use this for a client. Before I purchase, is it possible to set up a Cause as the “full” homepage?

Awesome! Is it listed in a video or in the forum?

Hey there is no tutorial you simple have to select a static page here : https://docs.google.com/a/danyduchaine.com/file/d/0B-8Sg7Ezrd41b2RZV1Y2T3YyajA/edit?usp=drivesdk

It’s in “Settings > Reading”

Hi Danny, awesome theme. I was wondering if there was a way to have the events display by upcoming events opposed which ever post was most recently added? Thoughts?

Hey no there is no system like that. If you really need this our new theme “Biosphere” have a really powerfull event manager, take a look : http://themeforest.net/item/biosphere-environmental-charity-wp-theme/5409397

hey Dany, Nice theme! Just a quick question ok, How do I add a photo gallery page?

thanks Dom

Hey you can use the default wordpress gallery or simply use a gallery plugin :)

thanks Dany, can you recommend any nice one for me?

Not really, never used any but I know there are plenty.

Hello Dany,

I purchased your theme some time ago, because I found it really classy and, I thought, adapted to my needs. I decided to install it, and since then, I've been having deep troubles with it.
Language switching is damn complicated, as you know it. And unfortunately, even when having integrated plug-ins successfully, I have to choose between a slider in only one language... or no slider at all.
Above the Slider, I have a blank zone, with the logo on it...  and nothing else. And I have not changed any part of the code or tried to add a new slider.
The "linked-in" and "Twitter" icons don't show when using Chrome, but do with IE. Same on your own demo website.
Having spent so much time with absolutely no result, I'm getting a bit mad... Thus, if Biosphere is really that good, I'd like to exchange my Misson Theme for a Biosphere one. Can you make that possible please ?
Thanks a lot,


Please visit the support forum, I will help you there : http://www.danyduchaine.com/forum

Hello, I purchased this theme for my non-profit and I am having trouble with the staff page. The second staff page does not load. Can you please tell me what is going on? here is the website: www.brl-inc.org/staff

Thanks. -Tomas

Please visit the support forum, I will help you there : http://www.danyduchaine.com/forum

Hello, very nice theme. I prefer this theme than your Biosphere. The thing makes me hesitate to buy is that is this theme possible to have the donation page like Biosphere (with Donate via Paypal button)?

If not, I can buy Biosphere but can I make the same homepage layout like Mission?

Thank you,

Hey, no there is no donation system in biosphere. For the homepage, all module are full widht on Bio.

is there an article layer share + like + connect to social media to promote the article?

Just to follow up on my question above. I like this theme coz it almost resolves all my site feature needs. But could you please if there is none:

1) to have a social media sharing, like+, and favorite/bookmark for the articles albeit, the event and news? 2) feature listing like, is there a calendar satelite + google calendar sync? 3) tab & accordion content wrapping, or at least for the article summary?

Best, Michael

1) You can always add some plugin for that in your post.

2) Again maybe with a plugin but nothing is integrated in the theme for that.

3) For which content exactly? There is tab and accordion shortcodes provided with the theme.

Hi Dan, sleek theme for a NGO website…. iLoveIt n I bought mine few hours ago… Could you be kind enough to guide me on how to get my footer showing properly as seen on the demo site; features like, footer logo, blogroll, and our causes. Thanks in advance…

A quick one, how do I go about creating a contact form for my ‘Lets keep in touch’ page? Or where is the contact page for site?

Sorry for the delay.

Please visit the support forum, I will help you there : http://www.danyduchaine.com/forum

Have spent weeks narrowing down theme choice for our nonprofit. Really liking “Mission” but wondering if it has the same language-switching capabilities as Biosphere and Charitas. Those are great themes but not right for our org. Can the language switching be added to Mission?

Hey, no sorry.