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How can you disable responsive design? I would like to disable it, please advise.


Hey, it can be done but would require some customization which goes beyond the scope of normal support.

It can be done at low cost though trought a nice service I can recommand, here’s the link : Tweaky


This is a great nice theme I seen. One question, I have alot content in YouTube videos which to be insert in Homepage and subpages. Question, can it be inserted easily in the Homepage and will it be responsive too?


You will be able to insert them in widgets to be placed on the homepage but you will have to use percentage width to be sure they get resized.

Hello, I purchased this theme and I have the documentations but I can’t access to the support forum because when I try to create an account a message displays: No valid purchase codes where found. And I actually have the purchase code… Can you help me?

Hey, you have to register with the username you bought the theme with, right now it tell me you didn’t buy it with “ireneclua”

I am trying to create an account on your site but it’s not accepting my purchase code.

If it says that the username is taken it’S because the account have been created, just retreive the password.

Ya I’m totally positive that is an error though, because I am unable to retrieve the password, and my client never created an account.

There is no error, thousands of customers are on the forum.

What is the username you are trying to create the account with?

Hi, I am interested in this theme for a music non-profit i represent. Theme looks great – couple of questions though:

1. How is the donate function powered? Seems as though the only option is to link out. If so, thats not quite what I am looking for. So, is this theme compatible with donate plugins?

2. Do the events become automatically archived once date / event has passed?

Thanks, in advance.

1. There is no donation function right now, you will need to link to your own solution (for example you can create a page and use a donation plugin on that page)

2. No they don’t you have to do it manually.

We have another Charity theme called Biosphere with a complete paypal donation integration and a really powerful even manager with archived and everything, you can take a look here : http://themeforest.net/item/biosphere-environmental-charity-wp-theme/5409397

Hi, thanks for your response. I have already checked out Biosphere and its too busy for what i require. ok, i will keep looking. if found a very decent donate plugin, so need to find the right theme. thanks

Everything is optional in Biosphere, it can be really really simple.

Hey great theme.

Wanted to know if there was a way to disable the donate buttons throughout the site? Also can it be enabled only on selected causes and disabled on some?


Sure, I can show you how once you’ve purchased the theme, it’s really easy. The button only appear in a cause if you specify a link for that button when you create the cause, so yes, it can be turned on/off individually.


Love the look of this theme! I have a couple questions about customizing it.

Is it possible to increase the size of the topbar so that I can fit a logo about 100 pixels tall in there. I also want the menu to sit along the bottom edge of the topbar instead of up against the top of the screen.

Also, is it possible to change the background of the main page to an image? I want to change the white background beneath the large photo slider to an image.


Hey, these are simple changes but need some knowledge, I can refer you to a company who do small tweaks like this at a small price if you want.

I want to know if it’s possible to enter an event calendar like a widget in events section. (I’ve tried to create an account in http://danyduchaine.com/account/create with a valid purchase code and there is an error “No valid purchase codes where found.”)... Thanks; Miguel

Hey, use the same username as the account you bought the theme with, and for the password just choose any password of your choice, but it have to be different than the one from the Envato account.

I have more than one page’s worth of causes, and the second page changes the permalink by adding ”/page/2”, but this page doe snot actually exist.

I get this automatic 404 error: “PAGE NOT FOUND Looks like something went completely wrong! But don’t worry – it can happen to the best of us, – and it just happened to you.”

Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks :)

Please visit the support forum, I will help you there : http://www.danyduchaine.com/forum

Hello Dany,

I cannot finish signing up for the forum because I do not know what the purchase codes are? Can you help me please? I just want to re-order the causes on my site. Thank you, Michelle

Hey Michelle, there’s a big button called “FIND YOUR PURCHASE CODE” on the forum, pretty hard to miss.

I need to put a video where the main slider is. Can this be done relatively easily?

Thank You!

Not really. I didn’t integrate the slider to have a video. We have another charity theme that you can do that easily though it’s called Biosphere, you can check it out in our portfolio.

Dany…man, I’m having some issues removing the deta title, post date, and category from my posts. PLease see http://www.neweracg.org. If I provide my login, can you go in and help a brother out?

Hey, today is a special day (it’s our developer birthday, he turned 25!) so it might be a little bit slower to answer support but I will do my best to answer today.

Thanks for understanding!

Just replied :)

Happy birthday bro!

Is there any way to make the slider not full screen?

Please visit the support forum, I will help you there : http://www.danyduchaine.com/forum

Hi Dany!

I have a problem with wordpress site. The menu works perfectly in all browsers except google chrome. The execution itself has error all the time. That is, you are in the home, you click on another button and when you want to go back to choose another menu option it does not load, and always loads the home.

Only for in google chrome. I have the latest version of chrome. Tried on PC or Mac, moved the server, reinstall the template and it always happens. you got idea that can be?

Thank you!

URL: www.andhes.org.ar

Please visit the support forum, I will help you there : http://www.danyduchaine.com/forum

Hi Dany – is there any way of making the ‘search’ widget show the most relevant search results first, not the most recent?

Basically when you search a word – say ‘apple’ it doesn’t show the pages/posts that mention the word ‘apple’ most first, it shows the pages/posts that have mentioned it most recently.

Hope you can help!!

Thanks, Julie

Please visit the support forum, I will help you there : http://www.danyduchaine.com/forum

Hey Dany, In a mobile Lay-out the theme does not fit the whole screan. Is there a solution for this?

Which resolution exactly?

Hi Dany, brilliant theme! Strongly considering purchasing it for my company’s website. Just wondering, how possible is it to create new custom post types and new widgets corresponding to them to be displayed on the front page, that function just like the “DD Causes Widget,” for example, but with the new custom post type instead? Can this be done without buying the extended license? I know there might be an option like this included in your new Biosphere theme, but I greatly prefer the mission theme for my company’s website. Thanks so much for your time and for making an awesome theme.

Hey, it can be done but would require some customization which goes beyond the scope of normal support.

It can be done at low cost though trought a nice service I can recommand, here’s the link : https://www.tweaky.com/?invite=61a5737c1ec98baa

Does that mean it’s a matter of modifying the php code?

Yup, duplicating some files and adjusting them.

Hi,a question before purchasing your theme. I need slide with fade effect.with your theme is possible to do this? Many Thanks

Hey, absolutely, there is just 1 word to change in “index.php” .. I’ll show you how it is really simple.

I am coming new into this theme that has been purchased for a church. What dimensions would you recommend for images for the slider?

Hey, did you purchase the theme?

I personally did not. I am coming into this project late. The one who purchased it is no longer working on the project.

Ok you will need to provide the purchase key and create an account on the forum in order to get support for this theme.