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Good theme ! Very original box product, I Like this :)

Good Luck with sales!

Looks great! Good luck with sales :)

Thanks x4er0 and louiejie for the feedback.

can i increase product box size in product listing ?!

and is there any admin panel to edit font colors , and footer ?

Yes you can increase product box size through you admin panel. There’s no admin panel for colors nor footer.

Nice theme, but still a lot of polishing needed.

hello, im use opencart Version and recaived probleme in download.tpl on line 19


if you need fix this problem change to this:


Thanks for reporting that error. I fixed.

hello, I installed Latest and special in Modules And found problem see http://www.algerieeduc.com/dddddddd.JPG Plz fix

thank you

Error fixed, the update will be ready to download when a reviewer approves the changes.

How do I know reviewer approves the changes or no?.

Theme has being updated.

hello, you have other porb http://www.algerieeduc.com/errrr.GIF

haw can i fix??

Hello, I purchased this template. Although it is clean and has a good style, it has a poor integration with OpenCart, mainly if you use other language than english, 3rd part modules such as MagicZoom, so on. I had to change a lot of stuff by myself. Now, everything works quite well.

Hi there! I have a question the theme actually supports layouts?

I only tested the modules that came with the default opencart, I think other modules should work.

Please test it ASAP , because i can not running new layout!

I thought you were talking about modules, I never worked with layouts before. I try adding a new layout with the default theme enabled, but I couldn’t. Layouts are handle from the admin panel, so there shouldn’t be a problem with my theme.

i will buy it if you add iphone ipad compatibility :)

I bought this themes today but it have a display problem when i install module bestseller. Can you check it again

All modules featured,specials,bestsellers,latest have the same code, so just replace the entire code from special.tpl located at catalog\view\theme\MiTienda\template\module to bestseller.tpl in that same folder.

Hi I need PSD files for “sale” and “whats hot” stickers. I need to translate it. Please provide me these PSDs, my email address is vladimir.sycev{at}gmail.com

I sent you the two PSD files to your email.

Hello Juan!

Nice theme! Will it work on OpenCart

Thank you.

This theme doesn’t include the language switcher module.

oh, no.. is this possible to add it? I’m sorry i just fall in love with this theme and can’t find anything other.

It is possible to add it.


I want to show not 4 products but 6 or 8 in one line in specials on home page. What changes need to be done ?

Thank you.

You can display more than 4 products, but not in the same line because of its width.

I want to change width of each featured product, so i can list more products with less space. What files need to be edited ?

You need to edit the stylesheet.css file, you can start from this part:.box-product > div { and also the code after that, also you have to adjust the margin/space between each product

Someone who purchased this theme, can you show me how looks Languages Module? (ex. http://d.pr/i/veSV) Thank you.

Also breadcrumbs not in every page is the same ( http://d.pr/i/k6oF , http://d.pr/i/fjM0)

I can’t translate “account string” in header position http://SSMaker.ru/cbae560a/. Please help.


Since the word “account” is a not a variable, it has to be edited manually in header.tpl at opencart\catalog\view\theme\MiTienda\template\common

hi I am new to open cart. I have bout your theme how and what do i upload to my server. Need help.

Hello, If you have opencart installed on your server, the theme includes a documentation on how to install the theme.

My home page feature image is not clear. What can I do to fix it.

There are instructions for that in the documentation.