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Clean and Perfect , GLWS ;)

Thanks Cafe ;)

Perfect as always .

Thanks shameerurdu ;)

very nice :) GLWS

Thank you :)

bought and installed this theme. looks great. I sent a support request to the indicated emailadress (allen@themeartisan.com) but no responce ;-(

Disqus is not showing up.. please help.

please take a look documentation – how to change theme.

I changed the theme but this did not help. The guys from ghost where able to help me out. It turned out to the a bug in your implementation. Please see comment from HannahWolfe.

Hi Trummer, thanks for you patient. We are working on it.

Hi ThemeArtisan,

I am the CTO/lead dev at Ghost & am getting in touch because several customers on our hosted platform (including @trummer above) and forums have experienced issues with your themes Mixmatch & Hardcopy.

There is a bug in your implementation of disqus in post.hbs, whereby it checks to see if googleAnalytics is enabled, instead of disqus. This means that disqus only works for people who enable GA.

Additionally, your implementation of GA uses old-style GA rather than the new-style universal analytics which is now the default, and I think this is causing additional confusion. I don’t know if this is explained in your docs as I can only see the theme files people have uploaded to our hosted service.

Thank you for the hard work you’ve put into creating Ghost themes, it is great to see so many themes here on ThemeForest. I would really appreciate it if you could fix the issues in your theme, and also I recommend checking out all the new theme features we delivered in Ghost 0.4: http://dev.ghost.org/ghost-0-4-themes/

All the best,


Hi HannahWolfe, thanks for your comments, we are working on it.

Hi, ThemeArtisan.

I really like this theme, and I’d like to buy it, but I have a few questions first:

1. Would you consider adding a menu to it? Or if not, could you suggest a simple way to add one?

2. I see there have been no updates since December 2013 when it was uploaded. Do you plan to update the theme to keep up with new Ghost updates?

3. In post view there is a tab at the top of the screen with ‘MixMatch’ inside it. Would that expand OK for a longer blog title (‘Chris Lovie-Tyler’)?

4. On my Android phone, the serif font in the body text appears as a sans-serif font, so the theme loses some of its effect. Admittedly, I’m running Android 2.3.6, so that may be the problem. But I thought I’d mention it.

Look forward to your answers, Chris.

Demo is hacked.