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I purchased MJ Cart template. It seems that module position 2 is not working. I tryind publishing my menu(created 2 menu items) but it doesn’t show in position2. It shows in every other position except the navigation menu. I also noticed that every working position is like mj-left; mj-position 3. Well this one is just position 2 and it doesn’t work. I was using joomla 2.5.8 and upgraded it to 2.5.9. I wrote on their site forum for support, but didn’t get any answer yet.

Replied on email. Issue has been resolved on your site.

I received the email. Thanks a lot for your help, everything is great now. Beautiful template

if you like our template please rate it.

Very, very good template.

But just now we cant change a colour in adminpannel.

And also we think that its good to have possibility to make it fixed size. If its possible please say how.

And the latest thing “JS FlexSlider” show “Module XML data not available”.

1) We have found a bug with color selection in admin panel. The updated version in being uploaded. 2) mj-general.css – /templates/mj-cart/css/mj-general.css 3) Check for latest version on that as well.

-Edit .mj-subcontainer class and set fixed width if you want to have fixed width layout.

Very good template.

Unfortunately it is only for joomla 2.5.x . Any predictions for joomla 3.0?

Unfortunately virtuemart doesn’t work with Joomla 3.0 yet. As soon VM releases new version we will also upgrade it.

Hello: I purchased mj-cart template. I like very much but, I’ve a problem..if I want to put a module in “mj-right” position, this not appears at right side, but between the “mj-left position” and the main content . Please, tell me how i can solve it. Thanks.

Please visit our profile page on TF and send us email and we will communicate from there.

I sent you a email from your profile page some days ago. Do you have received it? My problems with “mj-cart” template isn’t resolved.

WE asked for FTP details and still haven’t received it in Email. I have your earlier message. so please send FTP details+Joomla admin details and we will have a look.

Noone answeres me by the e-mail… What to do russians? Because there is no posibilities to use russian ruble and russian language for thesite (a lot of mistakes). But it ismore sad that I can’t use rubles, I need there for trading in Moscow

Or simply said how to install the russian rubles using FTP, because from admin panel it’s unreal, Virtuemart I can translate myself in some days

Solved the problem like this – changed information for the USD currency to mine, ruble and new currencies does nor work =)

I guess the problem has been resolved then

I can’t install the sample data sql file in phpmyadmin :-( It keeps coming back saying no database selected.

If you are installation database directly from phpmyadmin then you need create database first and then for that database import sql file or run sql query.

I have installed this now but when I’ve set up the Joomla installation, none of the products or modules from the demo are there?

Visit our profile page and send FTP details.

Great template, but I’m having a problem: Error warnings aren’t showing up, like when a user tries to register with a username that’s already in use, or when they try logging in with the wrong credentials.

The other templates within the site do display these messages, so it makes me think there’s a template override causing this issue. I’m not sure where to find the override or how to fix.

Excuse me for posting the issue here, but it’s not clear what the appropriate support channel is for this template. Any ideas?

Try this code

Filename and path:

1) index.php – /templates/mj-cart/index.php

- Edit php code to and add code.(Line no: 227)

<jdoc:include type=”message” /> line above <jdoc:include type=”component” />

It’s a great template but i’ve got another small problem. I’m wanting to change the background colour and other styles of the mj-topbar position, which I’ve managed to do for the most part. However when a user scrolls down the page, the mj-topbar style reverts back to the old one. What code do I need to change to stop this happening?

Please visit our profile page and provide ftp details or admin details. so we can check issues in more details


Have sent email, please respond asap

Check your emails please.


I’m getting the error:

Exception in loadConfig for unserialize hidemainmenu b:0; To avoid this message, enter your virtuemart config and just save it one time

In both front end and back end

A fix would be great.



==> you have to add safepath in virtuemart backend::

Components >> VirtueMart >> Configuration >> Templates >> Media File Settings

Add Safepath: for example::/home/username/public_html/vmfiles. and Add your site path.

Thank you.


I’ve already done that and i’m still getting an error.



Visit our profile page and send Joomla admin details

Hello there. I recently bought the template and it is awesome. http://scorpio77.com/project/miamimodernfurniture There is a couple of issues that are bugging me: 1. When you are not logged in, the shopping cart shows a nice effect when adding products, like a little animation on the top right menu. I love this effect, but, when you log in to check out the menu at the top right disappears and you don’t have that nice effect when adding products, in fact, there is no effect at all and you don’t even know if you added a product or not. try user: test pass: test 2. When logged in, (use test account) when you are browsing through the products, you see the price and the tax amount under it, this is not good, it doesn’t even tell you is the tax, I think the tax should only be displayed when checking out, I really don’t want to see it there. Those are the only 2 things, everything else is perfect! Thanks a lot and I hope to hear from you soon. Dustin

Please visit our profile page and send us ftp details and Joomla admin details.

Just got into your profile page and sent you a message with all the info. Please help ASAP. Thanks

Hello, very nice template. But… about mj-slideshow

When deleting the parameters in the mj-slideshow admin (for example the standard info from image 3) and saving, the info is still there ??? (also after F5 and clearing cache) and… I don’t want the discount -25% to be visible. When I delete this parameter it does not go away ??? Any help. Thank you My friend bought your template and I help him ;-)

Please visit our profile page and send us this issue in email and we will reply you with necessary changes

Hello dasinfomedia, did you not receive my email? 4 days ago…

Sorry but haven’t received any email

hello, When I change the language to en-us, all products of the VM disappears from the front end. How to solve this?

You have to install quick_start joomla in en-us language and then use any language pack like spanish, if you need your site in that language.

Example: > Install Joomla using quickstart in English (since our sample data is in English) >install Spanish language pack >Extensions=>Langauge Manager=>Choose spanish language and then work on virtuemart component for spanish language .

Thank you.

does this template support Unicode language format? And are they displayed properly?

UTF-8 to be more specific.

We have not tested it for UTF-8. But it should work just fine since this is standard Joomla template and follows all Joomla coding guidelines.

good morning

I downloaded the template for VirtueMart Mj-Cart. I tried installing Quick Start demo in my local site and I think good thema. Now I want to install it on my server but from 0.

I install everything, but I can not install the template because the folder does not appear. Zip thema within all downloaded files

I have also compressed the files in the folder but neither mj-cart can be installed.

Not what the problem.

Can someone please help me!

thank you very much

Please check the FAQ item.

I’ve done


Visit our profile page and send Joomla admin details, we will be happy to help you.

Meanwhile I can do it myself. I just need to tell me how I can install the template independently. Because compressing files, and also will not let me find the archive theme.zip.

Thank you very much for your attention

What error it gives you?

Pretends installed and not installed

It seems a very elegant template worked fine but I just need the archive because I will not do it with the Quick Start It is very difficult for me paseis compressed file directly to check if this works or not. Do not think it’s problem of my server because I can install all the components that come within the template folder least because not installed … and do not think it is for the. xml. The problem I think is because my system creates a folder joomla files and never get to find the file. Xml as this within a folder.

Do not know if this clarifies your question a little.

Thank you very much for your attention.

I need to resolve this as soon as possible and to continue working

Visit our profile page and send me Joomla admin details. That’s the only way I can help you with.

Good morning.

I have a problem that took several days trying to solve and not how.

I’m trying to install the template individually but you can not. First, the compressed file is not to do it automatically. And the other possibility is compressing files does not seem to be having an effect because compress individual files, the system puts them in a folder and not found in joomla. Xml file.

No solution to give, I tried to compress files with mac and win, but they all do the same thing and I can not compress them to be installed.

Is there anyone who can help me.

Thank you very much.

We have sent email this morning asking for Joomla FTP and admin details. Haven’t you received it?

I would like to purchase this template for Joomla ecommerce purpose. But I prefer Hikashop than virtuemart. If I were to do that, will all fancy features like banner, product category box layout, responsive layout will still remain?

The template is based on Virtuemart so it will not apply same effect to hikashop pages unless you do some coding. The best way is to apply hikashop classes to VM css.

hello, i purchase this template like 2 weeks ago. i am trying to edit the columns number of the tabs module FEATURED/LATEST/BEST SELLER.

i already edit template parameters in vm configuration menu, but i always get 3 columns.

how i fix this?

when you add tabs module for FEATURED/LATEST/BEST SELLER product you can set and add row for particular products which you want to add from virtuemart Home page settings.but you can not fixed columns for tabs.

Thank you.

hi I installed this and edited a few products and categories but now when I click on the ‘Add to cart icon’ and the pop up comes up and when I click ‘show cart’ it re directs to categories? Thanks project-shop.com

Please visit profile page and email us ftp details and admin details.


Hi, I can’t find where to translate Top Ten, latest and Featured products tabs in MJ-CART home template. I have a lot of websites with virtuemart extensions and using the same brazilian language package and only in this template I can’t find where to translate. The site is http://www.galeriaclick.com.br/


Please visit profile page and send me and email. I will send you zip file on it.

Thank you very much! it’s solved.