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Congratulations, you have some great work! Wish you the best sales :)

this template support on rtl language???

its not been tested for RTL.

Hi, I can’t find where to translate pt-BR Top Ten, latest and Featured products tabs in MJ-CART home template?

Changes emailed to you. Soon releasing language pack in default package.



I’m trying to install just the template to my new joomla installation as I installed the quick start but didn’t want to start trying to edit all the pre-configured modules..

However when I go to install mj-cart.zip it doesn’t install, no errors or anything, just no installation happens..

Is there something else I need to do?



Please download latest package. It has reduced size template zip file. Also we would suggest to check max upload size in php.ini

8mb will be ideal size.

Redownloaded package and that worked a treat.

Cheers bud :)


Hello, I can’t translate it-IT Top Ten, latest and Featured products tabs. My site is multilanguage so i need to have the english version and the italian one so not an override.

I have found another problenm with VM 2.0.20b incorporated in your package. The problem is on the backend on the configuration voice of VM. With the last package of the it-IT language (100% translated) installed, only the configuration parameters on the tabs remain in english so them are not translated.

I hope you can help me asap.

Thanks in advance


>If you want to translate Top Ten, latest and Featured product tabs name in for your Langauge so you have following path: >Open Mj-cart Langauge Excel sheet choose it-IT language code and copy your Langauge code from this sheet.


We use for English Langauge:


>Go->sitefolder->Langauge->your language file(Example:en-GB)and open this file and Add this 3 lines code and Add Latest,Featured,Best Seller products Name. >Go->sitefolder->Langauge->it-IT Langauge folder->it-IT.com_virtuemart and add this three line code.

==>If you have any problem so give ftp details and admin details.

Very nice template but i have a problem with the slider. In internet explorer 9 the arrows on the MJ-slideshow are not showing up. Can you please give me information on how to fix this problem ? I dont want to change the slider.

For IE The slideshow use Jquery since some IE versions do not support HTML5 and CSS3 features. White the slideshow works in general, the wrapper that holds arrow is not supported in IE.


thank you for this themplate. But I have a problem with virtuemart. it is impossible to put the Virtuemart categories in home page even after you check the box in virtuemart> configuration> templates and after having chosen the home page of virtuemart for my home page of my site.

However, the module of the best sales etc … appear well homepage

What should I do?

We have change stucture for mj-cart Template for home page so we have remove Virtuemart categories in home page.But if you want show Virtuemart categories in home page so following path: sitefolder/templates/mj-cart/comman.php and Line No:140 and remove caregory-view CSS from comman.php file.

ok thank you very much. Another question. I would like the width of the website is fixed (960px) and does not fit the size of the screen.

what should i do?

is there a email on which you can write rather than leave messages here?

thank you for all

Please visit profile page and send email.


I love the templat but I have a problem. When I trye to upload&install the templat (mj-cart.zip) it say “There was an error uploading this file to the server.” What can i do? What is the solution?

Call your host and ask to increase upload settings in php.ini file to 10MB. If that is not possible then You can also install joomla template though FTP.


I recently purchased this theme and I have installed it + its extensions. I can’t seem to find some of the modules that are described on the Home Page Layout image you have on themeforest product page.

E.g ‘Our Brand module’ Free Shipping Module Facebook Like Box + More.

Where can I find this?

>If you want use Our Brand slider module you have use install mod_news_pro_gk4 module from extension folder. >Free Shipping module is custom module. so you have create custom module and add your content from admin side.

>Facebook Like Box is not find in extension folder. you have create custom module and add following code: and then javascript which is provide in our Template.you have change data-href link.

>Featured Category is virtuemart module so which is inbuilt in virtuemart component.you have go module manager and then create new category module and also add some other virtuemart module from module manager.

Thank you, I’m also having a problem assigning modules to right and it sticks to the left

Does it supported to Thai language and also Thai Baht Currency ? Thank you

yes it support language and currency you can set from Virtuemart admin.

Hi, some questions… Can i activate a form for every product?

Can you please be more descriptive? What kind of form? What this form should do?

this form should be used to ask informations about the single product and should send me an e-mail.

There is a way to do this. If you use virtuemart as catalogue and then change cart button to inquire now. But this is more about Virtuemart settings rather then Mj cart


I’ve downloaded the template, seems to be very nice! Also I saw there is a language update with the dutch language. How do I get this update, by downloading the whole package again, or is there a link for only the update?

Tnx in advance!



Please download latest package. Read documentation and changelog. Check mj-cart Excel sheeet from package

Hello, i have tried to do that but i do not understand the first part of your explanation.

Where i found the “Mj-cart Langauge Excel sheet”? i can’t find it.

What i have done was to add the 3 lines you indicated me to the “it-IT.com_virtuemart.ini” file stored in the ”/language/it-IT” folder but nothing is changed. What is wrong?

I hope you can help me again soon.

Thanks in advance Ivan

we have add Mj-cart Langauge Excel sheet in Documentation folder and add details of Tab for different langauge in Documentation. If you still face problem, then visit profile page and email us ftp details and admin details.

Hello, i start working with you theme only now and have some questions) 1. How to do some rows/columns in menu. if i have there 40 menu items i need some columns 2. look what has happen with this http://imageshack.us/a/img41/9438/o8sv.jpg but in some menus it’s ok… http://imageshack.us/a/img580/82/ibdi.jpg what is the problem? 3. http://imageshack.us/a/img46/241/e6sj.jpg here in this vertical menu if the text more than in one line it is very sad also) Maybe i will find something else, but at first day i checked only this, what to do now?

1) If you want to remove dots on top bar and footer please apply this css: #mj-topbar li { list-style: none outside none; } #mj-footer .menu li { list-style: none outside none; }

2) Left side menu module you have appy this css:

mj-left ul.menu li, #mj-right ul.menu li

{ list-style: none outside none; word-wrap: break-word; } ==If you want to add text more than in one line so you have add this css and remove the image and apply background color or increase image height and increase height:

mj-left ul.menu li li, #mj-right ul.menu li li

{ background-color:gray; height:42px; }

ok i will look, thx But what to do with first question? I want some columns in munes? how to do it? because fr example in my previous template i used “page class” – columns-3, but here what to do?

you can try professional mega menu module extension for Joomla.

hello, I have purchased your theme,

When using chrome + mobile the menu button disappears and displays only the left side of it. This happens on your demo site as well.

How do I fix this ?

mobile menu button css conflict so please follow these steps and changes in css: please remove (text-indent:-99999999)css on line no 209 and 290. 2) GO- to->sitefolder->templates->mj-cart->mj-vmMobile.css please remove (text-indent:-99999999) css on line no 162.

1) GO to -->sitefolder->modules->mod_mjmenu->assets->css->template.css

hello I’m buying the Mj template. I have a question, if it possible insert a module with the closely related products and accessories of the selected product. thank you

Yes you can use any joomla compatible module in the theme.

what is the best module for this use? thank you

I understand your query now. Related products can be turned on from virtuemart itself. There is no extra module needed for that. So go ahead and purchase mj cart, you should be able to set up related products.

Good Afternoon,

I have purchased MJ-Cart and i’m very happy with it.

How do I change the add to cart image link to go to the product itself and not back to the home page.

eg. the triangle image on the short description when you browse through the category page


Virtue mart itself provide link in product page. so we can not change link. but please provide ftp details and admin details. so we can check it and try to solve it.

I know the file that can change it which is in /templates/mj-cart/html/com_virtuemart/category/default.php because I have changed the links, it is on line :287 but I have not been able to make it function, it simply either returns to the home page (index.html) or it doesn’t work however this does indicate to me that this is the correct location to find the solution.

Visit profile page and email ftp and admin details, we will check.

Hello there,

I bought mj cart template, and now have problem.. major problem is, rather than showing featured, latest and best seller from shopping cart, it is showing COM_VIRTUEMART_FEATURED_PRODUCT_NEW COM_VIRTUEMART_LATEST_PRODUCT_NEW COM_VIRTUEMART_BEST_SELLER_PRODUCT_NEW FEATURED PRODUCTS

You can email me at rajat@supersonicIT.com.au

What is wrong??

Thanks and regards,

Rajat Aneja

Mj-cart Langauge For Tabs:

>If you want to translate latest and Featured products,Best Seller tabs name in for your Langauge so you have following path: >Read documantation and Open Mj-cart Langauge Excel sheet and choose and copy your Langauge code from this sheet.


If you want to use for English Langauge:


==>Go->sitefolder->Langauge->your language file(Example:en-GB) and open en-GB.com_virtuemart file and Add this 3 lines code and Add Latest,Featured,Best Seller products Name.

If you have any problem give us ftp details and admin details.

Thank you.

Thanks it worked, the next thing came up, “best seller” was coming in two lines. I managed to fix that so all good… As soon as my site goes live, I will put feedback here for the template.. Cheers..

Great. Do let us know if there is any other query you have.

Hello, I purchased your theme and quite like it. But I’m still running the VirtueMart version bundled with your download, and would like to update to VirtueMart 2.0.22a. Is this possible? And if so are there any special actions required to do so?

The same goes for Joomla. I’m running version 2.5.9 and would like to update to 2.5.14, is this possible without breaking anything?

I also want to know that “I’m running version 2.5.9 and would like to update to 2.5.14, is this possible without breaking anything? “

We have created mj-cart Template in joomla 2.5.9.But If you want to update your current site version. so please back up your database and then update joomla 2.5.14 version.