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Hello,I recently bought your theme its nice but am experiencing some issues 1. The first extension from d extensions folder installed but there was issues encountered thus leading to this error on d home page and several pages including the Random items module,this was the error:

Warning: fopen() [function.fopen]: php_network_getaddresses: getaddrinfo failed: No such host is known. inC:\xampp\htdocs\poli\administrator\components\com_virtuemart\helpers\connection.php on line 173

Warning: fopen(http://www.ecb.europa.eu:80/stats/eurofxref/eurofxref-daily.xml) [function.fopen]: failed to open stream: php_network_getaddresses: getaddrinfo failed: No such host is known. inC:\xampp\htdocs\poli\administrator\components\com_virtuemart\helpers\connection.php on line 173

Warning: fopen() [function.fopen]: php_network_getaddresses: getaddrinfo failed: No such host is known. inC:\xampp\htdocs\poli\administrator\components\com_virtuemart\helpers\connection.php on line 173

2. I noticed that after installation,the fonts where distorted and different from that of your demo page.

3. When opened in safari browser,the cart sign on each item was slightly shifted. Please help me out.

You can send me an email (babular05@yahoo.com). Thanks.

Hello I think I have found a solution to the problem,another thing I noticed is that items added to the cart are not displayed during checkout,it keeps telling me,”you have no items in the cart”,pls help,am running the site on local host. Pls help

You have conflict jquery on home page so cart items not display on cart page.so please Upload your site, So that we can help you.

Great Template, but I can not figure out how to install the sample data. My site is not looking like the template. Any help would be GREAT!

Thanks for purchasing our product. Its very simple to setup site as demo. Just follow the installation and document guide provided in the package.

I appreciate that but I have followed everything to the letter. It appears as though the Joomla is not finding the images and set up of the template. It is all installed correctly and chosen in the template manager but it is showing the joomla default setup. Any suggestions?

This is in follow up to the ChadSmith post above and abovegroundpros. They are both me. You can view what I mean by viewing the site at www.agptest.com. Thanks!

Visit profile page and email us FTP detail and admin details. Please send us email from the profile from which you have purchased item.

I want to show all the menu when open the website in “SIMPLE MENU” ,I don’t want to hidden the menu and when click it to show the child menu. How can I do?

If you want to open the sub menu you have changes in mj-layout.css in mj-cart template.so go to the following path and if you have any problem give us ftp details and admin details.

==>sitefolder->templates->mj-cart->css->mj-layout.css and change this css in line no:526

ul.menu li ul, ul.menu li li ul, ul.menu li li li ul { display:block; }

Thank you.

Hi, I am very interested in this theme but would like some custom configuration. Would you be open to doing a custom job? I sent a message a few weeks ago on your site, but never got a response – Is there an email or skype account where we can chat more?

replied you in your email

First of all, great template!.

How do I change the left or right column size. I would like to double the right column to a size more like Amazon.com. I am using the ( content + right ) layout for my site but I am finding the right column width is too small for my needs. I searched the css but I could not figure out which one to modify.

Thank you.

oh sorry for the missunderstanding, my email is boyington@gmail.com

still waiting for reply.., can you send me an email to boyington@gmail.com since you are not getting my emails. Please send me a email with the address I should use.

replied on email.

Hello there,

I bought this amazing template and am very exited to launch my website with it and now i’m starting changing things on my ways. But i’m facing some problem.

1. I need to change the page title and i set my title but it comes just like this “Welcome to MJCART- my title” how to replace the that to my own? 2. Right on the mid section there is Tabs for FEATURED PRODUCTS, LATEST PRODUCTS AND BEST SELLER PRODUCTS. So i had change the Tab names but it won’t work. It is just displaying this COM_VIRTUEMART_FEATURED_PRODUCT_NEW COM_VIRTUEMART_LATEST_PRODUCT_NEW COM_VIRTUEMART_BEST_SELLER_PRODUCT_NEW I need help with that too.

That is all for now. Thank you in advance!

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Hello Dasinfomedia,

Me again, I have two question, 1. Whenever i clicked on the Featured or Latest product on the Home page the page came up with 500 – Error and i have seen this on my url http://mywebsite.com/mj-vm/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=40&Itemid=177&tmpl=component. Why it is not taking me to the product detail page? 2. I was wondering if it is possible to add more photos to the MJ-Slideshow. I saw that the module only supports 5 pictures to slide on the front. so is it possible to add more pictures to slide show pictures .

Thanks in Advance!

Visit profile page and send FTP and admin details.

Problems: 1. Simple Menu is not working properly.. 2. Main menu styling is not working properly.. 3. Facebook facepile is not showing up on Internet Explorer..

I can email you the link, if you want to check out the website. Just email me at rajat@supersonicIT.com.au

Cheers. Rajat Aneja

still waiting for your reply!!

replied you in email

Is it possible to have Joomla Articles on the front page instead of products Or to have only one row of products and articles on the rest of the page? Can either one of those option work ?

Hi, I purchased your template a few days ago and it seems very good.

I wonder if it is possible to remove the button “Shop now!” and “Special” circle in slideshow.

Thank you very much, greetings.

> You can select only one article or any virtuemart product link.you can not select both link in one menu link. > If you have remove button “Shop now!” and “Special” circle in slideshow you have add two css in mj-template css file.

==> Go->sitepath->templates->mj-cart->css—>mj-template css

.button-wrapper { display: none; }

.price-tag { display: none; }

Thank You.

hi, when I install it through Quick_start, after I set all database connection parameter and submit, I get a failed information: INSTL_ERROR_INITIALISE_SCHEMA

I repeat for many time, it is not successful.

In addition, I use Joomla Extension to install the template mj-cart.zip, I get a failed information: FastCGI Error

The FastCGI Handler was unable to process the request. Error Details:

The FastCGI process exceeded configured request timeout Error Number: 995 (0×800703e3). Error Description: The I/O operation has been aborted because of either a thread exit or an application request. HTTP Error 500 – Server Error. Internet Information Services (IIS)

What should I do?

Can this template run at Joom 3.x?



I have done it step by step fully according to the installation guide, but it failed, so I want to try to install the seperately template. but it is failed agian. By the way, how can I add the tab in product detailed page? e.g. add a specification tab. thankyou.

For tabs you have to edit product details page and reviews page and also create dynamic tab. You can add any free extension plugin and install it.

I will try it, thank you very much!

Hello, I’ve purchased the template, and I’ve the same problem as carmencm, if I want to put a module in “mj-right” position, this not appears at right side, but between the “mj-left position” and the main content . Please, tell me how i can solve it. Thanks.

I’ve installed in local. SO I can’t provide FTP details

Did you recieve the email?

thank U. It’s working now

On that template, some of you have found the follow error just linking a menu voice to VirtueMart » Product Details Layout ??

“message: 404 The requested product does not exist.”

Need a solution for that issue that i think should be quite common here


please give us screenshot and link where you have 404 problem.

Sent. Thanks

Ok I’m having the same issue with the showcase displaying COM_VIRTUEMART_LATEST PRODUCTS instead of just displaying Latest Products. I tried adding the code you listed earlier but there is a syntax error on line 14. This is the code I added sitename/templates/mj-cart/index.php

<php if ($menu->getActive() $menu->getDefault()) { > ?php $app = JFactory::getApplication(); $this->setTitle( $app->getCfg( ’’ ) . ‘Add site name’ ); ? <?php } ?>

<php $app = JFactory::getApplication(); $this->setTitle( $this->getTitle() . $app->getCfg( ‘Add site name’ ) ); ?>

I’ve bought this template about 2 weeks ago. It came with Virtuemart 2.0.18a. I’ve updated Virtuemart to 2.0.22c (important security release) and now the add-to-cart popup + cart dropdown box doesn’t show anymore. I’ve switched to the Beez template and the popup is still working here, so it must be a conflict in the MJ Cart template. Can this be solved? Thanks!

Visit profile page and email us FTP and admin details.

Admin and FTP details are sent to you.

Any of us have on cart page for the products only taxes shown? Net prices not appear. I need just the name of the files to modify to have on cart all the prices.



I need the translation into Italian of virtuemart template of this as I do?


I can not take away the title of the site … Welcome / a on MJ CART.!?

how the newsletter?


>If you want to translate latest and Featured products,Best Seller tabs name in for your Langauge so you have following path: >Read documantation and Open Mj-cart Langauge Excel sheet and choose and copy your Langauge code from this sheet.


If you want to use for English Langauge:


>Go->sitefolder->Langauge->your language file(Example:en-GB)and open this file and Add this 3 lines code and Add Latest,Featured,Best Seller products Name. >If you want to change mj-cart title name open index.php file and line 26 Add your title name your site.If You have problem provide ftp details and admin details.

Thank You.


I sent you a private message with the FTP data.

I look forward.

greetings   Lino


I sent you a private message with the correct FTP data.

Hi , Thanks for a great template, but I have a few problems. My template does not always display the correct colours. If I select different colour options in the template administration, nothing happens? I use the blue option. Some of my menu selections change the colours to the blue but the others are just grey?? What am doing? Also I wish to have the home page as a category listing but even if I create a menu option for this and make it the home page it does not work? Please help. I would be very grateful for any assistance in this regard.

we have created eight color Template which works in our demo. Color is used to highlight certain area of the template. If you want to change this color you have to change color css and category menu also working in our demo.

Hello. The top bar, which is set mj-topbar, should change color when down the page, but does not and remains transparent.

What could be the error?, Thanks!.

We have add mj-topbar script in comman.php file in our Template. so please add this script.If you have problem please provide admin details and ftp details.

Ok, it works perfectly. Thank you very much.