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Hi, I try to activate recaptcha in contact form, however the map disappears and only the label of recaptcha is shown. The actual recaptcha is not there (neither I could find the recaptcha code in the html source code). Recaptcha is configured properly (I’ve done the same process a dozen times)

Do you have any workaround? Thanks in advance

We found this problem in other site as well.

We used osolcapcha plugin. You can find it from following link.



Hello, I had a problem with html module and contents in backend. You can view here: http://brasilboxatacado.com.br/article-error.png and here: http://brasilboxatacado.com.br/module-error.png .

Have you got some information about?

resolved the issue and emailed you.

Thanks a lot!


I can’t translate “Featured, Latest and Best Seller products” at Home page. Tried to insert:


but nothing happens.

Can you help me? Thanks.

Can you Replace given default_products.php file in

mj-cart -> html -> com_virtuemart -> virtuemart


Hi, MJ Cart is a very nice responsive site but I am having problems with the individual product page, the images overlap with the text. Could you possibly make the product image resize like the images on the category page?


find mj-vm.css from mj-cart

Go to line 929

set max-width according to your requirement .main-image img { max-height: 300px !important; max-width: 333px; }

Hello. Congratulations on a great Templete. I want to disable the mobile version of the site – how to do it?

Thanks To Remove css for mobile

Go to templates -> mj-cart -> css -> mj-mobile.css and mj-tab.css


Go to templates -> mj-cart -> index.php

Remove <meta name=”viewport” content=”width=device-width, initial-scale=1.0”/> from line 11

I am really struggling setting this template up so would really appreciate your help….

I have set up the site, added your template and Extensions…...but for some reason the Contact and Account has disappeared from the the Mj-topbar ==>http://www.seatingworld.co.uk/mjcart/

Also the thr Button Titles for the home page tabs has changed to COM_VIRTUEMART_BEST_SELLER_PRODUCT_NEW etc how do I fix this?

Please get back to me as soon as possible….


Came back all on its own! and the answer to the home page tabs is you want to use for English Langauge:


==>Go->sitefolder->Langauge->your language file(Example:en-GB) and open en-GB.com_virtuemart file and Add this 3 lines code and Add Latest,Featured,Best Seller products Name.

Thanks for helping out others as well.

Another issue…..if you click on the “Add to Cart” BUT the product needs configuring then it just goes to an empty shopping cart.

Turned on the Pop up cart and the buttons now work!

Glad to see that.

Contact and Account has disappears from the top bar when you are logged in as a purchasing customer…..

Please advise fix….


We have set different module position for login user

You can see that condition in mj-cart -> index.php in line : 141

we used two module position mj-topbar and mj-topbar1. and two menus Header Menu and headermenu1. for topbar.

Another issue – Terms of Service on cart page opening a new page containing the shop email address repeated 2x ==> http://www.seatingworld.co.uk/mjcart/index.php/shopping-cart



You can disable click on terms of service

Add following css

.terms-of-service { pointer-events: none; }


I don’t want to stop it working I want it to show the popup as per your demo…..did you know that is offline?

Am I missing some instructions to set this site up? All I have found are the basic settings – nothing to tell you what module to use where….

Emailed you all details.

Hi, i see you have updated the template this month. Is there away for me to easily update my existing template or do i need to download the entire template again and make some changes that way?

Any help would be appreciated.


Please email us your request and we will have appropriate reply for you on this.

how do i email you?? what is your address???

visit profile page and send email with your request.

great template and great support help me alot big likeeeee

Registration does not require an error or confirmation message of thanks. Another template works. You can help? Thank’s.

You should have <jdoc:include type=”message” /> before <jdoc:include type=”component” /> in Template index.php file. That code is what you are after for activating/deactivating system messages.

Thank’s :)


I have a problem with the template, i`ve installed your last version and in virtuemart, the Shop button displays a very bad page where i can`t modify anything.

A pictures with the page: http://www.promovaresiteuri.ro/mb/shop-virtuemart-admin-page.png

Oh and another problem,when i want to checkout, event i select the shipment and payment method, i`m asked again for them, and can`t check out. The template link: http://mb.promovaresiteuri.ro


Visit profile page and share your FTP and admin details

Ok i will send you now

Site is nice, but the quickstart won’t install. It’s stuck at the ‘configuration’ part of the installation.

Visit profile page and send us FTP details.


To start off: great template.

One issue keeps bugging me though. The website does not send an email to the vendor when an order is placed. I added ‘pending’ to the send email settings, but nothing happens. The customer however does receive an email when their order is pending. I have no idea why the website does this. The SMTP is configured correctly.


go to VM -> configuration -> checkout -> Default Order Status to send an invoice: At the moment we have this field set to: Confirmed. IF Pending is added it would send email to sales department and customer.



I know, but the issue is that the field is set to ‘pending’ and it doesn’t send an email to the vendor.

visit profile page and send us your FTP and admin details and we will resolved the issue

Dear sirs,

I’ve purchased Mj Cart and I’m having an issue on the front page slideshow. I use the Mj Slideshow that should have an expandable button and a revolving offer badge on the image. That’s all good as it seems to be working on the first slide. It only works on the 1st slide though. It doesn’t work on any of the rest of the slides after that. 2nd 3rd and 4th do not display the effects! If you use the developers’ tools by google you can see that the animations do happen on invisible elements (maybe the first slide is still there only invisible? They seem to occur on the positions previously used by the first slide) In any case, I also checked your demo provided through themeforest and I see that the problem appears there too! So it’s not an issue related to my installation rather a template issue so is there a way to resolve it? thank you.

Through a cross browser check, I discovered that in Safari, if you hover on and off and on and off and so forth the hotspots really fast, at a certain point they get activated and work briefly just before the transition to the next slide begins. Also I discovered that this issue appears only using the fade and ken burns transition. It seems to go away when using the transform transition.

We have checked and slideshow is working in all browsers and all slides are working properly. Send us your admin and ftp details with screenshot where you have problem.

Thank you for your reply. Sorry for taking so long to respond. The site took a few months break for the development and now it’s almost ready. Only loose end is the slideshow. You can check out that it’s not working on beta.solidus.com.gr The slides change, however the clickable links are not clickable. Only the 1st slide’s links are clickable and the rest are not accessible. The same was with the Discount badges which I have disabled using css as they are irrelevant to my site.

Could you please tell me where to send the login information to? I only see this public chat which also does not seem to support uploads of files.

Thank you.

Visit profile page here: http://themeforest.net/user/dasinfomedia and on right column you will see a contact form. Fill the form with relevant details and that will be received by us in email

Hi, I wants to use just one slide in mj.slideshow, and remove text , circle, and content and use a single image with all template width.

I inserted a new html module with the image in the mj-position 3, but the image is showing in all virtuemart categories, and I only wants to show it in homepage.

Could you help me? Thanks in advance

Go to mj-slideshow module in mj-position3

you can add values in only image1 for one slide

also give Text Area Width (in percentage) : 0 Image Width (in percentage) : 100% for full width image.

for remove circle : Open modules\mod_mj-slideshow\tmpl\default.php line 415 Remove

If it do not resolve then send us FTP and admin details.

hello, I bought this beautiful template. I have a problem with the module mod_mjmenu. tells me that it is installed correctly, but is not among the modules available. What can I do? thank you very much


Glad to see that your menu problem is solved. For Products you have changed languages??

It you change default site and admin language other than English you have to change existing products and category to default language.

Change VM language from Configuration -> Language Settings -> Select All language.

Also change VM category and product languages or Create new Product and Category.

If you not able to resolve it then email us admin Detail


hello! no advice? please help thank you very much

Already gave you answer 4 days back.

Hello there, I would like to make changes to the slideshow module.

How do I change it so the image is link able like the button is, associated with $viewmore?

You should look for Mj-Slideshow module

Go to modules -> mod_mj-slideshow -> tmpl -> default.php

Replace following line in line number 418

<a href="<?php echo $content_slides[$j][5]; ?>"><img src="<?php echo $content_slides[$j][0]; ?>" /></a>