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I created a 2nd fuction on common.js and it works.

This is the simplest solution, will work fine!

I really like the look & flow of this layout, it’s so clean, straight forward & nice, but it doesn’t seem to function correctly through the browser with no scroll bar & way to freely scroll up or down.

The mouse wheel doesn’t move the page, only the buttons do and once you’re at the bottom of the page the only way to get back to the to is to refresh the page.

I really rather wish this one was “Responsive” rather than mobile.

Still, very – very beautiful layout!

Thanks for your appreciation!
If I understand what you mean, the page is designed and optimized just for mobile devices and therefore can not function well on browsers that use the mouse.

Right, I’d really love to see it whipped around with responsive elements ( responsive boiler plate or the like) as a possible future update so it would just bounce it’s self in to shape on iPads & browsers big & small.

Still, no regrets on the purchase as it is for such a beautiful look & feel, it’s worth more than $6 all day long.


Can i preview in my android ? Can you send a link ?


Sorry but there isn’t a complete demo available.

Is this compatible also with android ???

Hi, the code used is standard, valid, and many users bought this page for Android. I use a different OS, but I don’t think there are particular differences in the view.

Hi Acidstream,

I need a PHP solution for booking form. So I saw that a PHP file and DatePicker is included.

Can I use this code for my desktop website?

Thank you.

Regards, kokalo

I’m not sure you can easily to use it because it has been customized for my template … in case of trouble you can always do a simple search :)

First of all – great theme! I am having trouble inserting a Mailto: link though. I use the following code, but the link is not active…

???????? ?? ? ???

Any ideas on how to make it work?

I don’t see the code, you can give me a link?


sorry I have one more question before I buy. Do I understand correctly that it only works on smartphones? Or does it also on an iPad?

Thank you

ups sorry… can I scroll the page on iPhone?

The template is mainly optimized for smartphones.