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Hi there, Currently there are 6 products showing in my homepage,how do I change this quantity?say 8 or more?

You can set the number of products to show from the Mobile Admin options.

Hi, we are using your template for a client of us. He has one very explicite wish: move the ‘brands’ dropdown menu in the nav-bar from right to the left side.

We’ve been struggling with this for quite some time. Could you point us to the right direction? It would help us a lot. Thanks so much in advance

You can do that by modifying the CSS at line 92. Instead of float:right; set it as float:left;. You will have to modify the CSS for the logo also.

Hello, we use your template. After an error 503 we have maintenance.flag removed from ftp. But now magento management products no longer accessible. Who knows the solution?

Please post your query with the account you purchased the theme.

Hi there, the design looks great and I hv few questions hope that you could help to answer:

1) is multi-language function available? If yes, is it support Chinese (both traditional and simplified Chinese) language

2) Can we disable the “shopping” function (i.e. shopping cart, shipping etc.)? As our shop don’t do online shopping, we just need catalog mode

3) Can we custom made a form for our customer to fill in? (i.e. warranty registration form)

4) If I buy your theme, do I need to download any software to compose my site? (sorry as I don’t hv any knowledge of doing website…this is my first time)

Thanks. :)

1. Yes it is multilingual. You can use any language.

2. This is doable but will require a few modifications.

3. This can also be done with some modifications.

4. The theme works with Magento, so you will have to install it on your server first before using the theme. Magento is free and can be downloaded at http://www.magentocommerce.com/download

hello I just bought your theme, Magento Mobile theme without me realize that this is not made for wordpress. I’d like to know if there is a version of wordpress. thank you

Please send me magento admin credentials also.

I hope you received the information to help me please

I am looking into it. I will keep you updated.

Does this work with Amazon Affiliate. Also how much to install?

There are extensions available for Amazon affiliate.

which one would work with this template

Any extension that works with the latest version of Magento.

Hello, I can not configure my Magento Theme Mobile Theme by following the tutorial that is in the documentation. can someone tell me the proceduire video or other document. thank you

Demo is not working.

Thanks for reporting. I will fix it asap.

Your Demo is giving an ERROR. Where can I see a live demo and is this mobile only theme. I am looking to build a mobile version of our website.