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Hi, your theme is very good looking. But can is it mobile ready? I mean, I want to browse the site using this theme optimized from an iPhone, BB and on an Android phone, but I need to be sure that if browsing the theme with that iOS I will see an optimezed version of the theme for them. Is that available ?

Thanks argos! :)

Unfortunately that is not the case. The theme was not designed to be viewed on iphones etc. What you could do is use the default mobile theme that comes packed with Magento and style it to match this one.


i m not a profeesional web developer but i rely need this themed site…. so is this theme is dat easy to use ….coz i just hav basic knowledge of web designing…...


It depends on what you want to do with the theme.

Concerning installation it is super easy. Everything is well documented.

If you want to modify it to your needs you will need to be familiar with HTML /CSS.


Hello, I want to know: can I change the colors? The banner is always static? tanks !


There is only the dark version. You can always change the colours with CSS .

For the banners, those are uploaded and configured from the admin options.


Ok, obrigado, acho que entendi, ou não :)

Hey Ravi,

I am having issues with images when viewed on IE7 . Can you please look into this issue since it says its IE7 supported in the discription.

Thanks, Karan

Hello Karan,

I fixed the images overlapping the titles. I’ve just sent the updated version. You will be able to download it in a day or two.


The updated version has been approved. You can download it again.

tnx ravi for ur reply..:) .. i wana ask is dat can i add facebook and twetter icons thr somwhr in the index page….. also can i disable the shopping cart coz i dont rely need it for shopping online…. only for mobile showcase,,,,:)

Yes you can add those links! There are options in the admin section where you can set text/html in the footer area.

The cart can be disabled from the admin panel.


Can you send me the fonts used with this theme as well as the slider images. I was a little disappointed to not have a all of the assets included. Especially when paying $80. Thanks brettallred@gmail.com

The font used is “Museo” and it is in the folder skin/frontend/default/mobile/fonts.

The images are for demonstration purposes only and Themeforest does not allow those kind of images to be included in the package.

Can you send me the psd’s without the cell phones in them. I was hoping just to plug my products in there. I don’t sell phones.

I missed a previous comment, my question has been removed – Thanks so much for the great theme!

You are welcome! :)

Hi Ravi,

Everything is working fine on this theme except I am struggling with the brands feature. I am not sure where to put the images on the back end so that they show up when i put them on the site. Should I use the full path to the files or just the ../images? Also I should change the names of the brand spans? Please reply ASAP I need to get this site set up.


Actually the images should be in the images folder that is found under skin/design/mobile and they are called in the css file.

I have referenced that in the documentation file. Just take a look at it.


Okay I seemed to figure that part out, is there any size restrictions on those files? One of them is displaying but the other is not.

There isn’t any size restrictions. Double check the image’s source.

Okay image source has been changed, I even tried the images that do work in place of those which don’t. For some reason slots 1 4 and 5 of the brands drop down won’t take any images. I have tried changing the names images and so on. I even tried a fresh copy of the css file. Take a look for yourself, http://symondsgolf.com /* Brand Images on navigation bar and on product page */ ul.brands ul > li a.bsdg,.brand span.bsdg{background:url(../images/obedient.jpg) no-repeat center;} ul.brands ul > li a.weapon,.brand span.weapon{background:url(../images/weaponlogo.jpg) no-repeat center;} ul.brands ul > li a.obedient,.brand span.obedient{background:url(../images/obedient.jpg) no-repeat center;} ul.brands ul > li a.isee,.brand span.isee{background:url(../images/isee logo 4 Alt blue.jpg) no-repeat center;} ul.brands ul > li a.loudmouth,.brand span.loudmouth{background:url(../images/LMG logo 1A.jpg) no-repeat center;}

I just checked the site and it seems like you do not have any CSS style for the other brand images.

Hello Ravig, does this theme supports Spanish?


Yes it does. Just dowload the spanish language pack and install it.


Hello Ravig, I have installed the theme and uploaded all of the requested folders/files as described in your documentation. I can access all areas within the admin control panel except the most important, which is the configuration page. whenever I click on the configuration tab, it takes me to a blank page. I checked my PHP log files and received this error: [12-Sep-2011 00:28:11] PHP Fatal error: Class ‘Webizmu_Mobile_Helper_Data’ not found in /mnt/Target01/341221/618021/www.btheat.com/web/content/magento/app/Mage.php on line 516 :crying: :confused:

I replied to your mail.

Is there anyway to make the homepage tabs auto-scroll?

You will need to add a few lines of code for that in custom.js. Send me an email and I will send you the code if you are not comfortable with js.


Ok, email sent.

Hi RaviG

I just purchased this theme of yours for it looks really great. However, I encountered some errors as i worked with a local copy of my site and installed the template that you made.

Here’s the screenshot of the errors that I’m talking about. http://awesomescreenshot.com/0d7ovjfc8

I’m also new to magento so if it has something to do with the configuration settings which I am not familiar of this very moment, I hope that you can help me as well.

Hope to hear from you soon


When you first install it you will have to create two attributes. Brands and featured. If those are not set properly you will run into issues.

Take a look at the documentation file on how the attributes are set. Make sure Magento cache is disabled when installing.

Let me know how it goes.

Indeed it worked, initially I thought that since the only error mentioned in the guide was “Magento will throw an error if an attribute named “featured” has not been created.” you were just referring to featured, when I was done with the brand attribute, the errors were fixed.


Hi Ravi G, Me again.

How about the error when uploading images for theme configuration? I’m still using localhost and trying to upload the logo and favicon from my desktop, however an error appeared that prompted me to reindex data when it led me to Index Management. After reindexing data I tried uploading the images again but the 404 Error page not found appeared.

I’m a newbie to magento so my apologies if i have to ask for some assistance again.


When you first install the module you will need to log out from admin and log back in. After that it will work fine.

When it says reindex data, you just click on the link and reindex data.


Another concern raviG,

I’m wondering how did this happen? http://awesomescreenshot.com/0deow264c

Well as of now all the default that I alter in your theme was the size for the logo.

However even I put the default values back the appearance of the banner container is still wrong.

Thanks again for the help and I hope you can still help me with this one.

No, actually the default of magento home page is 2 columns with right bar, this is why I just disabled it.

But of course I know that padding of main div should be retained for the inner pages so what i did was just to add negative margins for the banner container and that solved my problem.

However I still have a concern. The products that I created in the admin won’t show in the home page. As you can see from this link: http://awesomescreenshot.com/0e2oxyz60

My apologies again for asking from time to time. And thanks for all the response

The homepage should use the “1column” layout. You do not need to change anything.

For you products not showing up, try to see if they are in stock and enabled.

Yup I understand that it (home) should be “1column” layout but like what I’ve told you the default for the home page of magenta version that I’m using uses “2 columns with right bar” as default.

I can just change it to “1column” anyway. :) Thanks for the explanation.

The product images are also appearing now thanks for reminding about the stock availability.


first of all awesome themes..

now comming to the point, i am basically a web designer..and i wanted to use some kind of models images i am designing a psd template for the same.

but there is an issue of copyright.

could you please let me know from where you guys got images and how do you use it without any violation ???

please, it would be very helpful for me.

Thanks, Uzeir

Thanks. :)

For the images, I’m using them for demonstration purposes only. Just don’t include them when you upload the theme for review.

Can I change the theme from black to white?

You can by changing the colour scheme from styles.css. Layered PNG files are also provided in the package.