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Thank you ;)

nice work…

Thank you Alia ;)

Very nice, thanks.

Was wondering, if you plan to add back button or “anyway” to easily get back, once the user presses “SEE/READ MORE ”.

Best wishes

thank you gluegl, I’ll do this if i release a new version of theme, for now you can use the bottom menu or “back” in your mobile browser

Nicely done! When you say “easy to convert into wordpress” do you mean it can be used a a dual theme i.e. with a different desktop wordpess theme?

I mean that the theme use the same logical-structure of a wordpress theme. So if you can create Wordpress theme you can easily convert it and use it for a mobile version (maybe using plugin such as Mobile Smart) ;)

Hi there, Just Wondering if it comes with PHP Contact form ??

Hi Alex, there’s no PHP Contact Form included, sorry :) It has been done using html5 tags and css to easily implement it in wordpress, for example, using contact form 7 plugin.

Hi there

it doesn´t right work on iPhone (3GS).

Hi bacar, what problem did you see? Have you tried making layout fluid as indicated? let me know please ;)

I can confirm that following the instructions (by removing the commented lines as documented) it works fluidly. Than you should only have to fix some dimension to adapt to your “major” phones target, but definetily it works ;)

Hi there,

i just bought it but i will like please to know why is not 100% the width?

in your live preview here online is 100% width but the html files there are not… is something that i must do? in your css script to fix that?

because this is not what i want or see here on the Live preview:)

thank you niki.p

ps: the layout+html+css online here is/are elastic… something tha t is totally wrong in your download version… how can we fix this please?

ok thank i will try it and re_post later… i hope tha it will be easy to fix it… thanks :)

ok… thank you… and sorry for that… :-)

your work is great… thank you! and sorry again ~

take care and thank you for your help

Can you change the circle images into squares ?

Hi you can do this by simply removing css property “border-radius” from that images!


I have wordpress website , i like your mobile theme. If i buy your theme how can i integrate it.

Can you please let me know the steps. I just want to make sure that it works fine before buying the theme.

Hi! You can’t do it easily, you have to be a wordpress theme developer to do that! This is true for every HTML template, not only for mine! Regards

Hello! Can the circles be turned to other forms (i.e. a paint splat)?

Hello. I have a similar question to NikiP. I see where in the CSS it states “Comment this lines for fluid layout”, but what exactly do I put in these lines to make it just like the demo? You did a great job on this, but why not just include two CSS sheets in the download folder, one for fluid and one for not so people don’t have to ask how to do it or edit anything in CSS? Even if I can figure it out on my own, it would be easier for others who can’t figure it out.