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Thanks for the reply.

Ok I have another question…

In mobile view, the theme arranges the order of the category post, which is on the right of normal desktop view, to the top, followed by widgets directly below it.

Is there a way for me to rearrange that because I want the sidebar widgets to show first before the posts?

In order words, I need the widgets’ order to be just under the menu and search bar of the theme, as in normal view, followed by the category posts?

Thanks in advance.


Sorry for double posting, but I believe I have resolved the issue by creating custom widget positions in the header.php of the theme..

Very interested in this theme…! Our site needs are: light in color and very “image-centric” ... two questions:

1) What would be involved in making it a light skinned theme?

2) Is there a way to add thumbnails to the home page posts list, or have them all expanded by default?

Hi altusfineart

At the moment you can not do that with the theme, but both are features that we will add on the next update.


Quick question about the icons (Twitter / Dribbble / Facebook) – is this part of a set or custom created?

Are there more than just the 3 that you show on the preview?



Hi James Those are the only icons , but they are transparent pngs on top of the button, if you add more icons the button will appear automatically. hope it helps

Hi man, great theme. Loving your work.

Couple of questions:

1) is there a way to show the whole of each post on the home page, not just excerpts?
2) is it possible to have an image underneath it all?
3) how do I remove the Menu button and search box?

I realise this will probably require changes to the .php files and wanted to run it by you first before I did something I’d regret!!!

Cheers Matt

1) Yes, in the index.php file you must replace the following code:

<?php the_excerpt(); ?> by <?php the_content(); ?>

2) You could use the css to put the image.

3) In the header.php file you must delete the following code:

  • Menu
  • <?php get_search_form();?>
<?php $menu = wp_nav_menu(array(‘container_class’ ?> ‘menu-primary’, ‘menu_class’ => ‘v-list’, ‘fallback_cb’ => ’’, ‘echo’ => false, ‘depth’ => 3)); if(!$menu) { wp_page_menu(array(‘sort_column’ => ‘menu_order, post_title’, ‘menu_class’ => ‘menu-primary’, ‘echo’ => true, ‘show_home’ =>true, ‘link_before’ => ’’, ‘link_after’ => ’’)); } else echo $menu; ?>

Hello! We love your template and we are going to buy it. Besides a mobile website we also need apps Do you bow a way that we can use this template also for a app?

Or is this a stupid question?

Anyways thanks Alex

if you mean web applications you can use this template, but If you are concerned to non-web apps I recommend you take a look at the following psd that you could use to create your app interface: mobile-pro-html/130209?href=monsoon-fidalgo I hope that answers your question.

If your intention is to resell the application please check the type of license required.

Need this!!! But when visiting the demo on Droid phone, it does not detect, it it is giving me the tablet version. Which is ok, that it doesn’t recognize my Droid.. but I cant even scroll over to select the Mobile Phone button at the top!

Would be nice if the selection bar was added to the theme.. which would be better than trying to detect the device.

We tested it mobile phones with browsers that use WebKit 3.1 and everything works ok. Probably the version of the browser on your mobile is older. Unfortunately the bar to select the device is not developed for use in the theme and only for the purpose of showing a preview of each device in a pc browser.

Thanks for the advice. We are working on a solution.

Does anyone know how to make a button for direct calling? A “click to call buton” direct to my own phone?

Thanks Alex

amazing theme, adding a front page dark and light theme switcher would be great

Thanks for the advice. We are working on a solution.

can use with wp e commerce with shopping cart ?

The plugin does not have a valid header.

Hi mcroy777 I dont’ understand your question. Please be a little more explicit.

hello I’ve bought your themes. but I am disappointed that these themes there is no bar ( ) like in the demo.

how do I turn on the bar ( ) like a demo. because it makes these themes so good.



ooND I am sorry to hear you are disappointed , but whats the point of the bar if the theme auto detects the device?

The bar is for previewing it on the computer browser , where there is no device to detect.

Hello. Can your theme be customized to show pages where the posts are? That is, instead of having the first thing seen on an iPhone be a list of posts and then pages, can that be switched around so that pages load above posts?


I have a question before I buy. Can I embed a media player in this? If so, in what sections?

Hi osirus23. You can embed a media player in any section you want.

Hello, nice theme congratulations.

Do you just have a dark color theme? If yes, how hard/difficult could be to have a light theme?


Hi Jesus We are working on a light version, will upgrade the theme very soon

Is it possible to use this theme only for mobile devices, but use my standard theme for “regular” connections?

Saproach you can use the theme with all connections and all devices, including regular computers with regular connections.

Is this theme compatible with Windows Mobile 7?

Hi! great theme – Having a problem with menu button, specifically on a Blackberry bold 9700 – button does nothing and menu appears below page or post. Can you help me with this?

Sorry to hear that, could you send us a screenshot of the problem?

Hi monzon-fidalgo, Great theme, very professional, many thanks for your expertise in putting it together.

I’d like to ask 3 things: 1. Possible to begin with the Menu open and the viewer has the option to close it (instead of closed with click option to open)?

2. Same as above for Breadcrumbs; possible for pages to have breadcrumbs open with option to close?

3. Do I have to enable breadcrumbs? Mine are not appearing. I see the code div class=”breadcrumb-navigation” /div

Appreciate your time in answering. Thanks.

Thanks for your comments we really appreciate it.

1-You have to implement the functionality used for the breadcrumb on the menu, the styles used in the menu is in the style.css and the javascript in js/jquery/ file

2-On file style.css: – on line 583 remove display:none; – between the lines 591 and 593 create new css rule .home .breadcrumb-navigation {display:none;}

On file js/jquery/initialize.breadcrumb.js: – on line 4 change if(mp_breadcrumb_open 1) for if(mp_breadcrumb_open 0) – on line 6 change .css(‘display’,’block’) for .css(‘display’,’none’)

3-To display the breadcrumb on the site you have to install, activate and configure the plugin for Wordpress Breadcrumb NavXT. I recommend you read the theme support.