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Is there going to be a HTML template version of this? i.e non-Wordpress.

Even something basic, but with the resizing for mobile / tablet etc that could then be edited in Dreamweave.

The theme looks excellent but disappointed to see that it is only for Wordpress

Hi Univiz You can get not exactly the same, but a very similar html from here

no mob landscape?

Sorry no, there is no phone landscape mode. is on our list of upgrades


I have a couple of problems. Can you help?

1). Breadcrumbs and the “Location” icon for toggling breadcrumbs visibility do not appear on my installation when I click on other pages (I know it’s designed not to show when on the Home page). Can you help me get this working?

2).You’re not loading jQuery in “no conflict mode” and your jQuery scripts aren’t formatted correctly to work in “no conflict mode” which is the Wordpress default and proper way to avoid conflicts with other javascript libraries (like Prototype, etc.) and plugins using jQuery (you need to substitute $ symbols with jQuery in your scripts)...unless you have some reason why you aren’t doing that. Is there a reason? If not can you update your scripts? This would really help with plugin compatibility.

Thanks, Parris

Hi, Parris

1- To display the breadcrumb on the site you have to install, activate and configure the plugin for Wordpress Breadcrumb NavXT. I recommend you read the theme support.

2- You are right, I appreciate the advice. I will fix the scripts, as soon as posible, to avoid conflict with other javascript libraries.

Thanks a lot

Thanks for responding so soon!

On # 1: Thank you. I had read the Help file but didn’t make the mental connection that I needed to install that plugin to get the function (silly since I could have guessed by the plugin name). So I found it the hard way by looking at your header.php and then googling “bcn_display” (Breadcrumb NavXT showed in the results). I would have saved you the trouble of replying but I think the system here requires you to reply first.

On # 2: Thank you for being so humble about making a fix. I had a conflict with this theme and SliderPro, which is why I mentioned the issue. All is good now though (for me, as I got help on how to edit your scripts from the plugin developer; others will appreciate your future fix though).


Hi monzon-fidalgo,

Here’s another issue that I could use help with but also may be good FYI for folks -

I had hoped to use this theme as my client’s “mobile friendly” theme while keeping their main theme as the active one for regular web access. Their are several plugins that handle serving the correct theme based on the user agent/device of the visitor. Problem is that Wordpress moves the widgets back to inactive when you change themes (not just Mobile Pro). So this makes all widgets a no go with this configuration (as I’ve got too much in the widgets to move them all back every time I edit a theme). I may have to make the sidebar ids in both themes identical, or create a separate Wordpress install for mobile or …

Maybe for a future release you could present a way to edit theme settings when the theme is not active?

Please let me know if you have any ideas. Thanks.

Is it possible to add one more field to the contact form? thanks, Rich

Hi, RichGags.

Yes, you have to modify the page-contact.php file to add the field and its validation on the server side. To add new field validation on the client side (browser), you must modify the file js/

Helo, great theme,

I just purchase your theme, I heve install a follow your instruction. I use a mobile display emulator tha is acuratefor other test that I have made, but in the mobile the theme display in the portrait tablet mode instead in the mobile mode.

How can I solve this problem?

I am in a hurry to run the site


Hi raimundoela , the theme detects the device when is running on the device. We have tested it on real devices. What emulator are you using?

thanks for purchasing the theme

I want the post and page to display bellow the menu, so vistor can evoid to use the scroll bar, that is my main purpose to create a mobile version on the site.

Please telle me How can I get read of the scrollbar in momobile divase

raimundoela Sorry , I don’t understand your question, can you be more specific or send screenshots ? Thanks

Hi there. I am using your Mobile Pro plugin. I uploaded an image for my header, and I cannot remove it. Do you know how I can remove a header from my page? I have pics I would like to add to the Random section, but I can’t seem to remove the undesirable photo.

Hi osirus23,

You can delete custom header images in the media gallery.

In the links section that overlays the top photo, can you adjust the icons to show vertically and not horizontally on the top?

Hi osirus23,

I’m sorry but if you want to set the icons vertically, you have to make the changes you need in the css. I recommend you start in the file style.css on line 255 class .social

I’m running Mobile Pro 1.0 on WP 3 .2.1. When the them loads on my Android OS phone held vertically it displays with the content area to the right of the header instead of underneath. Any advice?

Hi davidsdesk,

I’m sorry to hear that, We tested it to mobiles that use WebKit 3.1 browsers and Android OS and it worked just fine. I suggest you check the browser version.

Silly Question. But is it possible to run this theme in parallel with another theme

So that They see our existing Wordpress theme when they hit the site from say Safari on a Mac .BUT then if you hit it from an iPhone this theme would be shown ?

Hi Pinktomato

I’m sorry but this theme dont have that feature built in.

Does this them support an image slider on any of the pages?

Hi pankers,

I’m sorry but this theme dont have that feature built in.

Hi thanks for a unique and very useful theme.

I’d like to keep the header bar that you have in your demo, the one that has buttons: “Auto” “Landscape tablet and bigger” etc

Can this be done?


great looking solution. I’m sure a dumb question here… but how do you get this to work if you currently have a wordpress site as your main site? does this get loaded in as plugin on the current site or is there code that detects on the main site and bounces the view to the mobile theme if they are on a mobile device?


is a search.php file included?

Hi grace5,

I’m sorry but the file search.php is not included, the search result is displayed using the file index.php

I like this template, please let me know as soon as I can use this template in paralell with the template that I already have in my website, just like Pinktomato mentioned earlier Thanks,


Theme looks really nice. I want to display my portfolio items, which are sorted into portfolio categories. Would this allow me to display the portfolio categories, wich could then be clicked to view the posts in each category?

Just tried to install. Error message: missing “style.css” Any ideas? (Fresh wordpress install on a new site. WP 3 .3)

Thanks, Susan

Hi susan, sorry to hear that

I installed the theme on the WordPress version 3.3 and it worked fine. Please make sure that the theme zip file is not corrupted and that contains the file style.css, if this is ok uninstall the theme and install it again, if the theme zip file is corrupted download the file again.

I uploaded the theme using FTP and it works fine—that’s all that matters. Thanks for your speedy reply. Merry Christmas

Hi there! I bought this great template but i have a few questions in order to tweak it the way i need :)

1) I’d need the front page to display pages instead of latest posts. Same format style and all as it is per default but listing pages instead of latest posts. How could i do that? possible at all?

2) I love the calendar! but i need it to show future posts (i’ll be using it as a “cool upcoming events” calendar) and only posts tagged as “events” would show there, not all of them. How’s that? doable at all?

3) Can’t find where to setup my social media icons at the header. Where can i do that?

4) I’d also need to implement the “Favourites Icon – app” functionality for both android and iphone as explained here: and here: Anything i should be aware or careful about while doing this? ** tsk tsk if not this would be easy to implement and it would look like a cool addition to this template ;)

Anyways, sorry for this battery of questions just hope you can point me out in the right direction, and congrats again for this cool theme! :)

Hi rogergarcia75, thanks for the compliment I hope you enjoy the theme.


1) In the style.css file added, in line 667, the following rule: . page. post-title> span,

In the index.php file added, in line 6, the following code: query_posts (array (‘post_type’ => ‘page’));

2) The calendar is a widget for WordPress that has a defined functionality to display only the past and current posts if you want to show future posts will have to create your own calendar widget according to your needs.

In any case you have questions related to WordPress I recommend visist the site,, as I am sure we will find the answers to your questions.

3) Read the help of the theme and you will find the answer to your question.

4) Go ahead and make the changes you need.

I hope that everything works fine.

Fixing error in the answer

1) In the style.css file added, in line 677, the following rule: .page .post-title > span,

I have a question is this a plugin like wp-touch or is this it’s own theme because i already have a theme installed i just need something that will help with my mobile users.

Hi sincere5459

MobilePro, does not work like wp-touch plugin, is a beautiful professional WordPress theme for mobile devices and it looks great on any computer screen.