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Works with custom post types?

Hi GhostMaster,

Sure, you can add a custom post type but you have to prepare the theme to show the custom post as you like.

Is the theme translation-ready?

hi R3B3CK4 ,

I’m sorry but the theme is not translation-ready, we’ll have this for future releases.


I want to use this theme just for mobiles – is there a theme switching plugin you’d recommend? Everything I try seems to forget my theme settings when I switch my site theme back to the desktop version. I’m running WP 3


I purchased Mobile Pro and built a nice site. The problem I am having is that it does not resize correctly on some computers. Is there any way I can remove the feature to have it resize automatically? I just want the site to stay sized for non-mobile devices.

How do I make Child Menu items disappear until you click on the parent?

Hi joshuacnorri, You have to use javascript (jQuery) to make that happen

I understand that this theme is not supported on IE 7 and IE 8 . Do you have any general suggestions on what I can do to improve the display on those browsers? Do anyone have any ideas or prognosis on the success of me creating a fixed stylesheet for those browsers?

Hi vaughnpaul The problem is that these browsers do not support css query, which is used to make the theme responsive.

I’ve got a pre-sale question… Is it possible to have more than one article (accordion item) open at a time? For example, when a user visits the site the 3 most recent posts are expanded, and the following are collapsed.


Hi adamlaz, First of all I apologize for the delay in answering your question. But difficulties beyond my control prevented me from being aware of the questions asked about the theme. The list of post is displayed using an accordion so that you can only display the first post open

Can you answer my previous question, please? I have purchased. Now I have another question: Is it possible to make the expanded post show the entire post, and not just the excerpt?


Yes, open the index.php file and go to line 56 and change the_excerpt() funtion for the_content()


I bought this theme, for use with mobile.
But this does not work.
I want to use as WPtouch. I'm disappointed!
Is there a solution?
thank you

Hi comeback, Sorry to hear that but this is an theme with a responsible design to adapt to different devices, does not work as WPtouch plugin.

On some of the bigger Android phones the theme seems to be detecting a tablet and forces the users to scroll left and right and doesn’t give the mobile horizontal user experience. How can I correct this?

Hi joshuacnorri, Sorry to hear that.

In cell phones should only apply the style file ‘style.css’ in the tablet you will be adding the style file ‘css/tablet.css’ and on a pc a file ‘css/monitor.css’, that is to end up using css query rules found in the file ‘head.php’ on lines 23 and 24

Thanks for the reply. I don’t see the css/tablet.css or css/monitor.css? I do see on line 23 and 24 it says minimum width 481px. Do you think adjusting that is necessary for some of the bigger screens, or do I just need to add the css files you mentioned?

Hello I really like your theme, and Im thinking about buying it. But I have one question though..

Right now I have a running wordpress website, and would it be possible to just add your theme parallel to the one running??

so eg. if you go here you will see your theme and if you go to you will see my current theme?? but both are reading the same data from the same database??

If its tricky, maybe you can direct me to some forums ? This would be great in my case, and maybe for someone else with the same setup in mind :)


I downloaded the theme, it seems the file mobile.css is missing from the package. I was able to make this file from the demo, but it doesn’t seem to work. When I try to view it in mobile phone mode nothing changes. Also nothing changes when I view it tablet mode. Can I get an updated theme package file that is functional? Thank you.

I wonder if the developer stop supporting this theme. He is unresponsive to my emails!

We are sorry to hear about it, please any question make it here. Sorry for the inconvenience

I just sent you an email, I hope you can reply.

Is there any chance of getting the PSD file for the Logo?

Hi booblla,

Here is the link of the PSD template used for this theme.

Black Mobile PRO

I am trying to insall and it fails. It says:

Unpacking the package…

Installing the theme…

The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet.

Theme install failed.

Please help!

Hi, Costopoulos

Apparently the theme was not installed right. Removes the theme and upload it again if the same problem continues to recommend you unzip the theme on your machine and upload it via FTP to the theme folder of your WordPress installation. Before you can check if the files you say are missing in the original zip; miss if you can download it again for free.

I hope I have been helpful.


Can this design also be used with

Please let me know! :)

I want to buy this templete, but paypal said that it is impossible, try later :( What should i do?

Hello akill

Sorry I do not know why that happened. I can only recommend you to try it again. I hope you can get the item.

Hi monzon-fidalgo

I really like this theme, its very smart, nice and slick looking. Really nice looking theme.

I would like to purchase it and use it for an upcoming project of mine, but am being put off by how long ago it was last updated.

Do you plan to update this theme at all ?? It hasn’t been updated for almost a couple of years now.

Are you no longer supporting this theme with updates ??

Thanks and thanks for a great theme.