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Hi, can this template implement Extjs 4.0+ based web application on PC can be converted to web application on mobile with different size of screen. I am very interested in it.

hello brain its pure HTML5 , CSS3, mobile jquery template, yeah it can be converted to mobile web application with diff size of screen, you can test its demo on mobile for diff, screen sizes. thanks

It’s work.Installed site:

Thanks for your mobile solutions Makro Web

hello omer

great job :), happy new site :)


Awesome!! Many thanks, this is brilliant, have had fun all day, there are a couple of things Im not sure how to do… I want to change the button top right hand side to be a “Tap to talk” button and how can I make the slider “read more” image into a clickable link. I do hope you can help,

Thanks again for a brilliant template!!!

Helly buddy

Thanks for liking :),

yeah you can update top right icon, you can change its link or image here on line # 98.

<a href="contact.php" rel="external"><img src="images/icon-phone.png" alt="Phone" border="0" /></a>

and for slider “read more” link, you can update href =’any-page-you-want-tolink.html’ for following line.

<li><a href="#"><img src="images/slider/2.jpg" alt="2" /></a></li>

Thanks :)

@omerbirim Thx for mentioning where you have implemented this theme. It convinced me to buy it also. I think you can improve it by hyperlinking the telphone numbers or images to “tel: xxxxxxxxx (phonenumber)” it really makes it easy for users to phone you that way.

hi, i bought the theme today, am using it on smarty template, when ever i move to other pages, then the menu does not slide or the slider does not show up. unless I clear my cache or reload my phone browser. what is the issue?

by the way, this happens when i use the paginated items, when i go to page 2 or 3 , then the showmenu does not work

<script src=”js/isotope/jquery.isotope.min.js”></script> <script src=”js/isotope/Isotope-Filtering.js”></script>

there are no files from the downloaded folder, this code exists on index.html with in the head section, but no files found.

<div id="index" data-theme="a" data-role="page" data-url="/?page=6" data-external-page="true" tabindex="0" class="ui-page ui-body-a ui-page-active" style="min-height: 473px;">

I have paginated items on index.php when i go to 5th or 6th page, then data-url changes from index to /?page=6, hence menu and slider are not showing on php smarty page, what is the best work around to make it work on php smarty</div>

hello raghhav

Please try this attribute, data-ajax=”false” or data-ajax=”true”.

Let me know if you need further help.


No, its not working with that especially for main url. For example: If am on the 6th page, and try to access the home page then menu and slider will be dead.

I think, data-url and id has to match specifically in this case. Any other work around. I specially bought for sliding menu which is very much required for my project.

hello raghhav

did u added “data-ajax=”false”, this attribute in link tag?

also for “paginated items” did you include any jquery files or functions on page?


do you mean, i need to add “data-ajax=”false”, into paginated link tag

Yes, for paginated items, a common header is being used, so all functions and jquery is loading on all pages.

yup please try that in link tag.

Also when we include jquery files or code in pages, we have to make sure its should not conflict with other jquery files or code.


Is this template compatible with IE8 ? Why do I only see a black screen in IE8 (live preview)?

hello roncka

ok i will fix that background issue for IE8 in next version, stay tuned.


Version 1.1 – Updated

—Added – Layer Slider, The Parallax Effect Slider

excellent work keep it up :)

thanks for liking, stay blessed :)

Hi there, i installed the files and cant seem to get it to work, can you take a look at What am i doing wrong?

Please respond to Ta!

hello benhaley

its working fine here on demo link:

please make sure you have uploaded all the folders/files. Thanks

Alia, I have uploaded all of your files to here Website/ folder

All files have been ftp – still product is not functioning, please investigate. I am happy to provide you ftp details if you wish to check all your files are present.?

hello ben

one of buyers uploaded here:

Locally is it working fine? ok mail me FTP i will check this. thanks

Am I missing where to input my company’s twitter name in order for the latest tweets function to work? hmm


right now am using “envato” twitter name,

Its in index.html, line # 223,

userName: "envato",


wow i don’t know how i missed that one haha, thank you. i was searching everywhere in the js and css files.

another question…i want to use the mobile template as a mobile site but would like to modify the template for use as a main site. is it possible to keep the navi bar visable at all times without the main page being partially hidden? and how would i differentiate between the two sites? meaning, i can’t name each one index.html so what would i name the mobile site and how would i get it to load automatically on a mobile device. server side detection or code?

hello no problem :) for desktop site and for mobile website please see FAQ. Thanks

Hi purchased your template and I’ve been having some issues with the sidebar on my IPad. When I initially load the page and click the sidebar it works fine but after I scroll down the page then back to the top again and try to open the sidebar the link no longer works. I don’t have this issue with any other device, I’ve tried it on my mac and my Android phone with no issues as I said I only have problems with the IPad. I’ve tried it on both Safari and Chrome for the iPad they both have the same problem I’ve even loaded and they appear to have the same issue. Do you know what could be causing this?

hello scotty

I just quickly checked this on IPod its working fine as it having same ios too as ipad. will check again in ipad n will get back to you. Thanks for your patience

No problem, thanks for looking into it

Have you had a chance to test it on the iPad yet? Did you find the same problem? I need to know if this is going to be resolved as I was going to use it for my business.


I purchased your theme it’s awesome. WOW – Really nice mobile theme.

I have a question -

If i wanted to make the home page slider a bit bigger in height – Where can i change height of slider to add more height ??

Thanks , and thanks for a great mobile theme :)

Hello mark

thanks for liking :)

yup, all images in slider are 500px in height, if you wana increase height you can simply use bigger images in height like 600px or 700px, slider height will be auto increased.


Great thanks!

welcome :)

Hello, nice template! Any plans to release a wordpress version of it?

Hi, thanks, may be after few months.

@scotty6525 @AliA

Hello Scotty upload a video where it shows a trouble with the sidebar, is that already fixed?

hello jesusdelagarza have you tried to play site on IPad, facing any problem?

Hi AliA thanks for your answer. The demo worked just fine on my ipad also I just checked again the and also worked fine.

It also worked just fine on my ipod touch and it also worked! It also worked on my BB Torch.

So I think this issue has been fixed. Thanks!

hello jesusdelagarza yeah its perfectly working, Thanks for checking :), Stay blessed.

Do you know if this template will export to be an actual APP for an I PAD or Android device?

Perhaps using Phone Build or something like it?