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Not yet still waiting on a response from the Author

hi scotty, replied. thanks for your patience

Excellent Work Man !! I like it That’s Why Good Luck With sales ;) Keep it Up

thanks Hz :)

Very nice work, just one thing dont work, the Twitter share code, check here http://www.allstatecentral.com/mobile/index.html , whe I test the page local in my machine works, thanks in advance.

thanks, but when I test the site on my computer using Dreamweaver the “twiter feeds” work fine, any help will be appreciated, thanks

fixed, http://www.allstatecentral.com/mobile/ , thanks keep up the good work.

ok great :) welcome

Just tried the http://mobile.atinak.com/ on my iPad 4 running IOS 6.0.1 and I’m still getting the same problem with the side bar, its not been solved. Just a thought perhaps the iPod used to test is running an older version of IOS. I’ve also tried it on iPhone 4S running IOS 6.0.1 with the same issue. Is this being looked into or not? If not I’ll have to move on to another template. Link to video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H4NV2NuPQ6o

Thought I better let you know just updated my ipad to ios6.1 and the problems gone must have been an issue with iOS 6.0.1

thats gr8, thanks

Best mobile template I’ve found so far, good job!

I’m interested to make a purchase from you, but I noticed something weird when visiting your demo on iPhone 5. (I don’t know if someone already told you?)

Go to Picture Gallery > Click any Portfolio Style > Click any thumbnail to see full image > Rotate iPhone to landscape > Rotate back to vertical… Now, you’ll see the URL bar is cut off in a half on the top. (I’ve checked out other templates don’t have this problem.)

Most galleries have vertical and landscape images, so visitors will rotate the device. I hope you can fix this soon?


Hello SeanC

Thanks for liking :),

ok i will check this issue and will fix it soon.


Hi there, just purchased the template and we love it, we are trying to add our own style of form buttons and cant seem to remove the affecting css or ajax that is controlling the look of the buttons. Can you give me some pointers as to where to look.

I have tried and managed to get a form button that looks normal but has the “value text” displayed at the side of the button lol.

Any help would be appreciated.



Thanks for liking.

yup you can change button style. please open “css/stylesheet.css” file, goto line # 875

.ui-btn-up-a {}

here you can change its style.


I just purchased this template and on the home page the facebook like button does not show up.

Your advice is appreciated.


Thanks for purchase, may be your internet slow, or this will start working when you upload it, just try to upload, in demo its working.


Solved the problem above.

ok greate.

I have entered the google map coordinates on map.js but the map.html page displays a much zoomed out area, not the coordinates I specified.

var lat = 21.317255,
    lng = -157.866707;

Please advise.


in map.js you can set zoom, line # 43 “zoom: 10,”


Nice Theme however i am having trouble with the nav slider on map and contact page Menu it works on every page but these is there a java script conflict???

Thanks for liking :),

oops yes please add this, at the end of map n contact page code, before “body” close tag


<script type="text/javascript" src="js/menu/jquery-1.6.4.min.js"></script>

<script type="text/javascript" src="js/menu/app.js"></script>

<link rel="stylesheet" href="css/menu/main.css?v=31" />


Hi I just bought this item and as a test installed it on my web server without modifying the code at all. For me the nav bar is not hiding properly. Is there something I can do about this or is this product incompatible with my server?




Please re-upload, may be missed some files to upload.

Its working fine in demo version.




Today i buy this template. Nice work. Congrat. But i have one important question. When I touch the “telephone” icon (icon-phone.png) located in the top right hand corner of the front page, instead of opening the contact.php page, I want it to call a pre-defined telephone number. How can I make this possible? Thans


Thanks for liking :)

Please try this

<a href="tel:+18002752273"></a>



on iPhone I get the message “Install this web app on your iPhone: tap and then Add to Home Screen.” The message appears every time, even if I’ve installed and added the web app! Do you know why?

Cheers David

Hello David

Sorry for late reply, am using that code from this site http://cubiq.org/add-to-home-screen . please see properties here for JS file.



Everything works fine. I have entered the GPS coordinates at the side of the map. The relevant section of the map appeared as expected. However, nothing indicates on the map itself where the entered coordinates can be found exactly. Is there any possibility of using any kind of flag or sign to show the exact location on the map?



i think you can add map pointer on google map, that will be display when open map anywhere.



Great template – Thank you very much. I love the icons in the menu area and would love to find more icons in the same style. Are the icons you used from a larger set that I may be able to download.

Thanks again for a great template

Thanks for liking & buying.

yes you can download icons from following link.



You know the “Mobile Website” text at the top? Do you have some sort of text generator available? I see that it’s an image, I like the text style, but I need to change that text to something else.


yeah its image, font is “Calibri”.


I am about to purchase this mobile website code, all the positive reviews are encouraging and reassuring that I will be purchasing a great product. I do however have one question, will you be adding any page transitions in the near future? I think this would be an awesome addition to this already great code.

Thanks Keith

Hello Keith

Thanks for liking & for great suggestion, not in near future may be later, but that is very easy to add you can get from here.


Thanks :)

I am not having success in getting the menu to work properly (same issue as ususalday posted above). Any insight on server side setup that might be required?

this is an unaltered install on IIS 6 running on win2k3 r2 server



I think you are missing some files to upload, please try to upload all files and folders, seems missing some JS files. Is JS working on your server? Is site locally working fine?

Its working fine here on demo link.




very googd Theme. Could be very nice, if there could be an RSS 2.0 Plugin in this Package in addition to the Twitter Plugin


Thanks for liking n for great suggestion, yeah i will add this later,