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i am searching for the contact.hp Style-Css Example: contact-form or class=”subbutton”

In which file to find?

Hi, find the entry for class “subbutton” or id “contact-us” not in layout.css and not in stylesheet.css ?

Additional: I use Theme “real estate”

hello do u want to change the style of input fields & button ? you can add these classes [subbuttons] in stylesheet and can add your own style, thanks

chaa gye ho aali saaab :p

mandi choryaaa naa :D

I just bought this item and i would say it looks great. Here comes the problem: I wanted to upload this as a theme in Wordpress, but that doenst work. I think i made a mistake by thinking this was a complete theme for Wordpress, am i right? Is there any way how i can use this template in a Wordpress website?

hi marco

thanks for liking, oh yes its not a Wordpress theme, its HTML5 , CSS3 template, you have to convert it for Wordpress that involves coding etc.


Hi, I bought this item, all is fine, very nice template and easy to modify, it’s working in Chrome, but there is a big trouble: it doesn’t work in IE8. (I have not tried in another IE). How Can it fix it?.

thank you very much

hello thanks

ok i will check it, please mail me printsreen,


Where do I input the path to ‘yourLogo’



its a commented JS code, you donot need to use this for “LOGO”, you can simply replace logo file here, “images/logo.png”.


Ignore my question above, worked it out at this end.

hello ok. :)

Thanks for your prompt reply, I just changed (yourLogo: true, ) to (yourLogo: ‘images/myFile.png’) in layerslider.kreaturamedia.jquery.js, as you were indicating, all seems to be working fine. Getting your code to validate however… my goodness!

ok you welcome :)

Hi I’ve run into a problem using you’re template with unordered lists. When I create a list it displays fine in all desktop browsers but when I go to test it on either my IPad or Android phone the right arrow icons no longer display, you’re just left with the circle. I have the same issue with this page so it’s not just me:


please try this link, i fixed on this link and uploaded.

Working link & Screenshot

Not Working link & Screenshot


Well I’m completely stumped the working example you put up works and yet when I follow your instructions on how to solve the problem it doesn’t work. I followed the instructions exactly even trying it on an unedited template numerous times. I can’t see how simply changing the location image and the path in layout.css solves this problem cos desktop browsers have to issue finding the original image using the original path. Are you sure you never changed anything else? Thanks


yes i only change path, path cant be only issue.

did you try this link, is this showing bullets?


Live preview not work, or work very slow !

yeah its working, may be your internet.

Hey mate, I purchased this and have one main issue.

When you press the button to show navigation, you can scroll left and right. I personally don’t think you should be able to do that.

Also on the iPad version, the add to home screen in too far to the left. (Due ti iCloud tabs)

One last thing, what parts of the code do I need to edit to change colours on the nav bar and the top bar?

Thanks in advance, Luke

Hello Luke

You can change colors in this file “css/stylesheet.css”, line # 27, top bar #header { }

for nav bar colors. “css/menu/main.css”

i will check that nav and add to home screen thanks.


Firstly, brilliant template!

There is a css issue with the menu showing at the bottom of map, above footer, and the To Top up arrow isn’t linked. See your demo

Thanks again, Nick

Please open this file “css/map.css”. and replace with following line.

.page-map, .ui-content, #map-canvas { width: 100%; height: 90%; padding: 0; }


Thanks mate.


welcome Nick :)

Re: Tarah70’s post from 2 months ago about adding marker to map.

If you replace last bit of map.js with this code, you’ll be able to use any image placed in images folder.

var latlng = new google.maps.LatLng(lat, lng); var myOptions = { zoom: 19, center: latlng, mapTypeId: google.maps.MapTypeId.HYBRID }; var map = new google.maps.Map(document.getElementById(“map-canvas”),myOptions);

var image = ‘images/flag.png’; var latlng = new google.maps.LatLng(lat, lng); var beachMarker = new google.maps.Marker({ position: latlng, map: map, icon: image });


Hope that helps. 8-)


thanks Nick, i will try this , thanks for your help :P

Hi again 8-P

The contact page scrolls past the bottom of footer?

Thanks mate.


Hello nick

Please try this for form button.

<button name="submit" type="submit" class="subbutton" value="Send"></button>


Brilliant, hat sorted it. [amend your template.] 8-)

Thanks again mate.


you are always welcome, yeah will :)


Hi there, I love the template, well done with it.

I have a small issue, on my home page I have the sliding image feature, I have set the images to link through to a property detail page, however whenever you click to go through to the page the image slider on the linked page does not work. If you refresh the page it comes up.

Can you help, the url is

Many Thanks

welcome , oh ok :(

Please try these links options.


Thanks but I really don’t know much about jquery, and I wouldn’t know where to start with this one, I was hoping you could advise me as the author of this template as to what might be causing the issue.

ok i will check this , and will get back to you thanks

First of all I thank you for an amazing template to work with. Really helped me as i have no idea how to make mobile compatible websites.

My question is;

Is there a way of using my custom google maps in the map subsection?

I have numerous points i need to show and figured this would be the quickest way.

any ideas?

P.S. Do you have a donation page? With how much this helped me speed along the process I don’t feel I’m doing you justice parting with only $8.


Thanks for liking.

Please open this file “js/map.js” and update “lat” & “lng”

var lat = 42.35843, lng = -71.059773;

there is not donation page in this version.


Sorry i think i may have not asked my question correctly. I need to add in more than one location. or can i just repeat the “var lat##, lng##” underneath eg

var lat = 42.35843, lng = -71.059773; var lat = 43.35843, lng = -75.059773; var lat = 44.35843, lng = -76.059773;

to show three different locations?

hello sorry for late reply, its not available in this version Thanks

Also the slide menus in map.html and the contact.php do not operate completely. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news.

Beautiful. Simple really once you get the answer. Ok last time ill bug you(I think), the facebook like button is not showing in any of the themes.

I guess Ill just have to buy a few more copies to show my appreciation.

yeah facebook like button will start showing when you upload your site.


It shows up fine however once clicked on the drop down box is hidden by the row under it

Is there a way to get the blog to mirror my wordpress version? Update the wordpress site and have this mobile template read the RSS and duplicate the posts?

Hi Its static Html5 & css3 template, its not wp template. Thanks

Is there an issue with the iphone 5 and this template?

The slide out menu is loaded but doesnt function. It loads already slid out.


i guess some files are missed to upload,

Please try this demo link,


Does your template look and work the same on tablets?

hello yeah. Please try this demo link, Thanks

Sweet! Thank you!

your welcome :)

Hi Ali,

I have purchased your Mobile website and absolutely love it. I’m currently using it for my business and it was the best template I found after searching for a long time.

I’ve got it working almost perfect. The only thing I still couldn’t quit figure out is how to make each slide on top of the homepage to be linked to another page or how to put a video in place of an image.

I would really appreciate your help on this matter. I’ve been working on this template for more than a month and can’t wait to have it up.

Regards, Fariba

Hello Fariba

Thanks for liking template.

on home page am using layered slider, you can simply link any image on any slide. same like following.

<a href=""><img class="ls-s6" src="images/layerslider/2-4.png" alt="sublayer" style="left: 65%; top: 65%" rel="durationin: 500; easingin: easeOutElastic; slidedirection: bottom; delayin: 1000" /></a>

List of all sliders.

Please use this page as your home page, if you want to use videos in slider.


How do you recommend I use this in conjuction with a wordpress desktop theme? thanks!