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Hi AliA, The Twitter Like button’s code (index.html) refers to a js/twitter/widgets.js file, but there is no such file in the latest download and unfortunately I don’t have a copy of the previous version. Please help. :( Regards, MJG

Hi AliA! Twitter is functioning 100%, but although the twitter share button takes you to twitter, the twitter-share-button itself on the index.html does not show (only the word: “tweet”). Any suggestions how to correct that will be appreciated :-) Regards, MJG

Hello yeah twitter is working fine.

Are you able to see “twitter-share-button” like in demo?


Hi AliA! I’ve uploaded widgets.js file, couldn’t see the “twitter-share-button”, but then used the twitter code generated on the twitter site instead of just changing my twittername in your code, then “twitter-share-button” appeared but the footer part of the index.html dissappeared :) I think it is caused by the “data-hashtags” as the “twitter follow me” code without latter does not cause any problems. Thanks again. Regards, MJG

Re: Contact form.

Some servers will only let mail go the the domain address.

I tried with my gmail address and it didn’t work, but when I used same domain address it worked. 8-)


Hi Ali,

If there are no Tweets to show, ie they’re older than 6-9 days, the page won’t complete loading and the facebook like widget doesn’t display?

Also ToTop not working, have the 2 js file in header, so not that. See

Thanks again.



Seem it was a dodgy token from Johan. Twitter working, but no ToTop still.

Thanks again.



yeah Twitter working,

yup Totop was conflicting with Twitter :( i removed that. you can try that totop.


Hi AliA! Twitter is functioning 100% now, but although the twitter share button takes you to Twitter, the twitter-share-button itself on the index.html does not show (only the word: “tweet”). Any suggestions how to correct that will be appreciated :) Regards, MJG

Hi again – Please ignore previous post – everything is working now 100% :)

Hello ok gr8 :)

Hi Ali,

That twitter widget is messing up your templates, need a better widget mate. 8-)



Twitter widget and slider both are working fine.


One minute it’s on and then it won’t connect to johan’s server, if not connected flex slider won’t work and no image is displayed.

Dear AliA, Love this mobile site, but I can’t seem to get the scroll-to-top button to work currently. It had been working for a while and just recently stopped working. I didn’t change a thing on the code, it just don’t want to work any more. Is there a new code I need to update it with?

Old Code: *” alt=”” border=”0” />

Hello Thanks for liking :) Please add this in header section of your page.

<script type="text/javascript" src="js/totop/totop.js"></script>
<script type="text/javascript" src="js/totop/jquery_004.js"></script>

Let me know it is helps you , Thanks

Worked like a charm. Thank you!

ok great, welcome :)

On the Medical theme, using the accordion, is there a way auto scroll the page to the top of the clicked accordion tab? I have 4 tabs, when I am viewing the content inside tab 2 (middle of the screen) then I click on tab 3 below, the content in tab 3 show at the very bottom of the page and I have to scroll it up to view it. Can this tab 3 auto scroll to the top of the screen?


Did you use this “collapsible-set” ? in demo its has 3 Sections. please try this


Yes, I used “collapsible-set” I view your demo page on my phone and it is not working either. If I put a long paragraph in the content for each tab, if I click Section 2 tab, it is not rolling up to top

I read this article: but do not know where to apply that code?

First, congratulations, this tenplate it´s so gooood.

I want to buy your template, but I have one question it´s possible create submenus? .I think so, but I want to be sure.

And The second question, for my web its perfect this temnplate, but in IE8 have problems to see ok the content, in other navigator it´s perfect, but in IE8 not. Its possible this template work in Internet Eplorer 8?

Thanks for your work.


Thanks for liking, yup you can create submenus, in this version there is no css for submenu but if you want to add you can.

yes in IE8 there is some background images issue will fix it soon.


I’m having an issue with the two columns being too close together on this page

Can somebody offer any suggestions?


The problem was created by deleting the image. Resolved. now.

ok great :)

I am trying to an image at the top of this page that is 768*260. When the page resizes for an iphone the image doesn’t.

Can anybody help?


Hello your link is not working.


Hey again! Love working with this template but I did have a quick question/concern. The mobile website takes about a minute to load on my bosses iPhone 3, where as it takes about 2.32 seconds on my HTC Android Incredible. My co-workers iPhone 4 takes about 3.45 seconds.

So my boss is concerts that the load time for other people with slower phones. Is there something I can do in the coding to make the pages load faster?

Hello thanks for liking.

site loading depends on your internet speed as well cell phone CPU speed.

you can optimize pictures more, to load site faster.


Does this theme allow to integrate php search into it? if yes.. will you be willing to help sort it out if i buy this? thanks.

Hello Alia,

I have purchased this template.

This template has a feature where in entire page along with the R.H.S menu-bar can be moved by dragging in any direction, when viewed on device.

However, this feature is not required for our project. I tried to get rid of it by applying various position attributes to that div, but nothing worked.

Kindly suggest what can be done. Also let me know, if anymore information is required from my side.

Thanks Rubina

Hello Alia,

I do want the menu to slide from left to right,

But in addition to that, while viewing on devices,one can drag the entire page to any position, which is not required for our project.

m seeing it on following devices: 1) Samsung Galaxy Grand – Model No. GT-I9082 Resolution 480×800 (WVGA) Android version 4.1.2 2) Samsung Galaxy Tab – Model GT-P7500 Resolution : 1280 * 800 Android 4.0.x Ice Cream Sandwich

Can u share some mail id where in I can share my pages created using this template?

Thanks Rubina


yes please send me here


Hello Alia,

Thanks for the reply

I have sent you the zip folder of my pages yesterday at above mentioned email, by the id

Waiting for your response.

Thanks Rubina

How might I include a link at the bottom of the mobile version for the end user to go back to the full version when my index page for the website has this code in it, and will send it right back to the mobile folder?

<script type=”text/javascript”> <!— if (screen.width <= 699) { document.location = “”; } //—> </script>

Hi Ali,

Any chance of a fixed header version?

Thanks again, great template.



not yet, coz we are lots of links in top navigation :)

Thanks for liking.

Any idea why the Twitter API does not run on Android 4.2.2?

You have noted that it’s responsive but how many sizes?
Is it easy to add transition on page change?
The demo alerts repeatedly an error, It’s hard to test:
A username and password are being requested by The site says: “



yeah as its responsive from 320px width to 768px width.

yeah uploading latest demo.