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Can you take a look at this

I can’t figure out why the lines between some of the products are thick. The first and last one are not.

Thanks for the prompt reply.

each product box have top and bottom border thats why middle lines are think.


thick *

I bought the Mobile Web Template – HTML5 & CSS3 , back in 12/15/2012, Twitter was working fine, I just realize is not working any more, button is working fine but feeds not longer work, this is the testing link,, please advice if I need to upload again, thanks.

hello please download again, i have updated twitter api, thanks

Hello, are you using Johan Dorper ? because people has a lot of complaints about his product, please send me the link to upload the product again, thanks

Is is possible to link the gallery (portfolio) images to an outside website as in ‘Visit this Site’, if so, how would I go about this? Thanks

I have a pre-sale question. I have purchased a full php-based website and looking for the easiest way to convert it to a mobile responsive website. Is this something your product could help with me, or am I going about it the wrong way? I have a good deal of HTML & CSS experience but very little PHP. Here is a demo of what I am trying to convert:

Thanks in advance.


i have little knowledge of php. but i guess you can do this. i visited your PHP website. Mostly text based pages and one gallery page.

you have to add “Appointment” & “Authentication” module in mobile template aswell.

Please go through demo, and see all pages, if they fulfill your requirement then you can go head.


I’m having a problem with the menu not working on sub pags. Please see

It works fine on the main page but not at all on the others.

If you refresh a sub page the menu works fine.

Thanks for the help.


Please try this “rel=”external” “in menu instead of “rel=”internal”“



I bought the Mobile Web Template – HTML5 & CSS3. Can you maybe help me with this problem wich comes every time I try to upload the .zip on wordpress?

Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /webspace/16/74453/ on line 566

I also tried an upload with FTP but the plugin isn’t shown in the sidebar.

Thanks for the help.

Oh :D ok, sorry Shame on me…

so, is there a possibility to refund the purchase back?

its ok :), about refund i have no idea :) please contact with envato if they have this feature to refund purchase.

Thanks :)

Hi…I wanted to know if I can upload this template on my existing domain and hosting? I am already running a website and now I wants to buy a mobile template to view my website on mobile devices. Thanks

Hi! Thank you for making such a nice mobile site! How secure is PHP form and how to set it up on server? Is there need for Captcha? How to implement blog on mobile site? We have WP blog. I see that sites comes without images. Where to find affordable images to use? How fast sites open on phones? Should we reduce number and size of images? How to add more pages to site? Are there additional icons? Is there options touch to call? What files are not allowed to edit?

hello thanks for liking, you can add third party captcha to make php form more secure, for blog you have to convert to wordpress rite now its html5 template, u can geg images from n, site is optimizes depends on internet speed, you can add or del images depends on requirements, touch to call can be added in simple link tag, html pages will be edit in any html editor like notepad++ or dreamweaver etc thanks

Social network icons missing (left side slide area-top): Google+, YouTube, LinkedIN, Blog, Yelp, Pinterest…

hello you can add more , please get from google or if u need more icons pls mail me thanks

hello you can add more , please get from google or if u need more icons pls mail me thanks

There is no “top” button on index.html medical template.

There is bug in contact forms. Only form in business template is checking input data. Others don’t.

Hello There,

There appears to be issues with the Twitter Feed for this product.

I tried using the to create my feed, however, there appears to be issues.

I also noticed that in your HELP folder, you have a word ^ pdf file that indicate that the twitter portion of your project was taken from product distributed by Themeforest … could you please provide us with the documentation for that product so we can rectify the Twitter issues we’re having? (there’s at least one other person who is having issue with this besides me, hence, the we…).


hi twitter feed is working fine i just re-checked.

i bought extended licence this page will help you to setup you twitter feeds

letme know , thanks

YOU ARE AWESOME!!! Thank You for your assistance!!!


your welcome.

Symbian Mobile are having issue with your theme.. plzz check and resolve it

Hi, Please teach me how to creat a “LiveTweets token”


I tried this page.

But this site said “Server Error in ’/’ Application.”

I know “Consumer key” “Consumer secret”“Access token” “Access token secret” “Request token URL” “Authorize URL” “Access token URL”

Please help me.


Sorry.. It works.

no prob.

hmm twitter doesn’t work! can you send me accurate instruction how can I solve this?

Hello i bought from here, please follow this link.


hi just got notification of an update – just curious to see what was updated… thanks for your continued support of your product, wish certain other envato authors would take a leaf out of your book!


updated layer slider version.

updated file “layerslider-parallax-effect.html”

updated folder “layerslider”

updated folder “images/layerslider”


Template looks nice, but it’s bloated. I already have a site that is based off of jQuery Mobile, but was trying to get away from that. The advertising for this template makes no mention of a jQuery Mobile requirement, so I assumed (incorrectly) that this template was not based on jQuery Mobile.

hello thanks for liking, oh most of mobile items are based on jQuery Mobile, sorry i forgot to mention, thanks

Impressive design for mobile! I like the navigation so much. Great work!

thanks :)

Is it possible to remove the inappropriate content or blasphemous content in “live tweets token”?

Hello i used this extended licence, please see if it allow us to remove extra contents.