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Hello, Interested in Purchasing, but I have a question on the blog. How is it implemented? I need a template that gets its blog content directly from an existing wordpress blog.

Hi, its html template, for that you will require a wordpress theme.


Hi I am going to purchase your Template But I had a 2 questions to ask first question is will it work with the Android 4.3 and 4.4 web browsers and my second question is concerning the languadge can I write in Arabic and change for the example the About Us and other stuff to the same meaning but in Arabic ? Thank you

Hi, maybe a stupid question: will this template work if we install it on joomla?


hello no its HTML based template Thanks

Hi, Great Template. Question, on some Droid Phones the Navigation does not show up under the Portfolio Pictures. Seems to work great on Iphone. Any ideas?

Nevermind, It is just on Firefox. Any idea of a Fix?

How do you implement the Twitter widget with this app? I made the changes in the code but they were not reflected in the app at all. I made the following changes to the code:


But gee, golly gosh. Tony Romo nor any of the Dallas Cowboys turned up on the twitter feed. I wonder why that is? Maybe you can point me in the right direction because what I am doing is not working.

Trying to style my own input button however it places it behind the standard theme button. Where in the css is the standard button code located? I read your reply to another purchaser and line 875 does absolutely nothing.

Never mind…figured out the set up of data-themes a,b,c etc

yeah its will be styled through data-themes a,b,c etc, thanks

Hello, Its have a RTL version ? for e.g navigation panel opens to the right side of the template

Hi, how i can put fixed the top menu?? Is possible?

Very nice work ;)

Thanks :)


nice work. However, the jquery.min.js is screwing up my login module, written in C#. It overrides the form layout with your form and submit button layout and when it postbacks completely messes up and throws ‘2015’ to the screen. Notthing more. If I remove the js file my login works but of course the slide menu does not. i have tried various jquery files hoping to find a ‘compromise’ candidate but without success.

Alas, if I can’t resolve this it is pretty much useless to me aa I also have a similar registration and password request modules.

My C# pages don’t require js includes but of course I want them in the flow of your theme.

any ideas?

hey there .. this may be a noob question .. but is it somehow possible to trigger the Side Menu to show via jquery ?

i want to make sure the menu does show if the screen is wider than 768px (as this is the theme limit anyway its a good way to “use” the left over space .. in landscape mode ..

maybe you could hint me on where i should put the code to make this happen ?


This template include login and register page?

Is there any problem if i convert it from html to php? i think shouldn’t

Thank You

hello login n register page is not included in this version but you can add simple form, yes for php you have to code.


Very nice work.

Thanks :)