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Great job, I love it. Good luck with sales.

Thank you! :)

Hi there,

I’m interested in purchasing the theme however when testing it on certain Android devices the mobile menu appears fairly buggy. Upon clicking the Menu item the menu opens like normal, however clicking it again the menu closes and then opens again. The only way to get rid of it is to slide the menu away. Is this a known issue and if so, is there a fix for it?


We only provide support for Android 4.0.4 orhigher, we’ve tested it on numerous platforms and found it works perfectly! There is no bug! :)

Hi, Firstly thank you for the great theme. It has lovely styles and I really like the swipe sidebar that’s implemented. I was just wondering how I would go about making the header fixed to the top however? Would like to implement it into my site so it always remains fixed when scrolling down,


Thank you very much for your kind words! :) The current swipe sidebar and a fixed header don’t really work together, I’d suggest keeping it as it is to maintain maximum compatibility across platforms! :)

Looks awesome, is it possible to load a splash screen on this. Well im sure its possible, but would that be difficult to implement?

Hey there! WebApp splash screen? On iOS? If yes, it’s implemented by default! :)

Awesome, is there a wordpress version of this yet?

Is there a way to convert this to a wordpress theme?

I am sorry, I am new in mobile.. Is this a Android/Apps apps or a mobile website?


It’s a mobile page. Apps start at around 20.000$ :)

How to change the color of the top navigation bar?

Hey there. Thank you for your purchase. The header is a background image, can be found in style.css or in the /images/misc/menu-bg.png

Wondering how to get the normal check box functionality back into the template? I tried using your support tool, but no answer as of yet. I appreciate your reply.

Hey there! We’re sorry for the delay. We didn’t get any mail from you, that’s strange! Regarding your question, we’ve had a lot of debates with customers about how checkboxes should work, so we decided to only style the anchors, for demo purposes, and let each customer code their radio/checkbox to their desire. The elements are already there, you just need to add the style to your checkbox class!

Hello Enabled…

A while back I purchased your ‘Corvina’ theme to build a mobile admin site. Do you have any newer mobile admin built on your new framework? I liked the fact that Corvina had a login page and a lot of other standard admin things like charts etc., but I haven’t been able to find any other template with similar features. The closest, (I think), is this MobileBar one.

Can you point me to a theme of yours that is the closest for an admin template, or can you customize one for me?


Hey there! Thanks for your purchase of Corvina. We don’t have any newer mobile admin templates, but thanks for remiding us about this! We’ll have a new one designed and uploaded to ThemeForest by the end of October! :)