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Fast and elegant as always.
Kind Regards,

Thank you mate, much appreciated! :)

Hi, can you include plase .po translation on your themes?

I send you a support ticket, Im having some issues displaying theme.


Hi, loving this, it’s very quick & easy to use.

How do i remove the Twitter icon from the bottom of the screen please?

thanks, i got it!

I’m also having a problem with the logo. I’ve resized our png file to 125px wide but it’s only showing half the logo.

Shall i send you a message via your profile or can you help here?

Please use this form right here, our WP dev will get the mail and help you out! :)

sent, thanks alot.


Open “footer.php” and remove/comment out line 18.


Hi, it would be interesting if you make The top bar sticky, so when se scroll down The page, The menu is always visible, like the Facebook app.

Thank you for your purchase and suggestions! We might bring that feature to a new theme!

Hi, nice work.

I’m using a mobile detector to switch to this theme. Problem is that when it switches I lose the menu (side panel)on the mobile version. I can’t find this detail in the documentation.

Using Any Mobile Theme plugin agent detector


Thank you for your purchase!

As mentioned in the documentation, you should install this theme on its own WordPress admin panel. This theme was not developed to be used with a theme switch plugin, because you will loose access to all its options.


Hi, the sms isn’t working in our menu.

I’ve added sms: then the phone number but it keeps removing it from the URL box. Am i doing something wrong?


Thank you for your purchase!

For some reason that prefix will be stripped out by WordPress from menu items. you can use “tel:” and “mail:”. This is not a limitation of the theme but something that comes with WordPress.


hi there! excellent mobile themes! I can’t make my mind on which of your templates to buy!

I have a pre-sales question. I have a photography website and I’m constantly adding new galleries to my blog. If I install one of your WP mobile themes, will the theme pull the post from the existing blog or do I need to create separate posts for each theme (mobile and desktop)?

Thanks for you answer.


Hi, our themes require a separate WordPress installation, with dedicated content.


Hi I like your design for this app. I have a few questions. I never worked with and mobil app so…

1. Do this installs as a normal WP theme… same procedure? 2. I like to add a icon for paypal donation. Is that possible? 3. I will use this to upload photos and I would like to have a share button on each photo so people can share my photos on for ex. facebook, can or? 4. I have to work in iPad, iPhone and Android. Do this theme do that? 5. When the app is done I like to upload it to the App & Android store – can I do that or?

Hey there! I’ve notified our WP devleoper. He’ll answer your question, right bellow my reply as soon as he gets my email.

Hi Mrnicoo:

1) yes, this theme can be installed just like any other WordPress theme. Instructions are included in the main ZIP.

2) sure, you can add a button if you want, but you have to write the code for it since it’s not a default feature

3) a share button can be added, or you can create a custom gallery page (or use some existing plugin) if you wish

4) yes, theme should work on all 3 devices/platforms

5) to be able to do that you’ll have to purchase the extended license.

You can customize the theme as you wish, it all depends on your skills.


I’m having problem with the logo… is showing just a corner of it. Can you tell me how i can adjust the size. Thanks!

I added the rule, still is showing one part of the logo “125px” i had to resize the logo to 75px in other to make it work. Any advice? Thanks!

also, can i change the height too?

Hi, use the following classes to manipulate the logo as needed:





.top-logo > img{


The maximum height for the logo can be 60px, and try using margin-top and margin-bottom set to 0px for the .logo class.

You can also change the default width of the .logo from 78px to a desired value.


Hello, Do you think to make an updatefor wordpress 4.0 ? All the best

Hey Alex! Mobilebar works with WordPress 4.0! We just tested it! :)

hi, can i use revolution slider with that?


Hey there. By default the item does not use Revolution Slider.

Hi, not sure to understand how this theme work?

- can you customize icons, menu name and so from wordpress admin or manual html code edit?

- can you link any wordress page to it?



1) It works like any other WordPress theme, you can customize it from the admin panel. Unless you want to make some major design changes, most of the customizations can be made from the admin panel (icons, texts, menu items, pages…)

2) On your main website you will need a plugin that detects mobile devices and redirects users to your mobile website. The redirection process will depend on the plugin you’ll be using and how it’s configured.

This theme requires it’s own WordPress installation.

Let me know if you have any questions.


I want to have separate theme for desktop and mobile. Do I need to have mobile domain such as m.mysite.com or mobile theme automatically work based on the device?

Hey there. The item requires a separate WordPress installation therefore, the link will be different. Cheers!

Hello! I’m thinking of buying this theme!

Is this theme compatible with other themes like Jupiter Theme? So that Jupiter Threme was seen in desks and this theme in mobile and tablets?

I am about to buy. Thanks!

The item requires a separate installation. It’s not compatible with child themes.