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How does this theme handle advertising?

Hi marlon127,
Considering the purpose of this theme it natively does not. Although you can still place ads through custom codes or plug-ins if you need’em.

Thanks for your interest,

Gorgeous. A new standard. Well done!

Thanks thejapanobserver, too kind!

Beautiful theme, however when you click the “Read more” it brings up a box with only an “X” in the center of it…

damn! There was a problem with the live demo I didn’t notice, it has been fixed now. Thank you so for pointing that out and for the compliment. :)


I love the look and feel of this theme! Well done.

Thanks Mario :)

I like this. But the archive links go nowhere: just a blank page. Many thanks.. Will check back.

Thanks, I’m looking into this and fix it right away.


Fixed. Thanks again for your helpful feedback.

When I click links they appear as images and don’t work.

Hi weride,
Thank you for your purchase.

This issue has been fixed and will be bundled in the upcoming update. If you drop me a message through my profile I’ll send you the updated file right away.


Thanks! Super fast fix thanks again!

I’m really in love with this theme. You did a totally awesome job! Everything is simple and makes sense. I also love how text and buttons are big and things get centered and the flow.. In my opinion user experience is top notch! Thanks for making this; it deserves 5 stars as far as I can tell.

P.S. I hope the minor issues are fixed soon I really want to buy it.

Thank you very much, I really appreciate your kind words and feedback.

Btw all the reported issues have been fixed in version 1.01 which is available for download already.


I love this theme. It’s so cool. I’m pretty green when it comes to WP, but this was so very easy for me to work with.

Don’t know if this is a theme issue, but my links don’t work. When I switch to twenty twelve they do, but I get the black page with an X in the middle when I switch back to Mobile First and tap a link.

Can you help a novice?

Hi wizba4444,
Didn’t I just write you an e-mail?

Glad you like the item, please download and install the latest version (1.01), if you still face any issue drop me an e-mail with your account info and I’ll have a look.


Hi, very good job ! Is it possible to change the colors of buttons ?


Thanks Kevinansiau,

To change the button color only you need to paste a little custom CSS in your options panel. It’s easy I could help you with that.


I am unable to select the ‘bloody’ customisation option. why is this?

Does this matter greatly as it can be customised, or are the two templates the only body designs?

Hi rafedwards,
Thank you for your purchase.

That customization option is part of the last update that was uploaded a few hours ago. Please make sure you have version 1.1 installed, you should see that option right under the ‘Basic settings’ tab.


Hi, it is awesome theme.

I can’t change colors and backgrounds betweedn ‘bloody’and ‘ronded’ versions when I use Theme options menu. Everything change OK- fonts, frames, menus but colors and backgrounds are the same.

Also I can’t find how can I change colors and shapes for post.


Hi batspas,
Thank you for your purchase, glad you like it.

The General Style selector is related to some design elements like the menu, the round corner on post images..etc.., it’s not strictly related to colors, which you can set indipendently from the Coloring Tab, no matter what style you select. Same for background, you can upload one or select a plain color for both styles. If you want that specific background image I used on live demo just drop me an e-mail through my profile page and I’ll send it to you.


What about Disqus integration and social plugins? Will it work fine or the code needs some changes?

Hi fett, Thank you for your interest in MobileFirst.

As far as I know Disqus integration (plug-in version) doesn’t have any special requirements to work, so it should work but it’s untested. Although you may want to work on it to integrate it aesthetically with MobileFirst. Here’s a good tutorial about its full integration.


Live Preview is not working.

Thanks for your feedback. I just checked it out and it seem to work fine now, it probably was a temporary server downtime. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Where do i translate the Read more button?

Hi Kaybe,
Thank you for your purchase.

I just made the ‘Read more’ text translatable for the next update, in the meantime you can manually translate it by opening ‘content.php’ and editing the Read Moretext on line 91.

Thanks for pointing that out,

hello djwd,

have just purchased, but found warning of style.css missing when upload. could you tell me how to make it?

sorry,have just got the right file uploaded and it look fine. Thanks!

Great :) and thank you for your purchase!

I can’t embed youtube videos. or at least I am not able to. I inserted the value “youtube” and then url of the video. no way!!! How can I do that? thank you!

Glad to hear you sorted it out! If you like the template and have 1.5 secs of time please vote the template at this page!



Hi DjWd! Is there a way to get a full coloured logo on the home page? take a look here: thank you!!!

Ok!!! Done!!! Now everything’s fine for regular pc but still black and white on retina display. Any chance to solve that as well?!? Last request (I swear) what’s the proper size for the logo? Thank you

okk!!! sounds like everything’s working now. I have cancelled everything. Uploaded the logos again and then modified the css and now it works! thank u!

Yeah there probably was some kind of caching problem. Well glad everything’s working fine now. Cheers!

Hello from France !

Superbe theme. Thank you bery much !

An idea for a next update : the posibility to chose the color of the background for every entries. It maybe cool !

Hi GuillaumeNatas,
Merci for your purchase and compliments! Glad you like it.

About your suggestion, since all the post-formats colors are already customizable I guess you do mean different colors for each post even of the same post-format? Is that correct?

Thanks btw, I’ll think about it for sure. :)


Yes, it’s that :)

I purchased this item this week for a new blog. I love the look and feel, and have already received many compliments from my friends and family regarding my blog. Great work!

Also had some technical questions for the author and he was very fast and responsive. Very happy with the experience.


Hey, thank you very much for your feedback!

Good luck with your work.