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I am having issues when I insert a Word Press image gallery into a post. When I view the gallery and click on any of the images, they do not show up, an ‘X’ shows up instead. When I create the gallery, under gallery settings, I am clicking link to ‘Media File’. My blog is and it is the ‘Gallery Test’ post. Here is a link directly to the post:

Can you tell me what I need to do to correct this?



Hi, images must be linked to the image file (.jpg, png, etc..) in order to work with the viewer. If you already set the images to link to the Media File, please try the following:

1. create the gallery

2. Link to the attachment page

3. Save the gallery

4. Update the post

5. Re-open the gallery

6. now link the images to the Media File

7. Update the gallery and save the post again


How can I use custom post types? I have the problem: I have edited and created some queries but when I click on a post it gives me a 404 page. Could you send me a code, please? :)

BTW: I have bought the mobile bundle which in was this theme.

Hi Lchief. Unfortunately the mobile bundle is not eligible for support as Envato says:

“Due to the exclusive nature of the Mobile Bundle, the bundle items are purchased ‘as-is’, meaning no bundle files are eligible for item support or updates.”

i guess you should decide bacause you are the Author Could you help me, please?

It’s just that I can’t work for free unless it’s something real quick ;)

Hi there. Nice theme but do you know if this theme is compatible with Buddypress?

Hi cathlick, thank you for your interest in MobileFirst.

This in mainly a personal blog theme, with the proper template files it should work but I’ve never tested it with BuddyPress personally.


Any plans on having a larger selection of social buttons? I’m specifically looking for 500px. Thanks.

hi elaberge,
thank you for your purchase.

No not in plans for the moment, I will look into 500px APIs to see what social interaction they provide though.


hello, this is a very nice theme, I really like it. I have a a pre-sale question :) is it possible to make the blog page have an infinite scrolling feature, instead of clicking “load more posts”?

thanks, Vernon

Hi there, thank you for your interest in MobileFirst and compliments :)

Not from the options unfortunately, that would need to manually edit the JS file or rely on a plugin.


okay, thanks for your quick reply. much appreciated. wordpress offers the jetpack plugins, which can be installed as stand alone and offers infinite scroll. perhaps you can check this link and see if the implementation works with your theme. here’s the link if yes, I will just hit purchase… I’m in love witht he theme :)

I tried but I the connection seem not to work with local installs. Unfortunately I can’t test it out sorry.


Hi djwd,

Fantastic theme! I have two questions:

Would you be able to send me a high-res copy of the background image used in the demo? And what is the font type used in the demo’s menu?


Hi there and thank you for your nice words :)

Which of the two demos are you referring to? Drop me an e-mail through my profile page and I’ll send you the files you need btw.


Hi DjWd.

It is awesome theme. I have one question. Is there DropDown menu in your theme?


Hi and thank you for your interest in PowerMag.

I’m not quite sure I understood your question though, on the live demo many menu items have a dropdown menu set.


There’s a flaw in the design of the main menu. The last trailing slash overlaps the text.


You have created an awesome theme, looks great on all devices and it is currently my first choice for running my personal blog.

Quick Question: Can you make the menu freeze itself to the top of the frame when you scroll down? If not can you add the feature?

If this feature is available, I would buy the theme in a heartbeat!

Thanks. Vatsan

Hi there,
thank you for your interest and nice words.

Unfortunately I can’t add “per-user” features, a custom job would be needed in order to achieve this (or some plugin perhaps).


Thanks for the reply.



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Pre-sale questions

If you’re considering purchasing the theme and have some questions, please post a comment on this very comments board or drop me an e-mail through my profile page. Thank you!


Hi there, great looking theme, but having doubts since it hasn’t been updated for over 4 years. Do you have any plans in that direction?

HI there,
thank you for your interest. The theme is using WP standards and is fairly simple so it still do his job fine. I will roll out an update though checking everything up, thanks for the heads-up!


Thanks for your reply and happy to see that you will be looking at an update. Even if there’s not much need for change, it might do good for sales to have it updated regularly ;-)

An additional question before purchasing, though. In the demo I can see examples different post formats such as asides and quotes. But does the theme also support the link and gallery post formats? And if so, how does it handle these?

Hi there,
definitely agree..! Standard, aside and quotes are the post formats supported, others won’t make any difference on output.