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My contact form will not work.

No action when clicking submit button. I have php on my server… I currently use php for my full-site contact form…


Please advise. Thanks.

Have it working now. I was attempting to include a subject line for the email in the php… but it would only work with just my email only in it.

Do you know if it is possible to achieve this in your php script/?


I unzipped the files to my localhost wamp server. I get an error for all colors. How do I fix this:


You don’t have permission to access /m.mywebsite.com/blue/index.html on this server.

It looks like the files are encrypted when opened in Windows as indicated by the green text color. How do I decrypt these?

Nevermind, I used 7zip instead of the native windows unzip and the files are no longer in green (encrypted) color.

How is this different/better than the free jQuery mobile?


it uses all the jquery mobile libraries…. works and looks exactly the same..

Hi! I need this template to work offline. How can I make this? I tried downloading the online jquery needed files but it won’t work properly. Thanks!

cool template :)

Do you have any plans to update this to the very latest jQuery mopbile version?

Or is it something I should just figure out myself?



I purchased this template few days back. In the Orange color theme style, the list items have the down/active state as blue. How to change that to match the orange theme color?


Excelent theme!

I like a little app (product information) with you template and sell by app store..

What kind of License I Need?


FYI, the “Layered PSD file” is just the logo – none of the layered files for the design are included. A little misleading, should have asked before purchasing, i guess….

Are there any updates to this?

Anyone gotten a reply?


quick question. How do i implement .mp4 videos into the templatee? And, how do i make it (if possible) play in the native video player app in the mobile phone?


Would have thought ‘PSD included’ meant the actual design files instead of a useless logo. I would suggest you add this detail to the description as it’s misleading. We needed PSD file to make some minor custom additions etc but now cannot use the template at all.

Are there any updates

When I refresh a page that has the back button (upper left back button), I loose the button. Even if I go to the index page and back, the button is still gone. The PHP contact does not do this. I can get the button back if I refresh the index page than go to the html page. Any suggestions. I notice your demo does the same thing.

Hi, I have question relating to the licence fee, I wish to buy the template & use it for 3 of my websites. Am I required to buy the template 3 times or a will one single purchase suffice. Many Thanks

Hi, Just have a quick query.I am receiving a # in the URL structure when linking pages. The HTML code looks fine & I have with & without the full path but am still receiving a # in the URL. Any ideas why this may be happening? Many Thanks

nice work good luck with sales!;