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Have a question before I buy this.. Can i change the top header from black to white? If its possible, i will buy it right away..


you’ll need to edit the CSS files that control the color – keep in mind that this is no WordPress theme, just the HTML version and every modification can be done by editing the code, and not from a built in admin (like in the case of WordPress version, which we sell on our own website).


Love the theme, already purchased it. Is there anyway you could extract just the navigation bar at the top for me? I’d be willing to pay for it, I would just like to use that Bar for another site I’m building, it’s very useful.

It can be done, but it’s not an easy task. I would recommend you get in contact with a good developer that can take that out. The problem is not the HTML it self, but the CSS. Hope this helps.

Menu not work in other pages Add index.html befor # in menu href

we’ll take a look ASAP

How can I change the color of both the header_bg_orange and the header_thin_bg_orange? I want to make it this orange color #ff9a47. I already found how to change the colors in the css but not this image. Do you have the psd for just these backgrounds?

This image needs to be changed in Photoshop because the color is in the image it self.

You’ve done a nice job on this theme. I’d like to purchase it, but you only sell a regular license. My understanding is that I will NOT be able to deploy site if it is for a paid iPhone application. Am I reading this correctly? Are you selling an extended license? if so, its not shown.


Hi gpolucci, IT is possible to buy a extended licence on our site: we sell here on redular licence

Cheers George