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Hi BeantownDesign,

first i must say, very good look , great design. Are you plan to make this in an WP Theme?

Thanks Beatrix

Thanks for the kind words. No plans for WP version at this point, but you never know!

Hi BeantownDesign,

I am not found any of the style1.css style2.css style3.css style4.css files in the assets/css/ folder? so the is only one style.css file?

Thanks Beatrix

Hello, thanks for the purchase. That was my mistake, I missed that in the original file upload to ThemeForest, I have re-uploaded the files, as soon as ThemeForest updates the file you can download again. :)

Okay, thanks

Take a look in the documenration, on “3 Column Layouts” there you have the wrong image. no problem only that you now it.

Oh, nice catch..thanks for the heads up. I’ll fix that later today.

Two questions for you:

1) If this isn’t a Wordpress mobile template, then how can I use this mobile non-wordpress template to work with the current Wordpress website?

2) What happens if I have a regular XHTML /CSS website (not Wordpress-based)? How can I make this as a mobile website, without overriding my current website (I still like my website, I only want the mobile version of yours for only mobile users)? How does that work?

The answer is the same for both WordPress and non-WordPress. You would create a separate mobile website using this template. This version of your website would be in a folder on your server. When somebody visits your website on a mobile device you redirect them to your simplified “mobile website” (usually you setup a subdomian “m.yoursite” which points to that folder). There are different ways to do the redirect, i point out one way using .htaccess in the help file with the download. So this site wouldnt be connected to a database in either case, it would be a stand-alone site for mobile visitors.

Really neat template!

Is it possible to not show the slider on the secondary pages?

The secondary pages are actually showing an image as a banner, not the slider. You can remove the banner images from these pages if desired, if you go to the page styles page in the demo you will se a link to a page with no banner.

I love the theme, and am considering using it for one of my sites (wordpress)

I have a few questions.

1. Have you tried embedding thumbnail images that pop-up to play vimeo or youtube videos?

2. Since my primary website is wordpress, would I be able to take my current rss feed and embed something similar to what you accomplish with the twitter page?... Basically a list of 10-20 latest post but it would also automatically pull a small thumbnail image to attach to the individual articles with the mobile site page?


1. For video I would try just linking to the actual youtube video so that the mobile device plays the youtube video in the manner as if you went to youtube and clicked on it (fullscreen, etc). In the same way that when you click on the “directions” link it uses Google maps in your phone instead of bringing you to a page with an embedded map. Another option would be to put the video on a page and open the page as a “modal window” (example of a modal window on the page styles page).

2. I can’t say that for sure you can or offer any support for that, but I can point you in the right direction. See this quick example: which is pulling blog entries from the Feedburner feed on my WordPress blog into a standard jQuery Mobile setup. Here is the link to the article showing how to do that: ... thanks!

love this theme! more sales with this :)

Hello – the restaurant theme that you’ve got there is what I have been looking for. Great job! I’d buy it immediately, but there is one thing missing to start using it. Maybe you can help?

After clicking on one of the lists (ie appetizers, or entrees or mains or desserts, whatever), I would like to have the possibility to display a typical restaurant menu page listing the items at the left, the price at the right and a dotted line in between. Just as you would find on a printed menu in a restaurant.

Haven’t seen this on a mobile site before, but I think that this would make the template complete. Do you think you can pull this off?


You could use the 2 column page style (go to page styles in the demos, look for the 2 column page link). That breaks the page evenly down the middle. A dotted border could be added to the right side of the left column, creating the dotted line down the center. Using the accordion (see the typography page) might be a neat method also. Pretty much anything can be done with a little CSS magic!

Hey Mike,

Anyway you can post us an example of how you would link to a youtube video on one of your pages?

Sure would help to see how it’s done with these awesome themes you’re making!


Hello, you can just link to the video like normal, or embed it on the page (now that YouTube uses html5). On iPhones it will open the video fullscreen when it plays.

sorry to ask this following stupid question, but if this is not a Wordpress Template, what can we use to edit this template? As I always use Wordpress or Joomla to build my sites. thanks for your help. Great template by the way.

Hello, glad you like it! You need basic HTML & CSS skills, and a text-editor like Coda or Dreamweaver to edit the template. There is no content management system like WordPress or Joomla, thanks!

Really really nice ….

And for those worried about not understanding how to edit and use the file, the help file is really good and answers really everything.

Great job …

A really great investment for $9

Thanks for the nice comments, i tried to explain everything to make customizing easy for everyone.

Just super awesome. All the missing links that I have been searching for in other mobile templates. A real deal!

Thanks so much, if you could give it a 5 star rating id appreciate it :)

Hi guy,

I loved this template!

I need to know if it is possible to customize the application to my client and have it in the apple store to download

Hello, glad you like it!

I’m not familiar with the apple store app process, requirements, I’m not sure. You would need an extended license if you were to:



a really great script, congratulations !!! 5 STARS !!!

Now my question is where can I change these words in the sent mail.

Thank you very much

name: lastname: email: phone: subject: message: mailing list: how you found us:

Thanks! Send me an email to the address in the help file with your question and ill help you out.

very nice!, any prevision for wp version? thanks

No WP plans yet

Can you play videos on the pages?

You can embed you tube videos like a regular web page, or link to the video to have it play full screen on your mobile device.

Hi! I’m interested in buying mobilize! It’s awsome! But I have a store and I use opencart… I wonder if I can use it on opencart? Thanks.

Thanks :) im not familiar with open cart so i cant tell you for sure either way.

I am purchase this theme. Did you upload all kind of style css? Style1, Style2, Style3, Style4 are all same color. Thanks From David

No, they are different colors (I just double checked the download file to make sure). Change the link to the css file (like in the help file), and make sure to refresh your web browser.

Thanks for the purchase :)

Hi BeantownDesign,

I am purchase this theme an i have a question. Why I can’t use data-iconpos=”right” on a collapsible content? :(



Thanks for the purchase :) Send an email to the address in the help file. I will send you the code required.