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Is this a matter of uploading the files to the server and it will automatically load the mobile site on mobile devices, or is there programming involved. Thanks

Hi, just wondering, is there a way for the portfolio to display divs instead of external images?

Also, is there a way to get it to load as part of the page (like the header)?

Thanks :)

Hi, I am trying to add the slider to the about page. I copied the code from the index page, but the slider will only show up if I refresh the page.

How do I fix this?

try adding data-ajax=”false” to links which open the about page

Great template! I have a question. I like use your template for a simple app (product informacion) and sell this app by Apple Store..

What kind of license I need?


The extended license covers that (for one app that you would sell), an additional extended license would be required if you were to sell a different app based on the template..thanks.

Hello, I have problem with your Template. I have Tried varius ways to add a new anchor text but every time that I had tried I got on safari browser a blank page. The silly thing is that every time that I insert a broken anchore link this webtemplate had load.. Every time that i had insert a true anchor link something stops the loading. This bug is on safari broswer (iphone 4s), with opera mini I have no problem. Moreover, Every time that I erase the `data-prefetch` option of the link my site is up, but I have a link like this: http://testsite/index.php/testsite/test.php .. A bit crazy. Any solution?

Please start a post at our support forum and we’ll be happy to help, thanks!

Slider Question.

With the latest version, the , Navigation buttons don’t sync or to left, picture goes left and Right picture goes right…. I tried the “FX” options but I only see “scrollRight”.... Any ideas how I could resolve this?

I have a mobile site that I’m a fan at how the slider responds to my finger movements. Pretty responsive. Below is a link to the slider I like and want to see how I can get the mobilize to respond like it with the navigation arrows…. vs

Thank you for this well built site, very gifted and thanks so much:)


you’re telling it to scroll left, so that’s what it’s doing. change the effect to: ‘scrollHorz’ that will scroll right and left :)

Best site ever,,, I’m better at other things but learning all the time… I feel like a jack ass,,, lol… It scrolling Horizontal now… But the nav buttons are flipped… Left, moves the pictures to the right and vise versa, any ideas? is my testing site…

They are working correctly.

Hi -

I just purchased the theme … very slick. I’m staging it on my own website for now, but have noticed when I upload everything the home page slider isn’t displaying the images. However, on my local machine, the slider works great. It’s not a pathing issue, because the circular loader does go away, whereas it would stay there indefinitely if it couldn’t find the path to the image. Can you tell me what else I could look at? I’ve tried this on a tablet, mobile phone AND my PC and none of them display the slider images.

Thanks much!

Please start a post at our support forum and we’ll be happy to help, thanks! Please provide the url to your site in development in your post also.

Thank you. I figured it out. I was trying to data-prefetch a page in the nav section of the index file that wasn’t created yet.

We have one issue. On this page (, once you click open Peter Burnett then click on “more about Peter”, the button font color turns gray and is hard to see. We tried changing the ‘visited color’ on css but it did not work. Suggestions? We’d like it to be white.

Please start a post at our support forum and we’ll be happy to help, thanks! You will need to provide a way so I can get around the maintenance mode plugin also.

OK. Now that I have the “purchased” symbol back, we’ll do that. Thank you. It was missing before and we could not log into the forum without the license number even though we bought the template.

Question on the footer nav icons … I’ve looked at the stylesheet until my eyes have crossed and can’t figure out how to change the rollover color. The default is a brown, and I’d like change it. I’ve gotten the rollover color changed on the regular nav (menu), just can’t figure out the footer icons. Thanks!

try this: .ui-btn-hover-b {background:#fff}

Ahhh … ok, the background tag is already there. Got it! Thanks for pointing me in the right direction.

How do I get the slider to work on pages other than the home page? I’ve added the data-ajax=”false” qualifier to the link tag (as suggested in a previous post) for the page in the arrow menu. However, the second slider is still interfering with the home page slider. Thanks!


When I look at the website in 3G it shows minimal version where as on Wi-Fi it woks fine. What shall I do to run the Wi-Fi version on both 3G and Wi-Fi?

Cheers JS

What do you mean by minimal version?

Minimal Version means on 3G it renders different website without background images, arrows on RHS of links etc., Where as on WiFi it comes as a idle website. Kindly give me your email address and I will send you the URL to look at. JS

Please start a post on our support forum with a link to the site..thanks!

Hello. I too am having problems with the contact form on the iPhone4. I tried creating an account on your support forum, but my purchase code was not recognized. I would very much appreciate any assistance regarding this issue.

please send an email through the form on my profile page with your code and themeforest user name, i’ll setup the account on our forum..thanks!

Why some pages like contact not work in home screen app ?

When i clicked it open on safari !

it opens links with ajax transitions turned off in safari, that’s how jquery mobile works

Hello, Awesome theme you have but i have a small question. I am currently using a food theme, and it has a custom post type called ‘recipe’ instead of posts. Now if i install this theme i want the food recipes to show on the home page and all the pages and all. The ones in the post type called ‘posts’ are now my articles, can this be done? Or can you help me change this theme to fit in my current custom post type and work nicely?

It’s not really that easy, the custom post types are built into the theme.

I just bought the theme and I keep get missing style sheet. I uploaded to theme folder but it keeps giving me this message.

that is a html template, the wordpress themes version is right here:


How can i decrease the space between

Demo Page ( Demo Page ) and This is a demo page used for linking

This is a demo page used for linking.

or beetween

Thumbnail List and

Perfect for a menu, real estate listings, staff members, a list of products, or a blog landing page!

there are too much space.

thank you.

add this to your stylesheet: .content-padd {padding-top:0px}


First of all, Nice theme!!

Second, I want to access your support page, but it says my Purchase code is invalid….

Here’s basically what i want to do…

I would like to have the #panelX, when activated, to display from top.. currently it is relative to #content’s position…

so for example, if i activate a panel while scrolled down… the Panel’s top part gets cut off….

I basically need #Panel and #content to have seperate scrolling… so its not confusing for the user…I can give more details once im able to login to your forum….

different browsers have different support

I’m having this issue with iPhone4 as well… so this means you don’t support safari on ios??

of course it supports safari on ios, it’s built on jquery mobile. the sticky footer does work on iphone4, please start a post on our support forum with a link so we can take a look:

Hi, I already have a website, normal website transfer by ftp to a aruba server. If i buy this there is a way that if i usa an ipad (for example) it will redirect to this mobile website? there is an help file if i buy this, to show me how do this?? thank a lot marco

if your site is on a linux server you can setup a redirect in a .htaccess file, i show you the code for that

Hi, thanks for your fast reply. no is a hosting windows…

oh ok. I have no experience with redirects on windows servers but i’m sure you can find a redirect code at


I have an issue with the right arrow in the listview. Normally, the data-icon=”false” is enough, but it doesn’t seem to work at all on thie template. Any idea how to do that ? I need to have details on some elements of the list, but not on all of them, and I can’t remove of the arrow like as I would like to

thanks !

hello, please start a post on our support forum with a link to your site in development, thanks.

Love the template. Top-notch really. Thanks to the comments before mine I have not had to ask a question til now. In the ul class gallery I would like the have text on the thumbnail. Is this a major change or something I could be walked through. I check the documentation and don’t see a way to do it there. Thanks

Thanks, Will do.

Worked great, Thanks!! Awesome-fast support.