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Hi. Congrats! Really a great job!

Need some help, my twitter page loads on the first time, but in the second time it’s not loading the twitter feeds…

Can you sign me up on your support page?


Hello, please start a post on our support forum with the details and a link to your site so we can take a look, thanks! Here’s details on creating an account:

Hi, Is it possible to add Hebrew font design? Thanks

i have no experience with that, sorry

I set in Load Fonts (File style) to the Hebrew language. There is another place to properly set the font? After changed on it still does not work.

@ import url (; / * font-family: ‘Noto Sans Hebrew’, serif;

Please start a post on our support forum and we will take a look, thanks:

is there a tutorial video?

there is no video but there is help documentation. the wordpress version has a help video to get you started, as well as help documentation

No video gallery?

it doesn’t have a video gallery built in but you could add fitvids.js and use html5 video embedding for responsive videos if you need to.

Hi, I’m looking to purchase this or the WordPress version. Questions first, planning on having a WP for Web/Desktop first. How would you suggest solving the mobile? Possibly, sub-domain, plugin, or JS when mobile client is recognized to send this to this Mobile/Touch site?? Or something else? Thanks

I would suggest a subdomain “” and then setup a redirect on the main site directing mobile traffic to the mobile site (that can be done with a .htaccess file or a wordpress plugin if the main site is wordpress)

Hi Beantown,

I’ve used the original version of Mobilize but have now bought another licence with the updated version and notice the slider is new. I’d like to reduce the slider image height (to 200px) but can’t see how to do this. How would I go about it?

Cheers, Mark.

Sorry, I should have explained a little better, re the slider image height. I’ve reduced the height of the slider images so the dimensions are 548px * 200px, and had hoped the slider would auto adjust to the height. As it doesn’t, the images are being stretched to a height of 301px and cropping the width. I can see in firebug that the slider images are getting set to 301px, but I can’t work out where this is being set, so appreciate it if you can point me at that. Hope that makes sense. Cheers.

right, with the js..thanks!

i am trying use FlexSlider 2 instead of camera slider on my inside product page. but its not working on page loading. I have to refresh everytime then flexslider works. any idea??

add data-ajax=”false” to the links which open the product page.

I try that doesn’t work. may cause be cause my slider is inside the collapsible. div data-role=”collapsible” data-ajax=”false” h3 style=”BACKGROUND: #000”>Photo Slider here /div

please start a post on our support forum and we’ll take a look, thanks!

I think I asked and you answered this question once before, but I don’t see it in past comments….I would like to adjust the portfolio so that I have three items per row. Currently there is three and then there is a leftover all by itself on the next rowl


sorry, some answers got deleted form the forum by accident, please start a new post and I’ll give you the code again..thanks!

hi there, is that possible to add login page at starting page?thanks

hello, please start a post on our support forum, thanks

Does this use a cache manifest file to store the website offline?

Hello how are you doing? I am looking to purchase your theme. Will this work for both for Itunes and Google play?


it’s built on jquery mobile. if you have questions about a certain device please view the demo on that device, thanks

Hi BtD, I’d like to add more than one form…I think I have most of it down, but I’m having trouble configuring the “are you human” area. Can you throw out a step by step on how to configure this?

Thanks, GraphiCoffee

Send me a message through the form on my profile page, I will send you a form that will be easier for you to duplicate, thanks

Hi Can anyone tell me does this script include mobile redirects and also will it allow someone to switch between mobile and desk top version without any issues?


There are different ways of setting up a redirect. I show you how to with a .htaccess file (assuming you are on a linux server). And if your main website is a wordpress site you can setup the redirect with a plugin. thanks!

Hi: Great Template, I am using it for a while and works perfect! Thank you! Just I having an issue with the contact form. in send.php there is a loop where the fields in the contact form will be out to send the form. Instead to print the “field” name I would like to print the $language->$field.

How do I do this? Please, let me know…

Thank you so much in advance..

Hello, can you start a post on our support forum, thanks!

Hello, I notice this template has no video gallery, but the Wordpress version has. You said before we can use fitvids.js. How can we implement video gallery on this responsive template with this script please? Thanks a lot. Florent

The wordpress version has the option for featured videos on blog posts. If you are looking to embed a video on a page you can simply include the script for responsive videos, then embed your youtube or vimeo code on the page


it seems that the twitter-feed is broken – also on your preview…

what should i do?

Best, D.

Twitter made made some changes which made the script stop working. We have resolved the issue, as soon as TF approves our update you can update you files. I will update this post as soon as they approve the update to let you know, thanks.

The update is ready on ThemeForest. Please re-download the template. Replace the twitter script in your current scripts.js file with the new twitter script from the download, add your user name of course. Also add the 2 new php files in the includes folder to your includes folder, upload it all to your server.

...nice – thank you!!

I can use BarCode so my client can access the site on your phone, no problem. But how can I do so that it remains as an app on the phone icon to access ?

Please start a post on our support forum, thanks