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Hello, Great work! I need your help in order to fix a problem with the following situation: 1. The website is 2. It works properly when using WiFi to browse it. 3. When browsing it via the mobile phone internet service, it loads the Home page and the it shows only a blank screen. It is happening in iPhones (they can browse in any other website). Thanks and regards

It’s loading fine on my iphone with wifi shut off. Make sure your phone is actually connected to internet service.

Hello, in the main menu I removed the “data-prefetch” code and now it loads properly.

Oh ok, glad that worked out :)

Hey Beantown,

Just wanted to let you know I’ve just purchased my 4th license of the Mobilize theme. I think it’s great that you are keeping it up to date with upgrades (jqm 1.3) and added the Camera slider. I’m always looking for ways to make each implementation as different as I can from the previous ones, so if you ever get around to adding new tweaks and elements that make it easier to ‘disguise’ the fact I’m using the same template, you will have almost the perfect base for mobile sites. Add a revolution slider as an option and it will be the perfect one. :D All the best and thanks for making me look good.

Regards, Mark

Thanks for the kind words and the support :)

I purchase the template a little while ago, all of a sudden the twitter feed stop working. It was working, however today I’ve noticed the stream is no longer showing up. I also checked my main site and my joomla twitter plugin stopped as well. is there something going on with twitter… Is there a link where I could find the solution to the problem.. thanks in advanced

Twitter made made some changes which made the script stop working. We have resolved the issue, the update is ready on ThemeForest. Please re-download the template. Replace the twitter script in your current scripts.js file with the new twitter script from the download, add your user name of course. Also add the 2 new php files in the includes folder to your includes folder, upload it all to your server.

perfect- got it working. I appreciate the help. Great job on the template.

Hi BeantownDesign,. I have a question before buying. Is your site supports Hebrew language? Is RTL language.

We don’t support that, but it is built on jquery mobile and there is code for that situation here: but that being said, we don’t support that.. thanks!

On the two column layout, there is no padding between columns, and it looks like the css for it is in a remote file. How can a padding be added?

Try wrapping the content in a div with a class, and then add css to your css file:

<div class="padding-div">content here</div>

.padding-div {padding:10px}


love the panels feature is there a way to make the panel scroll independent of the main UI.



you can put data-position-fixed=”true” on the panel to make it fixed, and the page will scroll, you can’t have the panel itself scroll different than the main page


is there a way to re-position the top navigation buttons i.e. the back and home button also to addition icons may be social icons etc.



That would take some custom coding. Please start a post on our support forum, thanks.

Hi I am working with your theme now and have set up 20 slides in the home page slider. They are part of he concept I’m using the theme for. But for some reason I cannot get the theme to save these, is there a limit to how many slides you can have in the slider. I can’t find any documentation anywhere that suggests this. And is there a way in the coding to increase this limit. I bought this theme because it suited my concept perfectly but if I cannot do this, it will not work

Please start a post in our support forum, thanks:

hello, and I bought this in Themeforest, you can tell me how to include copy and blind copy of the email form?

Please start a post in our support forum, thanks:

sorry, where i can found my Purchase codes ?


After compressing the downloaded theme folder, wordpress dashboard still says “theme installation failed”. What do I need to do?

Are you sure you purchased the WordPress version of Mobilize and not the html version? They are 2 different products, you will need the WordPress theme version to use with WordPress

Yes, it must be the HTML version because one of the 3 folders is titled “HTML”. Nowhere does it say there are 2 version, nor am I able to locate the Wordpress version. How do we fix this?

Hi Beantown… tried to reach support but site is down or does not work. However, I just purchased your Mobile templates and created a site. The problem is: The contact form does not work. All i did is adding the information to the config.php file but if i try to send an email the Site either freezes or reloads with empty form and no email gets send… what can i do? Please feedback ASAP

Hello, our forum was down because of the Bluehost server outage issues, but we are back online. Please start a post there are we’ll help you out:


Can this template display a RSS feed?

it’s not built in but it’s built on jquery mobile so you can find some code out there to use (search for embed rss feed on jquery mobile), one example:

woops, wrong comment thread, please disregard..

Hello Beantown,

I wan’t to congratulate you for the great job you’ve done. keep it up!!!


it all needs to be on a server running php, it won’t work locally

Hello Beantown, Yes i am running php in my server.

Ok, please start a post on our forum so I can help you debug:

Great looking theme. The issue I’m having is when I click on “view full site it directs to the full site page but it’s just all text? Please get back to me asap. The website is


try removing data-ajax=”false” from the link. if that doesn’t fix the issue please start a post on our support forum:

Is it possible to implement a Online Pizza Ordering with these templates?

Something like a Shoppingcart…..

Thanks a lot

nothin I know of to make that easy, I would suggest looking for 3rd party software

what if i use your wordpress version? could i implement woocommerce?

it doesn’t support woocommerce, but we have 2 responsive themes that do (swag and hipster):

I have what may be silly questions but…

1)Does this mobile template work with a basic HTML site.

2)Does the static mobile website need to be hosted in a separate subdomain?

3)Is the mobile template optimize for iPhone, Android and other mobile devices?

thanks Mate

1. Yes, you use this to create a separate mobile website and then setup a mobile redirect (with your. htaccess file usually)

2. It just needs to be anywhere, as long as you setup the redirect..setting up a subdomain pointing at the folder that the mobile site is in is the easiest/cleanest way to do that.

3. Yes

last question, so if the user finds my static html site in the Google serps (from a mobile device) they get redirected to my mobile website when browsing to my main url with the. htaccess file set up? regards

You need to setup a redirect (probably with your .htaccess file) and then redirect them to your mobile site when they visit your html site.

I realize this app isn’t necessarily for mobile apps…but when used as a mobile app, there is a noticeable flash of the screen in between pages….with page transition set to none. I haven’t run into this on other templates.

Here is the app that flashes:

Thanks so much.

Hi, i have a big question before a purchase this template, cause i really really like to do that, but can i modified this to work with phonegap? its a framework, i don’t know if u heard about that, but i’m dealing with it in eclipse, other program, and i need to know if i can work with your template and eclipse, and of course, with the framework of phonegap, please answer me :)

It’s built on jquery mobile so yes, I know people use jquery mobile with phonegap. That being said, I have no experience with phone gap and that’s beyond the support of the template but if you know what you’re doing you should be all set.


What people do not know about this template is its complexity. Not anyone can use it. I bought it but I will not use it. It’s so time consuming. Too Complicated. Not for me. Thank you!!!

Sorry for my last comment. I wrote it too fast. Finally it’s not so bad, just tired. Thanks.

Just to clarify, it’s an html template so you do need html and css editing skills. There is extensive documentation included, and we have a support forum if you need any further help Thanks :)

Hello! Before I purchase this item, I would like to know if this could be easy to handle with Django and Django templates?

There’s any problem using this framework?

I don’t have experience with that sorry