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woocommerce compatible?

No, but we have 2 WordPress themes which are, Swag and Hipster. Thanks

How do you disable the Div’s around <input>s on the page.

Please start a post on our support forum so we can help you out, thanks

Hi, Does it support rtl languages such as Arabic and Hebrew?

No, but it it built on jquery mobile and there is an unofficial rtl version of that which you may be able to use (but is beyond the support of our template):

Hi, thanks for the great download,

i have one problem, i cant open the contact.php file in chrome or safari, when i click on it in the index.html file. what can i do about this?


You need to have the page on a server running PHP

Hi just got your theme yesterday and like it allot.

I need this theme for a danish site (Denmark – Europe) Her we have some strange letteres (Æ, Ø, Å) and this is a problem on the phone, it cannot show danish letteres. Normal this can be fixed by saving the folder as UTF-8, however this do not work.

Can you help me with this issue…

NB: it’s okay on the desktop but somehow not on the phonebrowser… Have no problems elswhere

Rest of the theme is pretty cool, so thanks for a great theme :)

please start a post on our support forum and include a link to your site, thanks

never mind found a way, not the best but works… this is a problem for jquery in general

Hi BTD, I’m getting reports that apple mobile users cannot use my site anymore. We have tested the site on an apple desktop and it does work there. On the mobile device there is apparently momentary blip of the website then all goes black. I have not made any changes besides moving data around a bit. Have you heard of any comments like this? Thanks,

I already registered.

I tried putting it again and get the error message: This purchase code has already been used.

You just need to login and click on the correct forum. If that doesn’t work send me an email through the form on my profile page with your code so i can take a look.

is there a way to make the contact form not required for some fields?

I answered your email, thanks

Hi, does this theme support other mobiles phones beside iPhones, like Android, etc. Thank you.

Yes, all modern phones

Hi there When I link a button to an external page this page loads but keeps mobilize css instead of its own css. Any workaround o this?

Got it. no problem data-ajax=”false” is the solution. Thanks

Hello: Thank you for this great template! I uploaded this template long time ago, everything was working properly… but now when I access the contact form page the page is not organize, it seems like the css is not uploading…and after I refresh the page everything works fine.. How I can avoid this behavior? Thank you so much in advance.. Steve

You need to add data-ajax=”false” to the links which open the contact page

Hi. Already added support WooCommerce? Thanks

Sorry, no WooCommerce support for this product but we do have 2 responsive WordPress themes with full WooCommerce support:

I can’t load pages with locally Chrome. IO get an error message: can’t load page. It’s ok with FF and IE. Is this possible?

I’d like to design with Chrome.

It works in Chrome, I just tested to be sure. Try clearing out your cache, reloading, etc.

Payment success! Where to download?

Doesn’t look like you have purchased it. If you have click on your “downloads” tab, all your purchases are located their.

will the run side by side with the acoustic theme, as the mobile side

Support page is down so I sent via email and here

Installing Theme from uploaded file: themeforest-1712565-mobilize-touch-optimized-mobile-template(1).zip

Unpacking the package…

Installing the theme…

The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet.

Theme install failed.

That is an html template, not a wordpress theme. The wordpress theme version of mobilize is located here:

Can I get a credit toward the theme or do I need to run both

If you want to use the WordPress theme you would need to purchase that separately (you wouldn’t use both, only one or the other), we can’t do credits because ThemeForest is in charge of all purchases/transactions, you would need to contact their support.

Your support system is down. How do I get rid of the top white border on the footer icons on the sub-pages? I can’t for the life of me figure out where its coming from.

Yes—I don’t have it online right now, but this file: <link rel=”stylesheet” href=”” /> I think is what is causing it. Can’t delete the file because then the nav buttons at the top go away.

Right, you need that, that’s the main CSS file. I’m still not sure which white line you are referring to though, the icon images don’t have a white border. If you are referring to the border at the top of the button itself, you can add the following to your css file to remove that border:

.ui-btn-inner { border-top: 0px }

YES! Exactly what I needed. That worked—thanks so much for the quick solution.

One more question: I had to take one of the bottom icons in the footer out – how do I center the remaining 3 relative to the page? Thanks!

Remove the following from the div around the footer section:


Beautiful! Thanks so much!

Hello, I just bought the theme at 30$ and unfortunately doesn’t seem to be the WP theme, I just have the HTML file. Could you help please ??

Thank you Philippe

It looks like you purchased the html file and not the wordpress theme, those are 2 different products

Hello: I bought the theme more than a year ago, and it was working fine… Today, I noticed the click-to-call link at the bottom is not working… when I clicked on it , it open a new page with a message “page not found” and it didn’t make the phone call automatically like it did before… Do you know how fix it? Thank you so much in advance. Steve

Please start a post on our support forum with a link to your site

Solved….Thank you. Now, I have an issue with the contact form. 2days ago I posted a question in your forum, but I didn’t get an answer… Please, Can you help me with this?

Just responded, thanks

Just purchased this and customized a little by replacing the logo, and the slider images. But when I view this on my iphone, the slider and content seems to be taking up about 35% of the left side of the screen real estate. Is iphone5 supported?

Please start a post on our support forum so we can help: