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Mobilized-2 - Responsive & Modular Email Templates

Mobilized-2 - Responsive & Modular Email Templates


Mobilized-2 is the second installment in a set of responsive, modular, and highly-customizable professional email templates, which work well with modern mobile email clients (mostly iOS and Android mobile devices), as well as the older and newer desktop and webmail clients (e.g. Outlook 2003-2013, Gmail, Outlook.com).

They also work well with any email service provider out there (e.g. Constant Contact, Aweber, iContact, etc.) and are in fact bundled with fully-editable templates and modules for those who are subscribed to MailChimp or Campaign Monitor.

What You’ll Get:

  • 7 example layouts in 7 color themes and 2 background-colors (dark and light) — 98 ready-to-use basic layouts

  • 34 modules (also in 7 color themes and 2 background-colors) that you can mix and match to create hundreds of new layouts — a total of 476 basic module files. You can also mix and match these modules with Mobilized-1’s modules, giving you a total of 68 modules to play with.

  • Fully-editable MailChimp and Campaign Monitor versions of the basic layouts and modules — which means you can easily edit them within each email service provider’s template builder (no need to add template or merge tags)!

  • All of the above-mentioned files also come in separate CSS-not-inlined and CSS-inlined versions:
    (1) The CSS-not-inlined files have its desktop/general styles still to be inlined; which means if you want to make page-wide edits first to the files (e.g., change body fonts used, change heading colors, etc.), you can easily do so.
    (2) The CSS-inlined files have its desktop/general styles already inlined; which means you no longer have to inline these styles once you’re done modifying a layout, or creating your own using the modules.

  • The Mobilized templates were designed from the start to work well with ANY email service provider and was tested accordingly, so you can be sure it’ll work fine in your ESP. (Just contact me if you need any help)

  • A detailed help manual (in FAQ format) that will teach you step-by-step how to edit a layout, how to create a layout from scratch using the modules, how to make responsive a different-sized image, etc. and other tasks you can do to fully customize the templates for your own use

  • PSDs of all the icons and buttons used, which you can edit to your liking.

Looks Good in Both Desktop and Mobile

Mobilized is both responsive and scalable, which means it looks great on mobile devices, whether their browsers or apps support media queries or not. With email mobile opens now on top, it’s now unacceptable to have an email message that’s difficult to read on mobile. Just resize your browser when viewing the demo templates to see this in effect.

Mobilized-2 - Responsive & Modular Email Templates - 1
Mobilized-2 - Responsive & Modular Email Templates - 2

Create Your Email in Minutes

With its modular structure, Mobilized will help you create your message quickly by giving you the power to copy and paste modules into a layout of your liking. Then, you can just insert your own text and photos, and you’re done!

Mobilized-2 - Responsive & Modular Email Templates - 3

Here’s a quick overview of all the modules that are available for you in Mobilized-2:
Mobilized-2 - Responsive & Modular Email Templates - 4

Completely compatible and interchangeable with Mobilized-2 are the Mobilized-1 modules, and here’s a preview of them: Mobilized-2 - Responsive & Modular Email Templates - 5

Download the PDF (right-click or command-click, then “Save As..”) for a more detailed look at all the modules for both Mo-1 and Mo-2. Mobilized-2 - Responsive & Modular Email Templates - 6

What’s more, if you’re using MailChimp or Campaign Monitor, you’ll be able to fully edit the example layouts and modules within MailChimp or Campaign Monitor itself, which makes editing the dummy content and images all the more easier!

Adaptable For Any Purpose

With more than 30+ modules you can mix and match according to your email’s intent (not to mention, in 7 color themes and 2 backgrounds), you have a lot of choices of content formats that are available to you in helping you craft your perfect email message. What’s more, other editions of Mobilized (like Mobilized-1) come with modules that are compatible with this release, giving you more modules to choose from.

Mobilized-2 - Responsive & Modular Email Templates - 7

Tested on Various Email Clients

Mobilized was created with mobile responsiveness and scalability on top of mind, but popular older (Outlook 2003-2010) and newer (Outlook 2013, Outlook.com) email clients were never sacrificed. Check out the inbox screenshots to see some proof that Mobilized also looks good across several webmail and desktop email clients.

Mobilized-2 - Responsive & Modular Email Templates - 8

Fully Editable in MC and CM; Ready for the Other ESPs

Mobilized comes with separate versions of the layouts and modules that are completely editable within MailChimp and Campaign Monitor. It has also been tested in other popular ESPs like Constant Contact, SendGrid, StreamSend, AWeber, iContact, Benchmark Email, and Vertical Response. And if you’re using a different ESP other than these, Mobilized will most likely work in it too.

Mobilized-2 - Responsive & Modular Email Templates - 9

A Nice Investment for the Future

This edition is the second release of the Mobilized email template suite, giving you more modules (68 combined modules for both Mobilized-1 and Mobilized-2) and a lot of content format choices for your different email campaign purposes.

Mobilized-2 - Responsive & Modular Email Templates - 10
Mobilized-2 - Responsive & Modular Email Templates - 11

NEW in Mobilized-2: An Editable Animated GIF Banner Ad

Mobilized-2 comes with an Ads module that allows you to add a banner ad to your campaign that can draw the attention of your readers, since it’s an animated gif. With minimal Photoshop knowledge, you can edit the text in the banner (including the button’s text), the font of the text, or the background image of the banner (detailed instructions on how to do these are found in the documentation). Check out the animated gif banner ad in layouts 08, 10, 12, and 14.

Mobilized-2 - Responsive & Modular Email Templates - 12

Feature requests? Please message me

  • Are there any features or functionalities you’d like to see in the Mobilized templates? If there are, just let me know, and I just might include them in Mobilized-2’s next updates or in future releases of the Mobilized email template suite.

That’s all, folks!

If you like Mobilized, please rate it and/or leave a nice comment/feedback for me. For any support-related inquiries, please contact me through my profile page. Thank you!