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Hi I want to purshase the template but i need to know if this template is compatible with my Email Marketing platform Mailrelay. Thanks

Hi Juliana,

Thanks for your interest in Mobilized-2.

I signed up with MailRelay just to test their system, and I was able to send a test email to my Gmail account without any problem. You just have to choose the option to paste in HTML code, and you’re good to go.

Check out the screenshot I took while I was working inside MailRelay.

Thanks, nice day

Hi, do you have any templates that work with Craigslist?

Hi newcomme,

Thanks for purchasing Mobilized-2!

Well, I’m not sure what you want to accomplish with Craigslist (Does it now allow you to send bulk emails?), but if Craigslist (or any email service provider for that matter) allows you paste in HTML code for the email campaign you want to send (rather than just plain text), then you can use the files from the plain modules/layouts folders, and I’m pretty sure they’ll work fine inside Craigslist. (Just don’t forget: absolute paths for images, and inlined desktop styles. See documentation for more info.)

Hope that helps! Please don’t hesitate to message me again if you encounter any issues while working on your campaign. I’d be glad to help you out.

Hi Roy, I sent you a question about getting the template into MailChimp, but I figured that out (so, uh—nevermind :)); However, have a new problem. I have several of the same modules throughout my one template (TEXT-01f MODULE). I can’t seem to enter text into one of the text modules without it only showing up in the first Text-01f module. No matter where I try to edit my content within mailchimp, it sends the text all into the first module. I hope that makes sense and you can help. thanks!


Thanks for purchasing Mobilized-2.

I got the message you sent in my email inbox. Let’s continue the conversation there. Thanks again.

I should say that this is happening as I try to create a campaign inside mailchimp using the template. I will love this when I can figure out how to actually use it, I’m sure!

Again, let’s continue the conversation through my email. Thanks.


I’m having trouble installing the template in Aweber.

Am I suppose to copy the layout or use the modules to install the template in Aweber?

Any help on how to get started would be appreciated.


First of all, thanks for purchasing Mobilized-2!

Well, the answer depends on what you want to accomplish.

If you’re already satisfied with what you see in a layout, then you can already replace its images and text with your own, and upload it to AWeber.

But most likely you’ll want to insert new content or delete some of the content in a layout; in that case you might want to edit a layout (insert or delete modules as you please), or create your own layout from scratch by stacking modules on top of one another (please check the documentation on how to properly do this).

Also, in AWeber, you’ll have to find the option wherein you can paste HTML code, and choose that option to paste in your already-edited HTML file, so that Mobilized-2 would work in it.

I think I saw your email message in my Gmail inbox; let’s continue the conversation there. Thanks again.

(PS. Here’s a screenshot I took while I was working with AWeber a few weeks ago; although, this was for Mobilized-1.)

Great templates :) Very proud to send them to my members. Thanks for such good work

Thanks for your kind words also! Really appreciate it.

I’m having trouble understanding whether Mobilized-1 and Mobilized-2 are different templates, or if MB-2 is just an update to MB-1. Please advise and if different, what are the differences.

“if I want the complete suite I’ll over time need to buy all 4 sets of template”—well perhaps if you want to have every module available then yes you could do that, but each member of the suite can completely stand on its own; for example, both MB-1 and MB-2 has seven example layouts, with hundreds more possible in different combinations, depending on the layouts you can create with all the modules available to you…

The templates only differ with regards to the modules that make up an email template (both MB-1 and MB-2 have currently 34 modules); the great thing is, you can combine modules from both MB-2 and MB-1 according to your campaign’s need.

I actually have a PDF file that outlines all the modules available in both templates; if you message me through the form in my profile page or email me at sporkweb at gmail dot com, I can send it to you.

I was actually in the process of updating the description of both Mobilized templates a few days ago to more completely describe its modular nature, but somehow my current workload prevented me. Anyway, with the PDF file I’ll send you, you’ll get a more complete picture of what I’m saying here.

Thanks Tom!

Terrific! I’ll be emailing you shortly.. and buying one or more templates shortly thereafter. “somehow my current workload prevented me”.... hmmm, that sounds like a problem I have often!!.. glad I’m not alone.

Tom.. you can be sure you aren’t! Anyway, I’ve already sent the PDF file; I hope you’ll be happy with what you’ll see there.

Hi there – I don’t supposed you could send me the best dressed way to get your “TEXT-PHOTO-COMBO-11” to have the text on the left and the image on the right? All dimensions to be the same.

Hi James.. what you want is easy to do. Let’s continue the conversation through email so that I could send you the file you need.

Hello, Is there a code that I can add to change all links in the email to a specific color? In your example templates all of the links match the template’s headings, divider bars, etc. and I can’t figure out how to do the same with my emails.

Thanks in advance! Julia

Hi Julia,

Thanks for purchasing Mobilized-2. :)

This is easy to do; you just have to look for the color that was declared for the anchor tags inside paragraphs and headings, and replace that with your preferred color.

Please send me a message through sporkweb AT gmail DOT com (you can also do this conveniently by leaving me a message in the form on my profile page), so that I can show you how it’s properly and quickly done.

Thanks again.

Hi there – just not sure why the logo in the below wont responsively re-size properly. Any ideas would be great!

Cheers and thanks for your time! JI


Hi JI,

Thanks for purchasing Mobilized-2.

I checked your HTML emailand it appears you used a header logo with a different size than the original placeholder logo.

In this case, you’ll need to edit the size set for the logo in the 480px and 320px media queries CSS declarations, so that the logo re-sizes nicely for these mobile screens.

I actually already did the work for you, so just message me through my profile page or email me at sporkweb AT gmail DOT com so that I could send to you your edited HTML file.

Cheers, sporkweb

Hi there. We’re having a really strange error with Mobilized-2 and Lyris. When we send tests to ourselves in Gmail, it literally cuts the message in half … vertically! Looking at the code in Dreamweaver, it looks exactly how we want; we move it to Lyris, and some of the modules start shifting. Then when we test it, the vertical cut happens. Any ideas/suggestions for fixes?

Hi cbreshea,

Thanks for purchasing Mobilized-2.

I have no idea how that issue is appearing—a layout cut in half, and vertically at that! Maybe the Lyris support staff can help you out with it?

Anyway, I’ll try to sign up with a free account in Lyris (if there is one), and try to figure out a solution myself. (Or if you could trust me and allow me to temporarily use your account just for testing purposes, that would be great. Thanks.)


This is a pre-purchase question:

I want to be able to edit these templates within constant contact. Will it be possible to do that with these templates? I know you mention in the description that they are mailchimp and campaign monitor ready, but i want to make sure i can edit them easily within constant contact as well. Thanks!!

Hi herb9488,

Thanks for your interest in Mobilized-2.

If you’re expecting to edit Mo-2 email templates inside Constant Contact the way you’d edit their default templates (e.g., changing the fonts and colors directly on the page), then you won’t be able to do that.

However, changing the placeholder images and text (and every imaginable aspect of an email template) are always easy to do with a text editor (as long as you know what to modify), and in this I can help you (for free).

Just contact me directly (sporkweb AT gmail DOT com) so that we could discuss further what you want to accomplish. Thanks again.

Nice work!;

Thanks man!

Hi I am getting a message on from my computer after I installed the MOBILIZED 2 that this application is not found!! I do not understand how I can run the application with witch program? thanks

Hi BelsenHealthCoach,

First of all, thanks for purchasing Mobilized-2, and my apologies for the delay in my reply.

I’m not sure I understood your question—Mo-2 is not an application; it’s a collection of editable HTML email files which you can modify for your email campaigns. If you need any help working with it, please don’t hesitate to send me a message at sporkweb AT gmail DOT com.

Thanks again and regards.

Hi, I am trying to use this template in Constant Contact. Pasting the HTML into a normal template strips out all the CSS and other template features and thus resulting in a non-responsive message. And when I try to us the “Use your own code” feature I can’t save because it says “can’t use characters…”.

How does one use this template with Constant Contact?


Hello manzanita,

My apologies for the delay in my reply, and thanks for purchasing Mobilized-2.

re: CSS being stripped out—if you’re using the version with inlined CSS (i.e., CSS declarations integrated into the HTML), then they shouldn’t be stripped. I believe this should solve the problem.

re: can’t use characters—we might need to modify the DOCTYPE of the HTML file for Constant Contact to prevent it from not recognizing some characters.

I’d rather we continue our conversation through email, so that we could exchange files if needed. You can send me a message at sporkweb AT gmail DOT com. Thanks again, and regards.