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Hi. I am using MailChimp, after editing in DreamWeaver CC. the only problem I am incurring (and I also tested this with an unedited template as well) is that when I try to edit the photos on the newsletter, MailChimp is not allowing me to edit it. I have to hold the cursor in one exact spot in order to get the options to edit to show up, but when I move the cursor to choose edit for the photo, it disappears and switches to the title table or the wording table. See my illustration using screenshots on an unedited layout 4 here: http://www.moneymanagementservice.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/03/Mailchimp-Issues-Images.png. HELP!

Hi Audrea<

Thanks for purchasing Mobilized-1.

I’m sorry but I can’t view the screenshot you made.

Anyway, you said you have to hold the cursor in one exact spot in order to get the options to edit the image to show up? That’s the solution actually—just do that, and then click, and the image options should appear.

This is actually a MailChimp quirk, but as far as my experience goes, as long as you can hold still your mouse while you point at the exact spot for the option to edit the image appears (and then click it), then you shouldn’t have any problem.

Thanks again.. hope that helps.

you aren’t understanding… If I move my mouse any to get to the edit options, it goes to the title, etc. And I have tried to double click on the photo itself when I get the cursor to be on the photo in the exact spot. The photo says it all. I don’t know what happened in my photo link before but here is the photo link that does work… Sorry about that. http://www.moneymanagementservice.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/03/Mailchimp-Issues-Images1.png

Hi Audrea,

I think I now understand completely the issue you’re having. Thanks for the screenshot you made.

Please shoot me a message at my email address (sporkweb AT gmail DOT com), so that I could easily send to you updated files, if needed.

(Alternatively, you can leave me a message at my profile page—it’ll also get sent to my email address. Thanks.)

Hi there,

Ever since MailChimp changed their editor the ability to edit the images in the templates don’t seem to work anymore… I am not able to change the images through the editor at all.

Any advice? Does the code need to be upgraded inline with the new MailChimp?

Hi Blueskybeach,

Thanks for purchasing Mobilized-1.

No worries; I’ve dealt with the issue before (see comment by AudreaRobbins above) and have offered a solution; although it was shared through email only.

Here’s what you can do: Inside MailChimps visual text editor, place your cursor in the exact spot where the “Edit” and “Remove” buttons for the image appears.

Once that happens, click and hold, and bring (drag) the cursor-hand above the “Edit” button… Make sure that when you drag, the “Edit” and “Remove” buttons are still there. (Sometimes they disappear.) Based on what I’m doing right now, putting the cursor initially just below the “-move” of the “Remove” button makes the buttons stay as you drag towards the “Edit” button.

Once you’re over the “Edit” button, release.. and now you’ll be able to click the “Edit” or “Remove” button!

You might need to try it several times before it would work for you; it works for me beautifully every single time. You just might need to do a bit of practicing before you’d get the hang of it.

Cheers, sporkweb

I remember the “Edit” and “Remove” buttons… Before MailChimp changed their interface, they were there. And your solution worked fine (in fact I worked that one out myself as a work around).

Unfortunately the Edit and Remove buttons don’t even appear any more…

See this screengrab: http://imageshack.com/a/img607/9923/9dug.png

The cursor is hovering over the section and the only Edit button to appear gives access to change the text. No options appear for the image (that’s any image in the entire template collection)...

I’ve been resorting to uploading to imageshack and replacing the sporkweb holder images in the html each time; which is not ideal.

Has the new MC editor changed the way it handles nested editable regions?



Can I know the original module of the screenshot you showed? It seems to me you’ve edited the module (e.g., removed the heading), so I’m thinking we might need to come up with other ways to get around MailChimp’s quirks.

I’d also prefer that you send me your edited HTML layout, so that I could look into what I can do with it. (You can send me a message here: sporkweb AT gmail DOT com.) Thanks, and regards.

Hallo, we´re having trouble to integrate the newsletter in our email-autoresponder without error messages. Our email-provider told us, that the html-code is not valid (and therefore can´t be integrated). I made a check on http://validator.w3.org/ and got 53 error messages. Is there a way to get this code w3c-compiant? Otherwise we can´t apply it.. Thanks in advance! Sandra

Hi sandrahh,

Thanks for purchasing Mobilized-1.

Can you send me a message through my email address? It’s sporkweb AT gmail DOT com. We might need to exchange some files in the course of finding a solution for the issue you’re having. Thanks in advance.

(In coding email templates, it’s inevitable that there would be non-validating code, since a lot of old email clients do not interpret HTML according to current web standards (Outlook is foremost among the culprits).)

Thank you very much for your soon reply! We have settled the problem and made a lean version of the template. Unfortunately our email-provider is very restrictive with included css-code… Thanks anyway!

No problem sandrahh, I’m glad it’s now working perfectly for you. :)