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Discussion on Mobimax - Auto Parts WordPress Theme + WooCommerce Shop

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This theme has already costed me thousands of dollar with all the bugs and issues along the line since we have it. I am experiencing an emergency critical issue on my site relating to SEO costing me thousands of dollars in damages. It is 3 full days since I raised this issue to support. The developer is refusing to watch and read all details of my issue to fully understand it, refusing to reply to the email with my developers, unresponsive the entire day. For 3 days I just wake up everyday with a stupid email at 2am in my night with a response completely irrelevant to my issue and just making it obvious he’s not reading my issue and rather wants to be oversmart and think he knows all.

When I asked him why he’s not watching my video and read my instructions and history from previous developers on the issue, his response is “don’t worry I know the issue, I am the theme developer” the next morning I wake up with way more damaging issue. He deleted and removed something very crucial and obviously doesn’t know the issue. I asked him yesterday again to please read my instructions and issue carefully and watch my video and also asked him to restore the damage he caused yesterday. It is now 30 hours later. I have again a response from 2am completely irrelevant again to my issue and also refused to reply to my developers as requested.

A complete waste of time this theme. As a business’s owner you will suffer and be faced with challenges everyday without anyone to talk to professionally.

I am giving this another 3 hours maximum for my issue to be resolved and have someone to communicate with otherwise we will be taking a different route here and this theme is going to get the equal treatment from us.

Take care

Did you recover the logins? Your issue with link share on whatup is autogenerated by whatapp app, you copy the link and share in the app, so you get out of the website, you don’t share it with button from site, you copy the url or share with browser built-in share

But let me remove the duplicate title on the tag, it may give some different results, but again WhatsApp logic of treating links is out of the theme

Still can’t login, did you reset pass/login?


I installed the demo and imported the demo. -Filtering is slow. How can we speed it up? -How to add year. I couldn’t find. - I want to remove trim area - I want to change the ADD VEHICLE field to ‘SEARCH’ in Turkish. I request your urgent assistance in these matters.


1. As filter works with ajax, it highly depend on server performance, since filter does isolated direct ajax request without page reload

2. Year is part of trim, it is meta data of trim term

3. If you want to remove trim, send email to enovathemes@gmail.com, will share special child theme and give instructions

4. Use loco translate to translate any string in theme and enovathemes-addons plugin


I could not edit these fields with the loco plugin. I’m searching for these fields but I can’t find them. We kindly ask for your help.


Hi, please send the link with the logins to enovathemes@gmail.com will help



We have been having some major major issues with our site regarding seo related issues.

the issue we are experiencing for weeks now and is causing me to lose thousands of dollars invested in my SEO is that there is 2 titles being added for each page.

basically, my seo team is using the RankMath plugin, they go in to each page/post on the site and they manually enter titles and meta through the rankmath plugin section on the pages… however, once they save any title and meta, there is automatically a duplicated auto generated title being added.

I have had in the last 5 weeks multiple developers and teams trying to get to the bottom of this issue and finally it was determined that the theme we are using is causing this conflict.

to give you more clarity on the issue, please see below,

issue 1 https://www.loom.com/share/d1429effb61e4dd59157dbfe85810b98 issue 2 (when sharing on social category pages, it is using product pages titles and images. https://www.loom.com/share/8735e17674c24adc9d15643ffffca0ed?sid=6826ce56-a71b-4c9f-90c3-09b0074b0a19



It seems that on your website you have the title being added twice because you are adding the title tag manually and also calling the function wp_head() in the theme you are using.

The only way around this matter would be to remove the title tag and rely on the wp_head() function which is where our plugin hooks into and generates the titles from there.

After making the change you’ll get the title on the page with the same format you add it from our plugin on the posts and pages inside the Rank Math SEO Metabox.


1st response,

Hi Pinches,

As per our last email, we mentioned that the title tag is hard coded in the theme, and Rank Math generates its meta tags, resulting in meta title conflict and duplicate tags.

We have removed again the title tag hard coded in the theme and configured your Rank Math meta titles and tags to reflect your custom meta title and description in the generated meta tags by Rank Math.

However, there is another plugin conflicting with the Meta tags, the Enovathemes add-ons plugin. If this plugin is deactivated, the duplicate is removed. This is how it will look when it is deactivated.


The Enovathemes add-on plugin is a layout extension builder for your active theme Mobimax, and most of the site’s pages were built using this add-on. Deactivating it will break some of the layout of the site’s pages. As this is an add-on to your theme, it would be best that we contact the theme author.

May we ask if you can provide us access to the Envato/Themeforest account: https://themeforest.net/item/mobimax-auto-parts-wordpress-theme-woocommerce/23941859 or if you can provide us the purchase code so we can contact them here: https://enovathemes.com/contact/. This is where you may get the code: https://help.market.envato.com/hc/en-us/articles/202822600-Where-Is-My-Purchase-Code-.


We restored the Rank Math title again. Then we went on testing what was causing the duplicated title tag. In the end, after we deactivated every plugin on the staging website https://www.staging10.topmedicalmobility.com/, we Installed Yoast Seo and Rank Math Seo. In both cases, the result was the same: duplicated title. However, after we activated the default theme, we found that your theme is actually creating this problem. Can you please check this page: https://www.staging10.topmedicalmobility.com/product-category/walkers/rolling-walkers/ Right now, on the staging website, the Rank math SEO plugin is activated, and you can see in the page source that Title is single and is the correct one. That being said, the plugins and plugin settings are okay, but your theme is not fully compatible with the SEO plugins. We tested this with Yoast SEO, and the result is the same. So, you don’t have to change the SEO plugin, but we will have to investigate the theme and find the problem. Let us know your thoughts as we’ll wait on your feedback before we proceed.



Hi, theme or addon pkugin does not add twice, but I guess your seo plugin also adds title, so you get double, I can remove the title, just send the link with logins to enovathemes@gmail.com will help you

Hi, it looks like you are not really understanding this. We have already been investigating this issue with big developers for quite some weeks now and it does come down to the theme conflict. many developers already removed the title but it is removing the wrong one. it is removing the good one that we want (the one that we are manually adding on rankmath plugin through the pages/and posts rankmath section. this is the one we want. but when developers remove the duplicated title, it is actually removing the good one and keeping the auot generated title. we don’t want that. we want to remove the Auto Generated title on line 29 in html source code. not the one in line 5. line 5 title in html source code is good and we want them. line 29 in html source is the auto generated which we need to remove and get rid off.

we spent a lot a lot of time to try all different techniques and different developers as well as the plugin developer and they also first didn’t understand the issue and kept deleting and getting rid of the good ones.

after final final investigations and testings and involvement of plugin developer and also my own developers it does seem like the theme is conflicting with these plugins. it is not only RankMath but even we tried with Yoast SEO and also the same issue.

I don’t mind providing you with login, however, I strongly beleive that you are not quite understanding the issue and the testing and developer tasks performed background on it.


login to https://portal.wp-techsupport.com/ username: enovathemes@gmail.com Password: Enovat@321

and please go to support tickets and open the ticket for “seo title tag issues” please read through the history of that ticket in detail and you will understand the issue better based on the ticket history and conversation and what developer has already done… I would really appreciate this and looking forward to hear your thoughts afterwards.

Thank you

Not here, it is public, please reset and send to enovathemes@gmail.com

Hello, we are looking for a wocommerce theme for a business that produces car accessory parts. Brand, Year and Model must be exact in the theme.

1 question: trim and Can we remove Enter VIN fields from the filter?

2 questions: Can the year and brand be changed in filtering?

3 questions: Can we add filtering to Home1’s homepage?

4 questions: Does the demo have an admin panel that we can examine?

Thanks Enjoy your work

I got it, yes, but again with special child theme to have that modification


We purchased the theme but did not download it. When I select the brand on the demo, the model field does not appear. We plan to use the Home2 one.

Hi, i checked the demo https://enovathemes.com/mobimax/home-2/ and the model is added.

For the local copy that you will use, there could be issue with vehicle demo data linked (not functional code issue). I.e. during demo import it could cause Models not to link to Makes for example, i noticed a couple of times on some servers. You just need to link Models to Makes. I.e. if you add a vehicle data yourself it will work, since there is no functional issue, but rather demo data glitch


bertojdm Purchased

i got an error

Warning: Trying to access array offset on value of type bool in D:\dev\htdocs\lokal\wp-content\plugins\enovathemes-addons\shortcodes\shortcodes.php on line 3517

Hi, please check your mobile logo, make sure it is set


bertojdm Purchased

what is the correct size in deskstop, mobile. Ive been changing it about an hour and correct sizing but still the error is displaying? is there something that I missed?


bertojdm Purchased

Thanks i got it working

Hello enovathemes supports Team! I have any problem with Mobimax Wordpress Theme. After I install I was got more error with my website.

Hi, what error?

Hello. Thanks for supporting. I will send that error point to you below. When I deleted the code in line 3517, then The Logo of site didn’t show. And can’t change or show website logo.

Warning: Trying to access array offset on value of type bool in C:\wamp64\www\wp-content\plugins\enovathemes-addons\shortcodes\shortcodes.php on line 3517

You have issues with logo, make sure all logo elements have set logo image

Hello, I have a problem with importing vehicles (child theme). When I import more than 200 vehicles the page shows this: Something went wrong during the import, please contact the site administrator. Always import just cca 200 vehicles out of 500 for exemple. Can you advise me what the problem might be? Thank you

Hi, if you don’t have issues with the vehicle format, check the execution timeout php setting

When will I get an update with the WP Bakery Page Builder plugin? I’m having a hard time editing the mega menu.

Hi, wp bakery update was published about a month ago, but it should not affect megamenu editing. What issues do you have

When will the next plugin update be available?

In near weeks

the car filter make mode year trim is not working in drop down in homepage. it seems under product > only make mode trim but the years is not around.

Do you have updated function.php?

Hi, year is under trim

Hi, im activate child theme but i dont see the button for import vehicle can you help me please? thank you

Hi, it is not default child theme, but special, send the link with logins to enovathemes@gmail.com will send the child theme

Hello, we need this plugin: https://wordpress.org/support/plugin/clover-payments-for-woocommerce/ but it’s not working on the theme. Can you help? Here’s the error I reported to plugin: https://wordpress.org/support/topic/unable-to-find-dom-element/

It has nothing to do with theme. You can disable the theme and you will still get the error. It is plugin itself

Hello, there is a filter widget on a shop page, Shop before products widget area where you select car Make / Model / Year / Trim. When the filter is set, the filter by itself goes empty. Is it possible to keep the selection in filter so the customers don’t have to select the filter again and again?

Sure, we can add it as update

Thank you very much for the individual approach

I want to purchase. How would I get a large amount of my own products into the backend of woocommerce and How do I update them regularly. Would this be a manual process or automatic process to update images and prices of products.

Hi, theme is created on woocommerce base – all the functionality is preset – bulk upload/update/manage.

I want on this page on category page where are listed the subcategories, the image for each category to be full size, now it is 300×300 size and the image is cropped.

Hi, please send the link with logins to enovathemes@gmail.com will help

Hi, i have a problem with translate the theme. for example filter by make/model/year/trim. Im used the loco translator but i don’t see translate on page. can you check it please?

You should configure the enovathemes-addons language file

Im try it but but i dont know how

Let me do it for you, send the link with the logins to enovathemes@gmail.com

It is possible to display a certain revo slider under the header for each category?

Possible, but requires serious modification

Can you help me with it?

Not in terms of free support

Hi Team,

We have a notification in the admin area, as mentioned below;

“Your theme (Mobimax Child) contains outdated copies of some WooCommerce template files. These files may need updating to ensure they are compatible with the current version of WooCommerce. Suggestions to fix this:”

Could you please advise?

Thank you

Hi, ignore it, in near update we will check the file versions

Hi Team,

We have a notification in the admin area, as mentioned below; 

“Your theme (Mobimax Child) contains outdated copies of some WooCommerce template files. These files may need updating to ensure they are compatible with the current version of WooCommerce. Suggestions to fix this:”

Could you please advise?

Thank you

Hi, please write from profile you bought

When going from Desktop version to Tablet or Mobile I got this error: Warning: Trying to access array offset on value of type bool in wp-content/plugins/enovathemes-addons/shortcodes/shortcodes.php on line 3517

Hi, check the mobile logo, make sure it is set correctly

It works. Last two errors in header on Mobile are this: Warning: Trying to access array offset on value of type bool in /home/stivuito/public_html/wp-content/plugins/enovathemes-addons/shortcodes/shortcodes.php on line 3517

Warning: Trying to access array offset on value of type bool in /home/stivuito/public_html/wp-content/plugins/enovathemes-addons/shortcodes/shortcodes.php on line 3524

Please send the link with logins to enovathemes@gmail.com will inspect

Hi, i add images for vehicles but they are not shown. Do i have to activate it somewhere in the theme options?

Hi , this is my permalink for Alfa Romeo 145 1994-1999 in admin panel products-> vehicle where i have saved the image from the vehicle: alfa-romeo-145-1994-1999 and this is the URL if i am searching for this vehicle via the filters -> /shop/?make=Alfa%20Romeo&model=145&yr=145%201994-1999&vehicle=15028. The first URL https://www.partsbox.gr/product-vehicle/alfa-romeo-145-1994-1999/ has a picture but the second URL partsbox.gr/shop/?make=Alfa%20Romeo&model=145&yr=145%201994-1999&vehicle=15028 has not an image. Both URLs shows the same thing but only one has the image from the vehicle. Also how can i bulk import vehicle images? Thanks in advance!

Also how can i bulk import vehicle images?

Hi, our system does not have vehicle images integrated, did you extend it?


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