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Hi there

Your theme do not scroll vertically on touch under android.




I am using Android 4.x And chrome working well. It depends which browser u are using and Android version. Then may be I can test it correct platform.

Presale Question

Is it splash screen available to be added in to the home screen on IOS. ANDROID and WS8 Phones?


Splash screen only available for IOS. Because this is a IOS webapp feature.

hello there is a problem on desktop when we select text the center part or page move right and on mobile when we scroll down or up left side menu open automatic

i can send you screen shots i have emailed please ans i will send you screenshots

there is also problem in tags when i click tag it shows all posts of the blog

Pre-sale Question. Really like your MOBIT theme but am worried that the videos in the Video Gallery don’t play in your demo. I am on a iPhone 6 PLUS. Seems to work on iPhone 6 but not the PLUS. Also works from laptop. Maybe just a small glitch that can be fixed?

So I assume this means you don’t know why its not working?

Sorry have no idea. But the problem is generic and I see lots of user have this problem.

This because Vimeo codes

Where are the “help videos” ? I have looked all over for them.

I am trying to find the instructions on how to add accordion menus.


You can find in our support forum: http://support.webbudesign.com/forums/forum/point-finder-versatile-directory-theme/tutorial-videos/

Help documentation > Tutorials section: http://help.pointfindertheme.com

But there is no accordion menu in our system. Point Finder using Default Wordpress Menu system and you can edit hat from Wordpress Admin > Appearance > Menus


“But there is no accordion menu in our system”

I am confused. The first bullet point on the Mobit Premium theme says “2 level Accordion Menu”

Does Mobit Premium theme have Accordion Menu ?

ops sorry my fault I didn’t see theme name.

Here is the menu configuration video: http://ow.ly/3xIKfG

Please check documentation > tutorials section.


Any of your mobil theme is compatible with woocommerce ?

Sorry not have woo commerce support.

Presale Question: Does your theme work with Multisite?


I didn’t tried with Multi Site.

How to you disable the IOS add home bubble? In mobit options i have selected hide but it still comes up when i go to my site on my apple phone.Is there another way?

If you can not disable it please send me your wp admin info with an email by using my profile page contact form.


Magh Purchased

Hello, my logo does not show up. There is just white space for it. I’ve tried JPG and PNG files. Am I missing something else?


Please send us a support ticket by using http://support.webbudesign.com

How can I put a splash screen in my web app? I´ve uploaded the images but they do not appears in the app.

The sizes are correct…

I´ve been tried your examples images also and do not working.

Ok. Please create a ticket in our support system (http://support.webbudesign.com) and then send a private reply with your wp admin info . I will check on support hours.

I need some support but I can not register on your support site. your site does not recognize my purchase code. email me another option to register josephwrussell@outlook.com

Please send me your support forum email or username by using my profile page contact form (http://themeforest.net/user/webbu ). Then I can re sent your support forum info.

will this theme update? I buy it yesterday,and hope you can update it. Besides,how to install demo?


Please create a ticket in our support system: http://support.webbudesign.com